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Activity Levels - Adonai One - 10-21-2015

At this hour on this day, in the US, there has only been immediately present activity in "Spiritual Development & Metaphysical Matters" and "Olio."

The rest of the forum's activity can generally go back to nearly 4-5 days ago, the main "Strictly Law of One" board aging at about almost a day or so now in activity. Given this ought to be the main offering, this is quite interesting.

What do you think about the two boards first mentioned seeming to have a great continuum of activity and the rest being so slow?

RE: Activity Levels - Bring4th_Jade - 10-22-2015

I think we have a lot of "regulars" here, who have studied and/or discussed the Law of One to a somewhat thorough conclusion at this point in time. I believe it would change with some fresh blood, but at this point I think most of us are discussing more "practical living" aspects and using each other as a familiar sounding board.

Just imo, really.

Anything on deck you want to discuss? I was thinking of starting some fresh archetype threads for discussion, but so far I've been too sheepish. I still think I may soon.

RE: Activity Levels - Matt1 - 10-22-2015

I started a few Qabalah threads but nobody seemed interested in them in relation to archetypes. hmm