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RE: The LLResearch/Bring4th Expansion Project
(08-04-2013, 08:13 PM)Bring4th_GLB Wrote:  
Light of Wisdom Wrote:Also, more emoticons, much, much more!

Totally. I asked Steve about this one a while back. He said he’d be happy to install a new set of emoticons for the forums. I created a thread asking if anyone had such a set in mind, but if memory serves, I wasn’t directed to an available set. Do you have any ideas? We definitely need expressions for “I am busy watching the latest Game of Thrones”, and, “Season over. Life not worth living.”

LOL, you know I know of a site where artists can design/draw/paint you anything, including emoticons. In most cases they'd ask for reimbursement, but it throws the possibilities wide open...but then again, paying for emoticons, man now I've seen it all... Tongue Big Grin

However, over the past 7 or so years, I just so happened to collect a ginormous library of emoticons, from emotion based ones to crazy ones.
If you need this, I'm on it. Just tell me and I'll zip it up for you.

(08-04-2013, 08:13 PM)Bring4th_GLB Wrote:  
Light of Wisdom Wrote:Also it is important to show somewhere, what kind of subjects are discussed within all the transcripts, so that people not familiar with this whole world, can maybe gather insight. Connecting the outside world to the LoO through the subjects discussed within.

I’m not sure how it will be realized, but we hope to topically organize the transcripts in a variety of different ways that give one greater insight into what’s actually in that treasure trove. Its current organization requires accessing year by year and reading main questions that could be the length of paragraphs. (I’m guilty in contributing to those paragraph-sized questions.) Maybe something similar to the system Plenum created for the Q’uo transcripts.

We’ll find ways to tag the sessions. And Steve plans on putting the transcripts into a database to yield search returns much like Tobey has set up at

The "" method sounds about right. Search-ability/accessibility, so important nowadays.

As far as showing the various fields of research with the LoO, I'm thinking maybe to have a succinct introductory page that clearly defines the areas of contribution (and thus subsequently investigation on our part), in both spiritual and scientific realms (ie consciousness/intelligent energy fields on one side and material realms on the other, a brief mention to their interconnectedness.)
It'd be most useful in this intro to connect to the new glossary, the forums & the L/L R site.

The whole purpose of what I have in mind here, is for any person completely unfamiliar with the Law of One to quickly be introduced to the value of the material.

For someone who has never before heard of the LoO or say even the whole new age scene, coming onto a site such as "" or L/L, it's just this huge text of nothing, like coming to a wall keeping out potential students. And a proper, well written, intro would also avoid the knee-jerk "this is satanic material" reaction that some people can experience when first encountering it. In other words pointing out the contributions on all fronts, from humanistic to spiritual, to scientific, and placing them in a context.

It should be accessible and friendly to anyone, whether a person coming from a religious, a new age or materialist scientific background, anyone researching to gain knowledge.
And, let's not forget the power of the internet search engines and their ability to introduce people to new understanding.

As wikipedia does, so a listing of themes and subjects discussed would be most useful: philosophy, religion, spirituality, cosmology, anthropology, history, politics, physics, biology, geology, astronomy, energy, energy centers, sexual energy transfer and on....

Lastly, there is this other issue, that is of some importance. As it will most definitely be asked - the more popular something becomes, the more it becomes open to attack. The nature of channeling itself and of the quality of the material received.

I think Wilcock's intro to the material says it best:

Quote:It was at the end of this twenty-year period that Elkins’ work with Carla Rueckert, a very successful channel, broke through to a much more substantial level.

This breakthrough was directly precipitated by the arrival of Jim McCarty, who thought that he was coming to help Don and Carla catalog, categorize and organize the volumes of material that they had already produced. Instead, something totally unexpected happened.

They attracted a true heavy-hitter of the higher realms, perhaps the main group responsible for our care: a huge spiritual group of entities that had apparently fused themselves into one single mind that called itself Ra, and said that they were from the sixth dimension, millions of years more advanced than modern humanity.

The words and concepts were highly sophisticated and precise, unlike any other type of channeled material ever seen, and were referred to by one professor as "akin to a Ph.D. dissertation on epistemology."

As soon as Ra began speaking, they made it clear that this was the first time that they had been able to get through a fairly undistorted series of messages in thousands of years of human history.

Carla was brought to the complete unconscious state and taken out of her body for the Ra contact to occur, and had no knowledge whatsoever of what had occurred while she was away.

This contact occurred in 1981, well before the field of channeling had reached such a huge surge of rather repetitive, simplistic and contradictory information that is often seen on the Internet and in certain magazines and books today.

For whatever reason, the work has never become very well-known, but this certainly is no fault of the material itself. The quality and gravity of the information that Ra presents is unlike any other that this author has ever seen.

I think it would be wise to go into this in a separate page, to differentiate the forms of channeling and of channels. LOO material is quite different from most and it would be useful to describe the particular circumstances under which the channeling took place as well as the more rigorous, scientific approach of it. I know that the guys at the Cass site - they too have done this and they make mention that only very few sources are clean enough to be useable in serious inquiry, due to the methods, the people involved and of course the deliberate interference from higher sources, to point out that deliberate interference by STS has occured in an overwhelming number of cases. Basically to point why it is important to be aware of all possibilities and polarities.
To notify that many of these precautions are not taken to heart and practiced by most channels.
That there must be a way to define useful and useless material. That there must be a way for 3rd density beings to make an observation between that which is of a helpful nature and that which is a deliberate distraction/disinformation.
And lastly to point out the importance of preservation of free will, by encouraging all to pursue their own answers, to explore and experiment, to find that which has never been seen and experienced before, to define their own path and gather their own wisdom.

If one can leave these intro pages feeling uplifted, empowered and with a huge zest for life, I think that we would have done that which is in our own nature. A great service to all and to the material no in our care.

Important to provide the impetus, that the LoO material is merely the springboard for our own exploration and understanding of it, as individuals, as a community and as a future social memory complex.

Quote:As to a glossary, which you mentioned at the end of your message, JustLikeYou is working on constructing the first ever comprehensive glossary of Law of One terms, well over 200 of them. We’ll feature it on the new site. It will rock.
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