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(08-14-2013, 12:38 AM)Parsons Wrote:  Another thought for an addon for the forums would be to install an auto-picture resizer so when someone posts an ENORMOUSLY high resolution picture, it doesn't stretch the webpage off to the right. I know there are mods that exist for it but sadly have no suggestion how to install it.

Ah, a good one for Steve, as this goes far beyond the limits of my own limited understanding. Will make note of it. Thanks Parson!

Light of Wisdom Wrote:However, over the past 7 or so years, I just so happened to collect a ginormous library of emoticons, from emotion based ones to crazy ones.
If you need this, I'm on it. Just tell me and I'll zip it up for you.

Absolutely, please do! Send it to the contact address at

Light of Wisdom Wrote:The "" method sounds about right. Search-ability/accessibility, so important nowadays.

As far as showing the various fields of research with the LoO, I'm thinking maybe to have a succinct introductory …

It'd be most useful in this intro to connect to the new glossary, the forums & the L/L R site.

The whole purpose of what I have in mind here, is for any person completely unfamiliar with the Law of One to quickly be introduced to the value of the material.

For someone who has never before heard of the LoO or say even the whole new age scene, coming onto a site such as "" or L/L, it's just this huge text of nothing, like coming to a wall keeping out potential students. And a proper, well written, intro would also avoid the knee-jerk "this is satanic material" reaction that some people can experience when first encountering it. In other words pointing out the contributions on all fronts, from humanistic to spiritual, to scientific, and placing them in a context.

That's precisely one thing we hope to achieve with the new design. If you check out the suggested Global Navigation Panel in a previous post to this thread [url=]here[/url], you'll notice that the very first item in the upper left corner is a box that says "Start Here", and below that, "A Quick Tour".

I agree with you that for the person new to either website, it can be daunting and perhaps dizzying to attempt to take it all in. Some initial orientation would be helpful.

Supporting that particular objective will be new (or improved) sections like:

--Mission Statement.
--About Us – History
--Who We Are (Staff/Volunteers)

However, even with the most careful explanation, highlights of the positive nature of the philosophy, connections to existing terrestrial wisdom traditions, and all manner of disclaimer, this material will not appeal to a broad demographic, and will be rejected out-of-hand. We can certainly work to reduce that possibility, but not eliminate it.

Light of Wisdom Wrote:As wikipedia does, so a listing of themes and subjects discussed would be most useful: philosophy, religion, spirituality, cosmology, anthropology, history, politics, physics, biology, geology, astronomy, energy, energy centers, sexual energy transfer and on....

Good God. That sounds interesting, but let's set a deadline of sometime north of the year 2025 for that particular project's completion. : )

Light of Wisdom Wrote:Lastly, there is this other issue, that is of some importance. As it will most definitely be asked - the more popular something becomes, the more it becomes open to attack. The nature of channeling itself and of the quality of the material received.

That's a concern in the back of my own mind. Thus far we've been extremely fortunate in receiving very little directed hate owing to how far removed we are from the public radar. As we inch closer to the main highways and byways of intellectual commerce, we may attract more negative attention. Though I think given the limited appeal of this information, we will always be significantly off the beaten path.

Unless of course Disclosure happens, in which case, welcome to a whole new ballgame with entirely new rules, including a paradigm potentially more supportive of this sort of information.

Light of Wisdom Wrote:David Wilcock: For whatever reason, the work has never become very well-known, but this certainly is no fault of the material itself. The quality and gravity of the information that Ra presents is unlike any other that this author has ever seen.

That was a really nice write-up from David. Thank you for sharing this.

About the question posed in his final thought quoted above: why has this information remained so unknown and obscure? I have a certain pattern of thought in this regard, though by no means authoritative.

I believe that there is one primary reason for this, and three contributing reasons:

(1) First and foremost, the material will, for the most part, appeal only to the wanderer.

Wanderers made up 1% of the total planetary population in 1981, a figure which *may* have increased since then, but by negligible proportion I would guess. And while even 1% represents tens of millions of people, over 90% of that number were unaware of their soul's non-planetary origins according to Ra's estimation in 1981.

36.24 "Questioner: … can you tell me what percentage of the Wanderers on Earth today have been successful in penetrating the memory block and becoming aware who they are…?

Ra: I am Ra. We can approximate the percentage of those penetrating intelligently their status. This is between eight and one-half and nine and three-quarters percent. There is a larger percentile group of those who have a fairly well defined, shall we say, symptomology indicating to them that they are not of this, shall we say, “insanity.” This amounts to a bit over fifty percent of the remainder. Nearly one-third of the remainder are aware that something about them is different, so you see there are many gradations of awakening to the knowledge of being a Wanderer. We may add that it is to the middle and first of these groups that this information will, shall we say, make sense."

Here is a breakdown of those four groups (the fourth group only implied in the Q&A above) in Ra's analysis of wanderers who have been successful in penetrating the memory block and becoming aware of who they are:

9.75%-----Awakened to wanderer identity (max percentage)
45%--------Feeling not of this "insanity" (50% of the *remainder*)
30%--------Feeling something is different about the self (One-third of the remainder)
15.25%----Totally, completely asleep at the wheel (the unnamed percentage)

Ra adds that, "it is to the middle and first of these groups that this information will, shall we say, make sense."

