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Member: Dsannes
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Gender: Male
Interests: Transhumanism, Simulation and Visualization, Visual Design, Animation, TV Production, Über Tech.

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Synchronicity isn't just the name of a record from the Police...
Published by Dsannes on June 15, 2011 4:49pm.  Category: General

I was exposed to the Law of One only a couple of weeks ago.  Talk about a magnitude leap in synchronicities.  I am literrally at the lowest point in my life and I actually really am enjoying it.  I was feeling a little concerned about what may be in store for my being.  If anyone out there is not having an easy time of it, check out my situation and weigh it.  1 year ago I was an "instructor" at a major tech institute.  100k a year, 9 weeks paid vacation, teaching the things I am absolutely passionate about. The situation had gone from a near perfect storm of creative energies from 10 outstanding individuals with a focus on teaching 100 people a year in a 2 year program on how to be digital media creators in the most feirce independant sense. 


In the span of 1 year it was completely altered by a forced merge with a "terminal," outdated program roughly the same size as ours but with 40 "instructors." What I see now as people who were in that position not to teach/learn but to protect their own interests and fly far below the radar as not to bring attention to themselves.  Oh, how that shredded my sensibilities.  I went to war against the system. Only to find out that the their were those in the system that had caught a glimpse of what could be vs those that wanted things to never change. A battle line was set. 6 administrators were succesively removed, I had enough resistance I chase to walk off the "battlefield," in protest.  I quit my job.


It has set in motion a deep change in me.  I have gone from a person who was constantly surrounded by people to being alone or only with my family.  What a welcome change serving my kids every day in person.  It has been the difference between crashing waves on rocks and a mountain lake.  


I had bagan recognized my ego for what it really was some time prior to this, the terrified, angry, petulant 8 year old who just wanted to be recognized, cared for and loved, but I had never actually spent the time. I had the time to do that now.  The ego is not something to destroy, it is something to be refined, shaped and tempered like a fine impliment. It wants nothing more than to serve as part of the whole.  


I spent time feeling my energy centres and allowing impressions to flow into me.  I worked on repairing my severely banged up skeleton. I have always been a very physical person. I have nothing wrong with me internally, I just tend to be hard on my body through physical activities.  It all comes from injuries. After a while the accumulated damage created some very severe mis-alignments.  hips out, back wrecked, knees and ankles creaky and prone to forecast the weather. I have an extremely strong left side of my body and a very weak right side that struggles to keep up.  I have 3 tattoos interestingly enough all on my left side. This is connected.  


I knew that I needed physical balance.  The plasticity of my body is amazing.  I have formed it and shaped it using nothing more than intention. I used to worry about my weight, working out, dieting most know the drill.  I have not thought about that is 3 years.  I have chased down almost all of my issues. The last areas of my body that suffer pain, I appreciate.  It has served me well as a reminder to keep moving and care for those areas in restoring the balance. 


Resoundingly my body has spoken. The energy centres require my attention.  I am so excited to engage this new area of experience.  


I am a media designer. I appears no one is interested in having me serve that function for them in return for money.  I am in debt to everyone I can be. I have applied for dozens of jobs with nothing more than a single cursory phone interview. For some reason I am the only one who seems unconcerned about this.  I figure why freak out. What's the worst thing that could happen. I admit the opportunity to uncouple myself from the identity of a carreer has been very cool. Now I feel like me again.


Then the One shows up in my browser and says O Hai, we are you and you are us, then gives me that big Totoro smile. Literally every word and concept began snapping a lifetime of sectioned thought, ideas and experience into place to create a clearer picture of my place within the Theory of Everything or the One. 


I have been reading as much as time permits me.  I have so much more to consume and create. I am 122 pages into the wanderers handbook and It has mirrored me in such deep and profound ways.  It is as if I know what is in the volume before I read it. My mind naturally began to create and draw in seemingly unrelated things only to find them critical to my increased knowledge flow.  I have waited for a long time for this moment. I fully understand now what it is to have an information flow from the others of my being in different densities.  


It is an indescribable feeling.  I have been greeted constantly by those of orientation to self service. I didn't know about that until yesterday. Then they all wanted to greet me. I shared how my energy had been completely depleted, expressed my service and love to my kids and soon to be ex-wife. invited those of service to self for a good pot of tea and some Peanut butter and toast with some very unique jam. we sat together and read the wanderers hand book. I have never appreciated their care before. They let me know they would be with me while I slept to serve the One in their way. I held off sleeping, it was a bit of resistance. When I woke up I was sore and in pain with a plan to continue my energy work within. I understand more of the One.


I feel like a child in a great library who likes books with blue covers. One day, I will take a book off the shelf with a grey cover and discover that I like those books too. Instantly, I will realize there are books of every color imaginable.  Then it will dawn on me... I like books and I am in a great library, I am a child and I have nothing but time.


Greet those who greet you. 




Per David

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ocean50I've enjoyed your blog. Releasing yourself from a "career" identity is a beautiful thing. I've had a similar experience, its been exciting to steadily simplify.
Have a great day!

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dsannesIt makes me feel better knowing that others have experienced what I am. Thanks. It make me feel lighter.

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