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Posts Quicker - IndigoGeminiWolf - 02-04-2017

When I'm writing a new post, it seems to save faster now than it used to.

Did they fix the problem? Posts used to take 10-15 minutes to post.

Now it's like 3-5 seconds.

I'm glad for that.

RE: Posts Quicker - Coordinate_Apotheosis - 02-04-2017

I haven't experienced any laggy load times.

...Or maybe I have.  I usually mistake a long load time for my own iffy internet connection.  I always click the preview post button if the load time takes more than 10-15 seconds and then re-click the post button.

It has so far worked greatly for me.

RE: Posts Quicker - Night Owl - 02-04-2017

I also noticed that. I suppose it's been fixed as you assumed. Maybe they changed something about the servers.

RE: Posts Quicker - Bring4th_Jade - 02-05-2017

Hey guys!

Back when the forums were offline a few weeks ago, Steve transferred our server host. This was to fix the lag, which also affected the store, and PMs. I think an official note was supposed to be made but it never happened. Anyway, glad people are noticing the quality of life increase! Hats off and thanks to Steve!