Meaning that upwards of only 54.75% of all wanderers in 1981 would feel that the Law of One material made "sense". Meaning that roughly only 32.9 million people on Earth could even understand this information on a level that affirms its legitimacy.

As most of you can probably attest was more or less true in your case, my own experience with the Law of One was one of instant recognition and a generation of familiarity and knowing that, to this day, cannot be argued to the contrary. Was it that this information could be empirically verified and proven in the objective realm of scientific-materialistic understanding? Or was it that I am a wanderer, and this information thusly made "sense" to me, speaking as it does of a cosmos native to my soul's experience, one radically different from Earth's reigning paradigm? I think the latter.

To one approaching this information strictly from a standpoint of a scientific-materialistic perspective without benefit of the experience of higher-density, non-veiled experience, the stumbling blocks would be legion. Though it's nevertheless possible that this information would make sense to the native who has opened their mind and heart to infinite possibility and the aliveness of all things.

(2) To the first reason I would add this and the following two contributing reasons.

The material is abstruse, esoteric, and dense. It's style is technical, unemotional, and neutral, aiming more for precision than prose of an inspirational or poetic quality. (Though it's certainly not without inspiration and poetic eloquence.) And it's path is meandering as the questioner explores myriad avenues of not necessarily connected, or sequenced, investigation.

In other words, with it's left-brained flavor, it's not all that easy to understand.

(3) The Law of One material has received little promotion. Not by the publisher, not by L/L Research. Likewise with the larger L/L Research Library. The Law of One's most visible proponent thus far has been DW, one of the main doors through which people reach the material. Otherwise it sits miles off the main road, ever available, but ever outside the periphery of the collective's field of perception.

It is often, then, that those who do find the information are lead to it – as many, myself included, profess is the case – through a series of synchronicity, sometimes of a startlingly bizarre nature.

(4) In my opinion, the Confederation philosophy, at the center of which sits the Law of One material, represents a positively polarized perspective that is of a rather pure order in the spectrum of polarity, especially relative to the intractable situation of mixed orientation on this planet: mixed people, mixed thought patterns, mixed actions, and resulting mixed religions and philosophies, i.e., Ra's "sinkhole of indifference".

There is a gravity to that collective field of mixed polarity wherein the vast majority of people have not made their choice. The center of that gravity is light years from the perspective offered in the Law of One.

This body of philosophy, therefore, is not particularly, shall we say, desired by the great multitudes who prefer the comforts and distractions and misplaced responsibility of sleep.

Light of Wisdom Wrote:I think it would be wise to go into this in a separate page, to differentiate the forms of channeling and of channels. LOO material is quite different from most and it would be useful to describe the particular circumstances under which the channeling took place as well as the more rigorous, scientific approach of it. I know that the guys at the Cass site - they too have done this and they make mention that only very few sources are clean enough to be useable in serious inquiry, due to the methods, the people involved and of course the deliberate interference from higher sources, to point out that deliberate interference by STS has occured in an overwhelming number of cases. Basically to point why it is important to be aware of all possibilities and polarities.

To an extent we can do this, but we have to be careful not to move too far into the realm of tooting our own horn. The criteria for discerning positive vs. negative vs. mixed channeled information has been stated many times over the years on Carla and Jim's part. So too with the proper protocols for establishing and sustaining a safe and positively oriented contact.

Light of Wisdom Wrote:That there must be a way to define useful and useless material.

Who makes that judgment call for others, though? What is the ultimate, universal standard that applies equally to all people irrespective of their depth of understanding and their position along the evolutionary timeline?

In other words, what is useful to one is useless to another.

Personally I think the Law of One is among the most useful information ever to emerge on this planet, but most would find it utterly useless.

Thus one can only encourage the seeker's own discernment, lest one become imbalanced in the direction of learn/teaching for the other, subverting the sacred exercise of the other self's right to determine their own truth.

Light of Wisdom Wrote:And lastly to point out the importance of preservation of free will, by encouraging all to pursue their own answers, to explore and experiment, to find that which has never been seen and experienced before, to define their own path and gather their own wisdom.

We're on the same page. : )

Light of Wisdom Wrote:If one can leave these intro pages feeling uplifted, empowered and with a huge zest for life, I think that we would have done that which is in our own nature. A great service to all and to the material no in our care.

That's the hope, at least!

Light of Wisdom Wrote:Important to provide the impetus, that the LoO material is merely the springboard for our own exploration and understanding of it, as individuals, as a community and as a future social memory complex.

This is an aspect of the core ethos of L/L Research, echoed in every disclaimer with wich Q'uo prefaces each channeling. All at L/L Research, beginning with and including Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty, seek to emphasize that the ultimate power and authority reside within the seeker, not within the information.

With love/light,

Explanation by the tongue makes most things clear, but love unexplained is clearer. - Rumi
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