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Those who study the material of L/L Research and information like it, whether they call themselves wanderers or simply seekers, are often few and far between. We are scattered across this world, serving in our own capacity from often isolated pockets. Many, many of us do not have someone nearby with whom to share in study and conversation on the topics that are discussed in these forums. Thus the purpose of "Meet-Up Area".

Using this forum, we hope that we who seek each other may be able to find one another. Some of us may be in the same city or within driving distance of fellow seekers and have no awareness of it. We may even be right down the street from a beautiful friendship which we have not yet made.

To use this particular sub-forum properly, we ask that you list your general location in the subject line of your thread. For instance, if you live in or near Louisville, Kentucky, you might include in your subject line, "Anyone around Louisville?", "Seeking connections in Louisville, KY", "Please relocate to Louisville from wherever you may be, and bring sandwiches."

This way, readers of the Meet-Up Area can see at a glance who is searching in their area without having to open each thread to find someone in their neck of the woods.

You may use the Meet-Up area in conjunction with our Seeker Connector service.

Feel free also to introduce yourself in the Meet-Up area, but if you would like to share your story of awakening, please post to the Wanderer Stories forum.

We ask that you never write your street address in the subject line. Also, if you are the only resident on an isolated tropical island, please do not write, "Anyone in the isolated tropical island area?" --- You know you're the only one there.
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