Happy 10 years at L/L to Gary L. Bean!!!
02-18-2016, 12:02 PM,
Happy 10 years at L/L to Gary L. Bean!!!
I know not everyone reads Jim's blog daily, so this little piece of history may go unnoticed. On January 29th, Gary hit his 10 year mark working for L/L Research.

As per Jim's blog...

Quote:This should be called "The Better Late Than Never" section of this blog. This past January 29th marked Gary's tenth year in the L/L office. Ten years ago Carla finally came to the conclusion that she was overworked trying to keep books for L/L, the household, and Jim's Lawn Service. She asked Gary if he would be willing to become her administrative assistant so that she could work on more creative projects.
At that point in his life Gary had a lot of desire and very little experience. But he was very game to give it a go. And go he did, quickly getting a handle on what needed to be done and how to do it. Through the succeeding years he has grown adept at doing an ever expanding job of getting the L/L material out to seekers all over the world. He has made an indelible and unique contribution to the Law of One. He produces homecomings, workshops, coordination of editors and translators in a dozen languages, the Tilting at Windmills interview and book, building and articulating L/L Research's first online community, reworking the Law of One into THE RA CONTACT, managing our financial life, tax prep, and much, much more.
He has found so many ways to share L/L's spiritual information that he was able to offer Austin a position in the L/L office nearly two and one-half years ago. Together they are an unbeatable tag team that gets our books and channelings out to all the corners of this planet. As our Director Gary is the engine that makes our boat go. If you have a moment, send him a little "thank you" note for the ten years of high-powered love energy that he sends out every day, not to mention his wicked sense of humor. Thank you Gary Bean for being. . .Gary Bean.

Congrats Gary!! Thank you for all of your hard work, and dedication! Here's to 10x10 more!
There is no magic greater than honest distortion toward love.
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