An Imbalance in the Field -- Thinking About the Unthinkable, Updated for the 'Teens
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An Imbalance in the Field -- Thinking About the Unthinkable, Updated for the 'Teens

"The notion of Armageddon has created a self-defeating prophecy: the more frightened decision makers are,
the more careful they become and the less likely they are to initiate any action that might bring about the
dreaded escalation to nuclear use. Armageddon is averted to the degree it is feared. As a result, nuclear
deterrence has not only worked remarkably well in peacetime and served to limit the scope and intensity of
conventional warfare, but it is likely to work surprisingly well in a large U.S.-Soviet conventional, and even a
limited nuclear war.

"One significant indication of the effectiveness of deterrence is that the Soviet Union and the United States
share the belief that a nuclear war would begin only out of desperation or inadvertence. A weakening or
deterrence could increase the possibility of a calculated 'voluntary' war or worse.

"Deterrence is part objective and part subjective. The objective part is that adequate military preparedness
could be critical in some important circumstances. The subjective is, in part, the perception by the potential
enemy of the other side's power, determination, and courage, as well as its estimate of the wartime effective-
ness of the other side's relative nuclear capability. If the aggressor believes that his opponent has the
weapons and will use them,
deterrence is likely to be effective. Therefore, a nation's defense lies, in part,
in the credibility of its threat to use nuclear force as a last resort, which means that the need remains for coherent
and plausible policies for the use of nuclear weapons."

-- The nuclear strategist Herman Kahn (1922-1983; for better or worse one of the 20th century's most influential savants, applying cybernetics and
game theory to the most horrific of Cold War issues; associated with the very influential Rand Corporation and his own Hudson Institute, highest-level 
"think tanks" advising the U.S. Federal government and its allies),from his book Thinking About the Unthinkable in the 1980s (NY: 1984)
 -- quoted on the "Opinion" page of The Wall Street Journal (Monday, November 21, 2016, "Notable & Quotable: Herman Kahn's Deterrence", p. A19)
Inessa S. (Youtube channel operator): "Traditionally, a changing world order has been accompanied by either
a large global conflict or a series of regional conflicts. Similarly, we are living through a time in which a unipolar
world is reluctantly transforming into something new.  One tool at the disposal of political elites is the manipulation
of the media. This channel is geared at providing accurate translations of primary sources that are unlikely to
air in Western mainstream media. This can hopefully counter incorrect perceptions of Russia's foreign policy.
I am not connected to the Kremlin, FSB, RT, Batman, Captain Planet, or other sources of influence. I have a
laptop and access to the internet.

"This [video's] candid conversation took place with representatives of various media outlets during the
St Petersburg International Economic Forum, in June 2016. Putin urged journalists to report genuinely on the
impending danger that is a nuclear arms race.

"Nobody has anything to gain from a nuclear stand-off against Russia. The power hungry decision-makers are
few in number, but powerful enough to have subverted mainstream media to misrepresent Russia as the main
threat to international security."

[from comments appended to this video:]

Jonathan Munoz 1 month ago
As a US Citizen. I wouldn't say Vladimir Putin looks like evil. but what he does seems normal at
my point of view with it... but. Can someone explain to me in short sentences what's his plan there?
I'm confused a bit...

Dr Sharc 1 month ago
In short he said that America defied the balance of power that kept the peace for so long by building
a missile defence system in Romania. They say they did that because of the nuclear threat from Iran.
The problem with that which creates the imbalance is:
1)Iran has no actual nuclear power
2)The defence system they built, in a few years, will be able to reach Russia due to technological advances
3)Surprise, they didn't build it for Iran but for Russia
4)They also try to hide the fact by saying it's a DEFENCE system when it actually isn't, it's defence used as
OFFENCE and it upsets the balance nontheless,
5)Also they can simply load it with offensive missiles instead of defensive and nobody would know until
they're bombed so point number 4) doesn't really matter

