Bring4th Chat Room Guidelines
10-17-2015, 10:26 AM,
Bring4th Chat Room Guidelines
The purpose of the chat room is to provide a meeting place for live discussion relating to L/L Research material, including the Law of One books, spiritual topics, and casual conversation.  L/L Research believes in – and emphatically promotes – an open environment through which community members can share their thoughts and experiences.  It is also acknowledged, however, that chat environments can sometimes devolve into exchanges that border on being offensive or condescending to another chat participant, particularly when there is a difference of opinion.

In an effort to stem these types of undesired conditions, Bring4th is employing a general guideline for conduct.  Guidelines are being defined so that all chat participants have a clear reference for determining the boundaries for the appropriate use of the chat room. We hope that most will find these reasonable and obvious.

Please keep in mind, the guidelines are not designed to suppress anyone's freedom of expression.  The chat room guidelines exist simply to encourage a chat environment that is as respectful, kind, and civil as possible. They seek to honor the first guideline of the Bring4th Forums:

Quote:1) Respect. Compassion. Loving-kindness. Empathy. Trust. Goodwill. Desire to serve. Embracing each other. Opening our heart. Participants are asked to keep the thought in the forefront of their minds at all times that each on this forum IS the Creator. Please keep communication respectful at all times and in all ways. The participant may disagree to the bone with an idea without personally attacking the author of the idea. Please remember that we are all here to expand our knowledge, deepen our understanding, and support one another by reflecting our divinity to each other. We are One being -- we are not here to forget the real.

Those who choose behaviors that stray from the guidelines are subject to moderation in the form of a simple warning. Continued disregard for the guidelines after a warning may prompt a temporary ban from chatting privileges, and in worst cases, may result in the termination of the user account. In such cases, the moderation team will collaborate until a fair decision is reached.

Chat moderators are community volunteers who endorse the spirit of the guidelines and serve to ensure that the chat rooms remain a respectful and civil place to hang out and unwind.

Member guidelines are as follows:

(1) Community members are asked to be sensitive to the diverse communication styles of others by ensuring all exchanges are civil, kind, and respectful.

(2) Members participating in mutually desired conversation that may be inappropriate for the chat rooms are asked to move the conversation to a more private venue, including the chat room's private Instant Messaging feature, or to Bring4th's Private Messaging (PM) system.  

(3) Expressions of condescension, criticism, racial slurs or sexual harassment will serve as grounds for a warning or temporary ban.

(4) A word filter is in place to catch common expletives that certain chatters may find offensive. While it is not in the interest of L/L Research to compile an endless filter list, it is asked that community members please reserve showcasing their finest expletives for conversation outside of the chat room.

Yes, we are all adults. Yes, we have seen, and have used, all manner of expletives. Their consistent use in a public venue, however, helps foster an ambiance that is not maximally conducive for a safe, compassionate, and mutually supportive environment.

(5) It is asked that all chat room participants also thoroughly read the general Bring4th Guidelines. All Bring4th guidelines not specific to the forums also apply in the chat rooms.
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