The LLResearch/Bring4th Unification Project
08-11-2013, 04:23 AM,
RE: The LLResearch/Bring4th Expansion Project
An option to hide "Likes".

The like button would still be there for ones use but you could not see how many likes a post has, also the option to turn off "Likes Received" and "Likes Given" all individually. I have noticed a troublesome trend on my part, at times, as to not read all posts because a lack of likes. As thus I would like to have the opportunity to hide em.
Perhaps a subtle small color shape would activate on ones profile, so others can see that the (able to see likes) feature is turned off for them. I use likes for many a reason, that is why the notice so one can know that it will most likely not be seen by that person.

Also an option to hide the avatars, signatures, post count (for others and/or self, would include the stars), joined dated (for others) and titles of all. Basically if one wants they can only see the name of the poster, all features to be enabled to turn on or off individually.

Perhaps not a flashy idea but I would like to have the choice for such things .)

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