The LLResearch/Bring4th Unification Project
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RE: The LLResearch/Bring4th Expansion Project
Actually the way the forums are now, for the most part, is very well organized and succinct. I've seen some other sites go from simple cuteness to the definition of bloat-fest. Esp in regards to increasing the number of main forum divisions, social networking plugins, ads, Flash and so. Anything but ads and Flash! Everyone lately is just going over the deep end when they update things and it just wastes more bandwidth and loading time, that's something to take into consideration and avoid. Take for example films of the past 10+ years and compare them to stuff from 2, 3 decades ago, that's what I mean.

Most of the modern themes or development packages for sites/forums have become extremely process/resource heavy. Compare this to B4 and this site is so very light, so easy to load and browse through - because the browser isn't loading so much stuff into memory or constantly communicating with social networking sites. This aspect is very appealing and lends a relaxed feeling to the whole community, in comparison to many general sites or new age sites out there that I have observed, which try to cram as much stuff into the monitor space as possible. There are a few sites I know of, that have become totally unbrowsable, in how slowly things load due to the amount of things that have to be loaded each time you go back of forward.

Sub-forums are a good way of handling things, as far as the forum is concerned, but here too a balance must be kept or over-organization leads to topics becoming lost/hidden in the recesses that no one ever visits/knows what they are about/or cares.

As far as the look of Bring4th, maybe a photorealistic look with a glassy sheen would make it stand out, ie look less "dull". More green colours, more colours in general, but not like a circus.

Also, more emoticons, much, much more! Tongue

The look of L/L Research could maybe use newer fonts, some more graphics...positive abstract things. No sacred geometry type things, more a library, quiet feel.
I always liked that it felt like a very serious (research) site and definitely not a new age site, or anything kooky.
It struck just the right tone, representing very well the tone of the LoO and the rest of the Confederation material. That fact that it takes the subject matter seriously and humbly is just right!
I feel it is also very important to tackle the language thing just right, whether through flags or else, to let non-English speakers in on the action.
Also it is important to show somewhere, what kind of subjects are discussed within all the transcripts, so that people not familiar with this whole world, can maybe gather insight. Ie connecting the outside world to the LoO through the subjects discussed within.
And since there is such a wide variety of scientific and spiritual subjects discussed, it is important to list them as a showcase - and to have a search tool in order to be able to quickly reference these subjects within the transcripts for further research.

For example, over at the Cassiopaean project they've got nice glossary, that is very useful in explaining the concepts dealt in both that work as well as LoO, (since the LoO is heavily referenced) as well as in general. Now that would be a great addition to the L/L Research site, to help connect the LoO knowledge with what is being discovered on Earth, ie verification - which can only serve as further inspiration.
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