Slight change-up
12-27-2016, 03:55 PM,
Slight change-up
When we enacted the Bring4th restructuring last year, we brought a new team member on board under an experimental position of "Forum Organizer." Well, given that this division of specialty didn't seem very effective, along with the fact that Jade's input on the mod team is just so darn valuable, the position doesn't seem like it's very necessary. And so Bring4th_Jade may now simply be known as "moderator." 

This promotion comes with a significant pay increase and a hefty benefits package.* Aside from that, since she was already basically serving in this capacity, this is more of a simple title change to reflect the nature of her position. 

Much love and gratitude to Jade (and Garry) for the great and diligent work serving as Bring4th moderators!

*A full 25% pay increase (25% of nothing is nothing) and benefits that include free ice at Homecoming (up to 5 cubes per drink).
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