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Member: Bring4th_Jim
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Male
Interests: Gardening, meditation, making the Law of One available to all who want it, communicating with friends, dancing, patting our kitties, and opening my heart in unconditional love.

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Published by Bring4th_Jim on April 18, 2015 11:42am.  Category: General


I did our Morning Offering and then got myself ready for this day of Carla's funeral. Everyone that we were expecting to stay with us in the house arrived from afar in good shape. We talked and laughed and reminisced about Carla. Her galaround friends came early and we lit candles for each of us and for Carla in the cross area of our gardens, and then it was time to go to St. Luke's Episcopal Church for the service.


I could not have hoped for a better service as a sendoff for Carla. The service that she picked out was grand and glorious and praised God with every note and word. I am sure that she was there singing along. The choir even made up a special book of pictures that were taken when Carla was active and singing with them, and they gave it to me just before the service began. There were so many beautiful flowers from friends far and near.


After the service we met in the parish hall for finger food, drink, and dessert and lots of camaraderie that lasted over an hour. Then we returned to the house where some of her long-time friends joined her brothers and me for a chance to reminisce about Carla. Lots of good Carla stories were told, and then her brother, Tommy, showed us a slide show of pictures of Carla taken at various times during her life, and lots of great old memories poured back into our minds and hearts. We lifted each other up with our love for Carla and there was healing and hope and faith. We began drifting off to bed around midnight and all felt well satisfied that love had been given and received all around.


I was able to give Carla's eulogy with a strong and clear voice and felt that Carla was steadying my state of mind. This is the full text of the eulogy:


Carla Lisbeth Rueckert-McCarty was born on July 16, 1943 in Lake Forest, IL. Carla was a child prodigy. At the age of 3 she could read the newspaper, speak French, and read music. She would have started singing in the church choir then, but she wasn't strong enough to hold the Hymnal all the way through the processional, until the next year when she was four years old. She was also the friendliest little girl her mother had ever seen. When they would take the bus to go downtown and shop, little Carla would wander up and down the aisle speaking to everyone who was on the bus. She did not know a stranger. Her mother was mortified. 


When she was born her left eye was pointed at her brow, and it was about a year later when surgery was able to correct the defect, and then she started wearing glasses. A fascinating experience occurred because she had to wear glasses at such an early age. One day, when she was 2 years old, and when it was time for her to take her afternoon nap, her mother put her in her crib next to the window and closed the Venetian blinds. Before she went to sleep, Carla took her glasses off and put them between the blinds which were drawn for her nap. Then she laid down and saw that there was light coming through the slit in the Venetian blinds. When it went through her glasses it made a beam of light that she was able to use to slide out of her body and go to what seemed like a magic forest. The animals would communicate with her, colors were more vivid, and when she went to the center of the forest, there she would see Jesus. He didn't look like the paintings you usually see. His hair was long, matted, and dusty from the road. His robe was dusty too, and he never spoke a word. But when he held her hand and looked into her eyes, she immediately knew what unconditional love was. This experience occurred many times over the next few years. When she was five years old she told her mom and dad about the experience, and they told her that it was not real. It was in her mind. That she had made it up. So the experience never happened again. But her devotion to Jesus as her Lord and Savior began then and never wavered throughout her life. And from that point on, love would become her way of looking at the world. Those two parts of this experience never changed for her.


 Because of Carla's intelligence her mom and dad gave her more responsibilities at an early age than most kids would ever have. She babysat her younger brother, Jimmy, when she was only 7 years old. When she was 10 she cooked for the family even though she had to stand on a chair to reach the stove top.   Her mom and dad felt that with her high intelligence, she should be pushed to excel more by constructive criticism than by being given praise. So by the age of 13 she believed that she was a failure, and she prayed to die because she felt that she could not be of service. Since her meeting with Jesus, service to others was the way that she believed that she could express the love that she had felt from Him. And if she couldn't serve as Jesus had inspired her to do, then she wanted to die. Six months later her kidneys failed, and she had a NDE. She again went to a place where the animals communicated with her. She could see music in the air. A rose twined around her arm, and just over the hill she could see the top of a temple. She knew that her spiritual family and friends were in the temple and waiting for her. But as she proceeded up the hill a clear and heavenly voice told her that it was not her time. It said that she had chosen a great deal to learn in her life, and perhaps she should make another plan that would use another childhood and split the load between two lifetimes. Carla couldn't stand the thought of having to go through another childhood, so she said that she would go back and complete this life. And immediately she was back in her body, which was racked with pain, and there was a circle of doctors' and nurses' faces gathered over her. She chose a hard road in coming back because it offered more chance to serve others, and so she did.


