The LLResearch/Bring4th Unification Project
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Brick  The LLResearch/Bring4th Unification Project
Dear friends,

The short version: We have initiated a project to combine (the archive website) and (the community website) into a single website! The reasons and benefits for this are listed below, along with a request for your help. Thank you so much for considering this. It is a pleasure to serve you, and we hope to do so as long as this particular wavelength of light is of aid to the spiritual seeker.
With so much Love, L/L Research : )

The longer version: As many of you have observed firsthand, Bring4th has been steadily building in traffic, participation, and content generation since 2008, bringing us to the point of having to upgrade our hosting environment in order to ensure the forums, chat, blogs, and store can continue to grow and scale without receiving the kind of persistent error messages that many of you endured not too long ago (thanks again for your patience during that period of growing pains!). Unification Project

July 2013 Proposal

In late 2008, the Bring4th website was created to foster an online community built around the principles of the Law of One and to facilitate connecting spiritual seekers often isolated from one another by geographical distance. Bring4th soon became a successful social networking venue, offering forums, chat rooms, and blogs to the members of the community, and offering the possibilities of making enduring friendships--locally and online--for participating members. For those who desired supporting L/L Research as an organization, an eCommerce store was implemented to raise funds through donations and book sales. For the first time in L/L Research history, Jim and Carla did not have to fund their tiny non-profit organization out of their own pockets due to the small, but sufficient, revenue generated from the store., L/L's first and principal website has been serving as the library or archive. Thanks to Ian J., has been meticulously maintained and stewarded since the 1990's to provide a completely free, authoritative, and comprehensive repository of nearly all channelings, interviews, speeches, publications, and news for those who wished to contemplate and study the philosophies and principles comprising The Law of One.

Both sites have been managed by L/L Research but have been operating independently of one another.

A new initiative is now underway

The ever increasing volume of traffic and generated content from both websites--Bring4th especially--is causing us to grow into the need for a larger hosting plan offering more robust services. In general, we hope to improve the infrastructure of the websites by bringing together and under the same “virtual roof” and hosting both sites on the same server, unifying them into a single website. Among the many other benefits listed below, doing so will save the organization money instead of having to host two independent sites through two separate services. These savings can then be applied to the new hosting environment. (A helpful move because the new web host provider requires additional financial resources due to the burgeoning volume of communications on Bring4th via forum posts, chat logs, blog entries, and data retention from online store activity.)

Help is needed for this large-scale project

We have asked L/L Research's webmaster, Steve E. (aka: Bring4th_Steve), to lead the planning and technical implementation, by designing and reprogramming both websites in order to actualize the internal and community ideas mentioned above. Thus far, Steve has served as L/L Research's webmaster for – and, as of late 2012, assumed a similar role for as well – on a strictly volunteer basis, giving both websites his time on top of his day job and family life. More times than can be counted, we receive e-mails from him at all hours of the night as he updates us on new Bring4th developments, fixed issues, and completed maintenance tasks that keep the website running as smoothly as possible for the enjoyment of all.

The size of this particular project is quite large in scope compared to the first Bring4th launch. The time and energy requirements needed are so substantial, that we seek your assistance in helping to support these new development expenses and outside services, while also commissioning Steve to plan, develop, launch, and maintain this new site version.

L/L Research therefore invites you, the readership and community, to assist in two basic ways:

Financial assistance:
Our goal is to raise $3,000 to pay for all hosting-related expenses (bandwidth/storage/hardware/software/3rd-party services), and to extend some support for Steve for the enormous investment of time and energy he will be devoting to this project. Given the increased requirements and scope of the project this time around, Steve happily agreed to provide web development services at a rate far lower than most is standard for web programmers to charge.

Here is a link to the store donation page for those who are in a position to help donate at this time:

Please keep in mind that L/L Research is a 501[c]3 non-profit organization, so donations made this year can be deducted when you file your 2013 taxes. A receipt for your tax records will be snail-mailed to you if the United States, and emailed to you if international.

Please append to this thread your ideas and comments regarding how L/L Research could improve one or both websites, or perhaps share your views on how both sites can best be integrated into a single website.

Help has been offered--and will be graciously considered in the near future--to assist with moving the archive website information into a database-driven content management system. Additional help will be sought on a case-by-case basis depending on which tasks are at hand, and if the tasks can be shared in a way that accelerates progress instead of hindering it.

A more technical summary of proposed changes are as follows:

1) Graphically redesign, and reorganize navigation and instructional content for and in a way that best improves the user experience, including:

a. Topically organizing the transcripts in a variety of different ways that give one greater insight into what’s actually in that treasure trove. Its current organization requires accessing year by year and reading main questions that could be the length of paragraphs.

b. Tagging the sessions and entering them into a database to enable greater searching and sorting capacity, and ease of navigation, hopefully yielding search returns much like what Tobey has accomplished at

2) At an organizational level, consider rebuilding so that readers gain a greater sense of and access to its mission, more prominent listing of the services it offers and methods to become involved, and select financial summaries to promote compliance and transparency as a 501[c]3.

