The LLResearch/Bring4th Unification Project
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RE: The LLResearch/Bring4th Expansion Project
Hey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback and support thus far! We’re taking in and digesting what you’ve offered. In the following post, I’ll share our plan for a global navigation menu to synthesize every element of both websites.

Parsons Wrote:Life on Planet Earth and Olio combined to make a 'General Discussion' section (perhaps with a cleverly worded description or forum section name?). My reasoning on this is that they have extremely similar functionality at the moment and I often have to go digging through both sections to find a post.

That’s not a shabby idea. “Olio” was created due to the need for a miscellaneous category. But you’re right, there is serious overlap between the two forums, and merging them into one under the name “General”, and following through with your second suggestion, might be a better way to organize.

Parsons Wrote:I think an Arts section should be created which would better categorize posts related to poetry, music, painting/drawing, games, movies, and TV shows, etc. At the moment, they seem to be a complete scattershot all over the forums.

This is genius. Preliminarily, I am for it. And so far Austin and Plenum have expressed interest.

Light of Wisdom Wrote:Actually the way the forums are now, for the most part, is very well organized and succinct. I've seen some other sites go from simple cuteness to the definition of bloat-fest. Esp in regards to increasing the number of main forum divisions, social networking plugins, ads, Flash and so. Anything but ads and Flash!

Thanks for all the great input Light of Wisdom. We hope to keep things as simplified and straightforward as possible, without attention diversions or clutter on the page.

Light of Wisdom Wrote:Also, more emoticons, much, much more!

Totally. I asked Steve about this one a while back. He said he’d be happy to install a new set of emoticons for the forums. I created a thread asking if anyone had such a set in mind, but if memory serves, I wasn’t directed to an available set. Do you have any ideas? We definitely need expressions for “I am busy watching the latest Game of Thrones”, and, “Season over. Life not worth living.”

Light of Wisdom Wrote:The look of L/L Research could maybe use newer fonts, some more graphics...positive abstract things. No sacred geometry type things, more a library, quiet feel.
I always liked that it felt like a very serious (research) site and definitely not a new age site, or anything kooky.

The look itself does need updated, but without resorting to gimmickry or taking away from the sacred aura of the material.

In the Library section specifically, we want to continue to offer the information in a clear and accessible way that doesn’t add a layer of human interference.

Light of Wisdom Wrote:It struck just the right tone, representing very well the tone of the LoO and the rest of the Confederation material. That fact that it takes the subject matter seriously and humbly is just right!

Thanks. The material is what it is – there is no attempt to hype it, inflate it, convey the notion that it’s needed, etc. It stands on its own merits. Our job in the Library is simply to present it and allow the seeker to make of it what they will.

Certainly there is some room for creative presentation, but so long as that presentation doesn’t modify the information itself or present it with an intent to sell, persuade, proselytize, glorify itself, etc.

And there is room, as well, for people to offer opinions about that material on the website, but the difference between source material and opinion should be clear.

Light of Wisdom Wrote:Also it is important to show somewhere, what kind of subjects are discussed within all the transcripts, so that people not familiar with this whole world, can maybe gather insight. Ie connecting the outside world to the LoO through the subjects discussed within.

I’m not sure how it will be realized, but we hope to topically organize the transcripts in a variety of different ways that give one greater insight into what’s actually in that treasure trove. Its current organization requires accessing year by year and reading main questions that could be the length of paragraphs. (I’m guilty in contributing to those paragraph-sized questions.) Maybe something similar to the system Plenum created for the Q’uo transcripts.

We’ll find ways to tag the sessions. And Steve plans on putting the transcripts into a database to yield search returns much like Tobey has set up at

As to a glossary, which you mentioned at the end of your message, JustLikeYou is working on constructing the first ever comprehensive glossary of Law of One terms, well over 200 of them. We’ll feature it on the new site. It will rock.

With love/light,

Explanation by the tongue makes most things clear, but love unexplained is clearer. - Rumi
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