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Episode #88 - Bring4th_Austin - 04-02-2020

Episode #88

In this episode, we discuss:
- Coronavirus, part 2.

(This time with Jim, but no Gary.)

Feel free to discuss this episode in this thread!

RE: Episode #88 - acetroyd - 04-03-2020

Thank you Austin, Gary, and Jim for sharing your reflections on this timely topic. I have been thinking of this time as an amazing catalyst with opportunities for healing, service to others, and fledgling practice for 4D social memory complex. I'm grateful to know that you are sharing similar perspectives and helping others cope in these uncertain times. I miss you all and I hope we will be able to gather virtually.
Love & Light,

RE: Episode #88 - flofrog - 04-03-2020

Thank you Jim and Austin wonderful podcast with White Eagle !! Heart I was really relieved to see I am not the only one doing my shower this way !! BigSmile

RE: Episode #88 - sillypumpkins - 04-05-2020

awesome guys thank you for sharing

RE: Episode #88 - solran - 05-18-2020

Thank you for this, I feel this time has been some what amazing on so many levels. Unity love at the same time it's hard for many. I have had some downloads from the Earth in my meditation and have felt her immense love. I would love to hear you speak more about the Earth, I feel that we are her direct children and meditating with her is amazing. What is your take on the Earth energy today, how do we work best with her and so forth. What does your channeling say about the Mother earth and why do you call her Gaia? What are you working with when you work with the Earth? I have use rainbow colors a lot. I would love to hear some radio talk about the Mother in today circumstances.

RE: Episode #88 - Diana - 05-18-2020

I have suggested this before, and I will preface by saying that gender is much blurrier now than it ever has been. But I would like to see (actually hear Tongue) a female voice on your podcasts. Right now you have 3 guys. How about inviting Jade to join? She is super-knowledgeable about all of the Ra material. I'm sure you have your reasons for keeping things the way they are and I respect that. But it seems so male-oriented. Just my humble thoughts and I am aware that it's your thing not mine.