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Twitter - rva_jeremy - 01-14-2016

I'm interested in seeing the @llresearch twitter account more active.  I'm posting a poll, but if you have any ideas on how we could improve the footprint on twitter, let me know.  I've had an account on there since '07 and it's my favorite social network, so I'd like to see what people's ideas are for more penetration there.

RE: Twitter - IndigoGeminiWolf - 01-14-2016

Doesn't twitter limit how big of a post you can make?

RE: Twitter - rva_jeremy - 02-13-2016

(01-14-2016, 12:27 PM)IndigoGeminiWolf Wrote:  Doesn't twitter limit how big of a post you can make?

Yes. And it's awesome. Big Grin  I enjoy the challenge of expressing myself so concisely.

For what it's worth I've been running the account for the last 2 weeks or so.  If you have any advice, or any quotes you'd like me to share, tweet to @ll_research or message me here!