When she graduated from the MacDuffie High School for Girls in Springfield, MA her test scores were so high that she was offered scholarships from all the Ivy League schools and the Seven Sisters Schools as well. But when she went to Wellesley to see the school she couldn't believe how nasty and preppy the parties were that were used to recruit prized students. So she returned home to attend the University of Louisville, much to the chagrin of her mom and dad.


Again, because of her high test scores, she was admitted to the University as a junior, under a program that was used only for a couple of years. Her great love in college was philosophy. She was a natural-born philosopher, so one of the first courses she took was a graduate level course in Ethics. After about two weeks of class lectures on various philosophers, the professor gave the first assignment. He said that they had talked about a number of philosophies in the first two weeks, but now he wanted them to write original philosophy on the topic of their choice. He didn't want to hear any other philosopher quoted back to him. He wanted their original work.


So Carla went home, got out her 8 ½ X 11 inch, yellow legal pad, and her pencil, and wrote on the topic of free will. She filled the front of the sheet, turned it over and wrote half way down the back side. When she went back to the next class to hand the paper in, she was somewhat shaken when she saw that her classmates, graduate students all, were handing in 20, 30, and 40 page Type-Written papers. She thought maybe she had made an error. When the students came back to class the next week the professor walked around the room and handed each student his or her paper, and gave out the grade at the same time. D, F, C, D, etc. until all the papers were handed back, except Carla didn't get her paper back. Then he said "I gave one A on this assignment, and I'm going to read you the paper". Then he proceeded to read her page and a half paper on the topic of free will. Then he said, "Now that is original philosophy. That is what I was looking for."


Just before she got her degree from the University of Louisville she began dating a fellow who said that she was such a sweet little girl, that he wanted to take care of her, because she really didn't know what the world was like. He told her that it was a rough and mean place, and that she needed protection in order to be safe. That idea upset Carla greatly. She was sure that if you treated people with love they would treat you with love. So, to test that belief, she dropped out of the University and got a job at a sleazy nightclub in downtown Louisville called The Shack. It was a popular hangout for gamblers, numbers runners, pimps, and prostitutes. Her dad was an engineer by day and a jazz drummer by night, and he convinced the owner to give Carla a job, even though she wouldn't be a pro like the other girls she would be working with. When guys would ask her for a date she would politely tell them that she wasn't a pro, but she could get one of the other girls to go out with them. Or she might just listen to their problems, and give them reassurance and advice. The Shack had live music, and when the band would take a break Carla would get up on the stage and sing folk songs a Capella. She became much beloved, and that was demonstrated one day in a potentially dangerous way. A stranger came into the bar and asked her for a date. She told him that she wasn't a pro, but that she could get him a date with one of the other girls. But he wouldn't let her go, and he began giving her a hard time. And then the whole place went silent. You could have heard a pin drop. And then what she did hear, was a beer bottle breaking across the room, and then another, and another. Her friends were about to defend her, but the intruder wisely decided to call it a day and quickly left. For Carla that was validation of her belief that if you gave love you got love back, even if it came in the form of a broken beer bottle.


Her first husband, who was known as Dee, was the student of a professor who would become central in Carla's life. Don Elkins was a professor of physics at the University of Louisville, and Dee was taking intro to physics from him. In his off time Don was in the process of starting a meditation group and invited Dee and 11 of his classmates, to be part of it. Dee asked if he could bring his girlfriend along. Don said, "Sure".  After four years, seven mistresses, and after leaving Carla four times, Dee eventually asked Carla for a divorce, which she happily granted. So when she went back to the meditation group she began to spend time with Don, and they eventually moved in together. When Don told her that he knew that they were going be together after meeting her for the first time she asked him why he didn't tell her that before she married Dee, and Don said, "I knew that you would get a lot of good catalyst and grow from it." To which Carla replied, "Thanks a lot!"