3) Organize and consolidate L/L's services, traffic, and overlapping content (such as news bulletins).

4) Analyze how well L/L Research is making itself and its information available to others, and consider community feedback for improving the current state of and A main question to be asked: What is working for the community, and what is not? The responses will be synthesized and incorporated into the planning and development of the newly combined site.

5) Restructure the forums and the moderation process to promote greater transparency and greater ease of use.

6) An improved online store that allows for recurring donations, multiple shipping speeds, and easier navigation.

7) Greater integration between and

8) Move Bring4th and LLResearch to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This will significantly improve the performance and manageability of both web properties. Portions of this task have already been implemented to alleviate recent issues of Bring4th crashing. Hosting with a VPS service increases the amount of time needed to maintain the L/L Research web properties, as these services are no longer managed hosting services, as they once were.

9) By improving the level and availability of server resources to Bring4th and, the community can expect to enjoy an improved performance from Bring4th with respect to page load times and general “snappiness” in the way the site performs.

10) Further, with the new server and upgrade of the website, multiple staff members of L/L Research will be able to publish content directly to the archive portion of the website, instead of being completely reliant upon the webmaster to do so. This will be a huge boon to organizational efficiency.

11) Topically organize the transcripts in a variety of different ways that give one greater insight into what’s actually in that treasure trove. Its current organization requires accessing year by year and reading main questions that could be the length of paragraphs.

We’ll find ways to tag the sessions putting the transcripts into a database to yield search returns much like Tobey has set up at

12) Design the website to be read and used easily on mobile and tablet devices.

13) Considering utilizing a system whereby, using your account, you could mark transcripts as “read” and “unread”, perhaps even starring and notating some, to make the archive a better, more personal resource.

14) Upgrade the code base: Much customization has been implemented into the original code base of, making it very difficult to upgrade old third-party software, such as the blogging system, online store, and the chat application. Efforts are already underway to begin transforming the old code base into a more compatible environment that allows for interchanging and upgrading third-party software whenever new versions are released.

15) Upgrade the code base: Create a map of all topic areas and content branches within the website, and determine how to best preserve the original structure of the content while simultaneously formulating a strategy to move the content to a database-driven platform. As an abstraction to the database, a content management system will be implemented to encourage new translations and contributions from different languages around the world. With this added capability comes the significant task of converting the archive site into a multilingual site that can support multiple languages throughout any location within the site. Help will be sought by the community to provide localization (i.e., language translations) of the archive website in languages other than English. Please note, translation tasks are related specifically to site navigation and instruction/usage only, not for translating content.

16) In the future, we can consider using the new framework to formulate an approach to foster better communication through the website for Law of One Study groups around the world. Further, provide a means for L/L to have an official channel of communication for trained groups who wish to contribute content through the Confederation of Planets.[/list]

Project Timeline

At the time of this writing, the calendar is moving into the month of August. The estimated time for planning, designing, prototyping, developing, testing, and launching the newly combined and site is set at four months, making December 1st the "go live" date. This is when a beta version will be made public alongside the current bring4th and llresearch sites. During the month of December, any bugs found will be worked on and resolved, and the site is expected to launch once again on Christmas day, much like did in 2008.

All work on this project will be done on a part-time basis, and there are no guarantees that the site will hit its exact milestones should unforeseen circumstances get in the way. The estimates are provided by Steve based on his prior experience with Bring4th, as well as his experience to date working on various development projects.

We are very hopeful that some of you will offer new suggestions that can be worked into the new design. We are interested in knowing; which features do you enjoy the most, and which ones do you care the least about? What have you seen elsewhere on the Internet that you think would work well for a spiritually-driven community like Bring4th?

Not all suggestions can be accepted, of course, for the simple reasons that there may be practicality/feasibility issues, technical roadblocks, or certain ideas may not prove popular enough by the majority of the community to justify the time and expense of developing. We will, however, be sure we consider everyone's feedback, and will read this thread while considering the suggestions brought forth through the community. It is you, the community member, who use and Bring4th on a regular basis, and we trust that many of you may have some great feedback or ideas that could make further enhance everyone's experience.

Here is a link to the store donation page for those who are in a position to help donate at this time:

Please keep in mind that L/L Research is a 501[c]3 non-profit organization, so donations made this year can be deducted when you file your 2013 taxes. A receipt for your tax records will be snail-mailed to you if the United States, and emailed to you if international.

Thank you for any feedback and/or financial assistance offered at this time!

With Deep Appreciation in Love & Light,
The L/L Research Staff
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