A request for Tarot Cards, Please and Thank You!
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A request for Tarot Cards, Please and Thank You!
I'm not the most versatile person when it comes to handy work, and so I've run into a problem.  I want a Tarot deck, but I do not want any other major arcana except the ones given here as the archetypes.  I've tried printing out and making a paper deck but crumpled tarot cards do not make for an aesthetically pleasing experience.  Is there any possible way that you handy people at L/L could somehow make plastic laminated cards to sell as a deck?  I'd be willing to pay upwards of 15 dollars for you guys to simply print out some pages, cut the images into cards, laminate, then sell them.

I personally think you'd make a pretty penny here or there, especially around the holidays when people go crazy exploring the arts of divination.  Plus interpreting the tarot readings through their core major arcana representations would be amazing versus having to work with other parodies of the major arcana pictures.

So, please consider this request of putting up a 'Law of One Major Arcana Tarot Deck' on the L/L store to buy, you'd already have one sell from me.
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