From that point on she began to work for Don as he was a physics professor by day only. On his own time he was very interested in UFOs and the general field of the paranormal, and he needed someone like Carla that could read the existing literature in the field, take notes, and then compare them to the material that he had collected since the mid-50s. Don was also a pilot, and would fly to different parts of the country to investigate close encounters and reports of abduction. Carla would fly along and take notes. They eventually wrote a book called SECRETS OF THE UFO which was published in 1977 and is still considered one of the best in the field.


I met Don and Carla in the fall of 1979, when I was living in the woods of central Kentucky, and was part of a food buying co-op that met monthly to place orders. I had recently heard Don and Carla interviewed on WKQQ radio in Lexington, KY. The topic was UFOs, and I was very interested in meeting these two folks. Later, I discovered, at one of our food co-op meetings, that there was a group of folks living on the other side of the county who knew Don and Carla. They invited me to attend one of Don and Carla's Sunday meditations that they held in their apartment on Douglas Blvd., here in Louisville. Don and Carla warmly welcomed me to their meditation, and afterward we talked some, and I asked if it would be OK for me to attend the meditations regularly. So for the next year I drove from Marion County to Louisville on Sundays to meditate with Don and Carla.


Eventually I helped them move from their apartment on Douglass Blvd. to a house on Watterson Trail, in Jeffersontown, where we would soon live together and join our efforts in pursuing their work in meditation, philosophy, metaphysics, and channeling.


Carla had a gift that is sometimes called mediumship or channeling. She could contact intelligent sources of love and inspiration that some people call aliens and others angels. Carla's real gift though was the discernment of spirits. Whenever we meditated and an unseen spirit wished to speak through her she would always challenge that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior. If the unseen spirit could not say that "Jesus is Lord" Carla would not allow the entity to speak through her.


Throughout her life as a Christian mystic, who had this ability to discern spirits, she always asked her priest to look at her work and let her know if he thought it was acceptable. The first priest she asked this question of was Bishop Marmion. He realized that she was serving people who did not go to a church, and so he said to her "Your work is based on giving and receiving love whether it's done in a church or not. You are Christ to these people. You are their contact with His love. Treat them as sheep of His flock".


Over the next four years we were involved in what came to be called the Law of One, or the Ra contact. We completed 106 sessions of this channeled contact, which is the work for which Carla is best known around the world. After Don Elkins died in 1984 Carla and I continued the work of L/L Research with weekly Sunday meditations, further channeling, speaking engagements around the country, and Carla also offered herself as a counselor to those who had questions about their life's path and how they might be aided by the information that we had been privileged to make available.


All totaled Carla either authored or channeled over a dozen books during her life, counseled hundreds of seekers of truth, spoke to thousands of people at spiritual gatherings, and in everything that she did, she happily and naturally shared her love of life, and her love of people. In 1987, she and I were married in Calvary Episcopal Church. We were married for 28 years, and together for 34.


Her last five years were spent mostly in a hospital bed at home, attempting to recover from back surgery. Though she experienced a great deal of pain and limitation, she never complained even one time about her situation. She faced all of her life with love and a happy heart that she freely shared with all who came her way. She saw all people as souls, no matter the outer behavior, full of love in their true selves, and she loved them without reservation, without limit, and with all her being, for love was the greatest quality that she could channel through her wide open heart.


The greatest love of her life was Jesus Christ and her spiritual family that lives all over the world and especially here at St. Luke's. For over a decade she has been a part of the parish of this wonderful church. For the last five years of her life she was unable to attend in person, but she always felt that she was here in spirit sharing her love for each person within the walls of this family church. She was so grateful to Caroline Edelman for bringing her weekly communion that fed her soul. She chose every part of this memorial service as a means by which to glorify God, in the passing of her earthly life, and as a reaffirmation of her belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and her personal savior.





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