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Embedded videos not functioning - Aion - 05-19-2017

Is anyone else unable to see the embedded videos or is it just me?

RE: So whats going on! - Night Owl - 05-19-2017

Me neither

RE: Embedded videos not functioning - Bring4th_Jade - 05-19-2017

Hey guys, just split your posts off to here to let you know that Steve is currently working on a fix for this and it should be remedied. Thanks for saying something out loud so I could pass the message along.

RE: Embedded videos not functioning - Aion - 05-25-2017

Oh hey I was wondering where this post went, I noticed it vanished but didn't see this thread. I can see videos again now, thanks for checking in to it! It was going on for a little bit so at first I thought it was just me but then I was getting videos on other websites so I thought it might be on the server side.

RE: Embedded videos not functioning - Bring4th_Jade - 05-25-2017

I probably should have been more thorough and sent a mod message when I moved your post, or put [Split] in the title, or any other number of things that would have made it more obvious what I had done. Smile Glad it's fixed! I probably would have just went on assuming it was my slow internet connection.