What is Bring4th to you, and why do you come here?
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What is Bring4th to you, and why do you come here?
I don't know of any more appropriate place to post this thread, so I'm posting it here.

The questionnaire raised some good questions, but it does not appear to have raised the questions that get to the heart of the issues that our collective responses to it have elicited. I want to see more honesty and more real talk.

I want to know what we are all doing here. I'll be happy to go first. The questions are, more properly:

1. What do you see Bring4th as being? Not as it is supposed to be, but as it is, right here and now. What is this place that we come to on occasion?

2. Why do you keep coming here?

3. What would you like to see Bring4th become?

I don't want my answer to be the loudest, so please let it all out.


1. On the face of it, Bring4th is a place where New Age types go to talk about New Agey type stuff. But this is too broad a stroke to paint with. The description doesn't even account for my presence here, since I don't frequent any other New Age forum, nor would I consider myself New Age per se.

Perhaps this is a place where people who feel estranged from the world around them come so that they can speak to other outsiders. Is that what Bring4th is? Therapy? It's a noble purpose, so there's nothing wrong with B4 serving in that particular way. But why the inclusion of the Ra Material? Perhaps B4 is therapy for outsiders who are uniquely drawn to confederation philosophy. So be it, but why the study of the text, then? Perhaps studying the text is therapeutic. We get to have disagreements with each other about things we care about and then resolve all the catalyst after the explosion.

Even if this is what B4 is, I still wonder why we are here. Or, more accurately, I wonder where it is we are going after we are done here. The goal of therapy is to eventually not need it anymore. Is that why old members typically leave? If so, where do they go? And will we all go to that place?

In my mind, what study we do here is a side-show. If we were serious about it, we'd be more rigorous. Heaven knows I'd love to see that, but maybe B4 just isn't the place for it. One of the reasons I'm returning to academia is because I crave a rigor that I have never found outside of it.

2. That brings me to my next point: why do I keep coming here? First and foremost, I am attached to the forum because I am responsible for the archetypes sub-forum, such as it is. I'm grateful my responsibilities have been small, with the exception of the A1 situation a while back.

So I'm not very invested. I sometimes browse topics in Strictly and post when I think I can contribute, but by and large, I feel like the activities here don't pertain very much to me. I once felt like an outsider, for sure. I also once needed to talk a lot about the Ra Material. Those days have passed, though. I feel like I've integrated the philosophy and am growing more and more able to integrate also into the larger world. If B4 is a place for therapy between Wanderers, then it has served its purpose for me. And I think that's a shame. I would love to fill my life with persons who are committed to the confederation philosophy, but I won't fill my life with a therapy I no longer need.

Besides my responsibility to the forum, I come back because I hope.

3. We have something important here and we all know it. The Ra Material is a powerful tool for organizing one's internal resources to become more and more precisely oriented toward the New Earth, or 4D, or the New Age, or whatever you want to call it. History is leading us inexorably toward the principles outlined in this text. We who are dedicated to an STO way of life, who consciously polarize by using the tools Ra gave us, we are forerunners of this New Earth. We are to be lighthouses, as someone else indicated in a different thread.

And yet, as Ra says, those who together seek will far more surely find. Do we together seek? If my description of this forum is accurate (maybe it isn't), we together seek in each other solace and growth, so that we may eventually blossom into the world around us, the real world where people don't talk about 6D aliens.

But is this all we seek? It is not all I seek. I keep coming back to Bring4th because I hold out hope that we will one day find in ourselves the will and courage, the faith and fortitude to commit to this community and to make it more than just therapy for outcasts. I don't want to give up that hope, but I can't commit to something that isn't going where I'm going.

What could we become?

What if we sought more than just acceptance and interpersonal catalyst? What if, upon finding our maturity, we stopped leaving the forum and instead actually developed a new mission? Can we not band together to engage in some form of collective action? Even Anonymous seems to have a purpose, so why don't we?

What I hope to one day find in Bring4th is what other members have hinted at, though often naively: the beginnings of a social memory complex. Ra tells us this is possible in 3D, so why not try? Back in the day, L/L Research was a research organization. The name meant something. I don't know of any research that we (and we here are all part of L/L, btw) do. To me, making a real attempt to form a conscious collective mind capable of rising to service in the world is, in tandem with the archetypes, the next frontier for potential discovery in this organization.

If we---of all people---cannot come together for a greater purpose than to escape the real world, then what is the Ra Material for? What good is it?

I don't mean to assert that B4 has to become something it is not, but I do mean to assert that we are missing out on something beautiful because our most mature members consistently find that they no longer need what B4 offers.

So what do you think? What are your answers?
"Those of like mind which together seek shall far more surely find."
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