Note that this otherwise neutral video ends with a reflexively pro forma anti-Russian jab at the supposed perfidy
of President Putin's also-supposed New Evil Empire.
One would think it were 1956 instead of 2016...
This could be taken as a menacingly cautionary show of the kind of force summonable by the Deep State,
theatrically intended to impress upon President-elect Trump and his faction a lesson about just whose finger is 
actually in control of The Button, regardless of any transient jack-in-office's policy. Or it could be dismissed
as just another strictly routine flight of just that airborne part of the nuclear triad utilizing a command-and-control 
platform from which it would be possible to initiate launches and oversee and coordinate supportive military
maneuvers around the world in the event of nuclear conflict. Or, of course, there could be a reason for it which
is not conceivable from the conditioned-worldview paradigm which reflexively opts for one of the aforementioned

“Today, every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate the day when this planet may no longer be habitable.
Every man, woman, and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable
of being cut at any moment by accident, or miscalculation, or by madness. The weapons of war must be abolished
before they abolish us.”
-- American President J. F. Kennedy in an address to the U.N., 1961

Puzzling data which lo! these 53 years into the post-Dallas dispensation have barely found their way into the received knowledge

of the public domain, as the body of information has been forbiddingly ringed 'round with the most virulently ideological taboos
to ward off any rational critical consideration:

The question of truth in a world like ours is a serious matter indeed, to those who understand what's allowable per the Law of Confusion
in the range of distortion of the truth, and who intuitively see the implications of weaponizedly engineered versions of history being accepted

as history by the major portion of the planet's human population -- said majority proceeding along this spurious avenue, paradoxically making it, in
practice, real history, with its own self-corroborating evidence supporting its seeming legitimacy. Past a certain point along this avenue, one
may enter a state of non-correctability of one's orientational epistemology. Which is less than optimum, more than somewhat, for one so entrained.
To put it politely.
The catalysis of the arrogant overreach of the Crusader faction so earnestly addressing its tender destablizatory attentions to this planet, its escalating
attempts at the imbalancing of the strategic balance in the subtle polaric sphere from which manifests the mundane Earthian geopolitical order as we
commonly experience it, is of a hubristic nature which calls into being its own uniquely scale-appropriate Nemeses. These comprise, among other things,
the awakening, as it were, of a class of Wanderer designed for durable undistorted consciousness and competent benign action in multiple hostile domains
of varying aetheriality forbidden by their toxically chaotic nature to other Wanderers, who have important "noncombatant" roles to fill in other areas.
Said spheres may present in this world as infospheres and other human-cultural virtual realities of tremendous power, with what amounts in practice to their
own superorganismic-entity intelligences, capable of astonishingly adroit feats of self-preservation if threatened. These feats may involve transcendences of
consensus-reality assumptions of timespace limitations, rather malignly wielded (think "psychic greetings" to the next order of magnitude); thus the need
for requisitely-adept specialists when dealing with such phenomena. Usefully germane information about this type of thing, transduced by such Wanderers, 
is one of the services they offer to those whose intuition and critical rationality have reached a certain balance.

"Detach from fixed ideas and preconceptions. And face what is to be your lot."
-- Sheikh Abu-Said Ibn Abi-Khair

“In actions of all men, especially princes, where there is no recourse to justice, the end is all that counts.
A prince should only be concerned with conquering or maintaining a state, for the means will always be
judged to be honourable and praiseworthy by each and every person, because the masses always follow
appearances and the outcomes of affairs, and the world is nothing other than the masses. The few do not
find a place wherever the masses are supported.”
-- Niccolò Machiavelli, Il Principe [The Prince] (1513)

Spoiler: the Good Guys eventually "win" (so to speak), have no fear. However, this does not imply that en route there may
be a bit of... unpleasantness. But it's all in a good cause, what! Quite.

[Image: herman-kahn-quotes-6504.png]   [Image: aten.gif]
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An Imbalance in the Field & Strangelove

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Ein Feld-Ungleichgewicht -- Herr Doktor Merkwürdigeliebe

Yo La Tengo covering Sun Ra's "Nuclear War" (originally found on his 1982 album of the same name)
in their 2002 EP which comprises four versions of... "Nuclear War".  Unfortunately Peter Seeger never
worked up a call-and-response kids-only version for his concerts; kids love this tune. It's generally only
ideology-ridden adults who find it offensively beyond the pale. Of course, these same folks are apt to
be all for actual nuclear war itself -- if it's waged in a "good" cause, i.e., the right Them is annihilated
to the greater glory of the right Us.

[Image: tumblr_m6wgvmRU9e1r1k34vo1_500.jpg]
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RE: Shhh-- Be Vewwy Quiet, I'm Hunting for Wabbit
Homeland-centred depictions of ground-launch nuclear-missile reach of various purportedly Greater Evil Axis nations:

[Image: 3d80ad6e-0c06-11db-86c7-0000779e2340.jpg]

[Image: 8d94fa37444ab1217343d5c6cc543d9a874701c5.jpg]

[Image: medium_and_intercontinental_range_ballis...ssiles.png]

Thus some of the Bad Guys and their Evil Spheres of Blow-You-Uppability. Easy to find such diagrams-- there are hundreds of them of all shapes and sizes, helpfully labeled tendentiously in case you're a bit dim about these Evil Others threatening your cozy little flower-embowered Love Shack located Just This Side of Paradise.

Just for funsies, try searching for such an equally explicit diagram of U.S. nuclear-missile range. Go ahead, just try to find even one.

 Or, God forbid, one for its trusty ally in spreading Goodness and Light to All and Sundry, Israel.

Of course, be warned that by doing so on, say, Google, the NSA will immediately ring a little alarm-bell on His Grey Eminence Cheney's Official Dick Tracy 2-Way Wrist Radio, alerting him to your funky little Love Shack's whereabouts.

[Image: tenways.gif] So watch your six.

Meanwhile, here is a decent representation of the effective reach of the U.S.'s submarine-launched 13,000-mile-range UGM-133 Trident II (Trident D5), which would (what with one thing and another) simply ruin your whole day if it went off anywhere even vaguely near your neighborhood. Included in this reach, of course, is each and every last bloody neighborhood around*:

[Image: giphy.gif]

* (Except theoretically for a few very exceptional ones located deep within massively-hardened sites, wistfully expected by their ever-hopeful STS users to weather anything that comes down the pike-- see

There are some who would say that-- over and above the sheer physical existence of nuclear weaponry such as this-- the overwhelmingly fear-inducing demoralization potentialized by the complex abstract thought/feeling-matrix of popularly perceived threat of its use is the actual point of what amounts to a grand deceptive exercise in mass terrorism for elite political purposes; i.e., any waging of nuclear war (by no matter what "side", whether nominally Good, Evil, or Indifferent, no matter how seemingly logically valid the weapon-use), is in fact an example of a deception, an engineered spectacle, a psyoperation-- specifically a so-called false flag operation. This is possible because of the great psywar advances in the 20th century in discretely superimposing (mostly through thinktank-originated scientifically-scripted narratives delivered to the populace via the popular media, buttressed by seemingly plausibly supportive but actually theatrically-engineered traumatic events) a plausible fantasy-world upon the actual objective geopolitical landscape. Great strides were made in tricking people in general to fully identify with their purely subjective and actually ephemeral and properly only situation/domain-specific personae (thus over-generalizing this false self into a seeming primary real self, and effectively hypostasizing it, and ultrasocializing it for ready cyborgization via electronic tribalization).

Some others would point out that there is technology available to a certain highly-placed STO faction which is capable of neutralizing STS use of nuclear weaponry, and that it has been used at any number of crucial points in the modern atomic age, when things would have otherwise gone just ridiculously haywire. This amounts to giving mankind an eighth day of its otherwise week-long run, so to speak (a little like Ringo sang).


> A certain Russian nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed submarine was hijacked through the efforts of an extremely pro-actively bellicose rogue faction in the Russian government (using a network of naval conspirators [sometimes unwittingly suborned] from the Admiralty down through the onboard submariner ranks). A nuclear missile was launched at the U.S.'s West Coast from a point north of Hawaii, but curiously it almost immediately exploded (conventionally, not as a nuclear bomb) sending kit and caboodle to Davy Jones's locker. This event registered on a U.S. surveillance satellite's eye in the sky; the sub was subsequently covertly recovered by the U.S.  in a massive salvage operation. The thriller novel/movie The Hunt for Red October is the dumbed-down fairy-tale-ification of this event, ever-useful in propagandic support for the Diabolically-Evil-Russki-Empire false narrative.

> Certain nuclear weapons were hijacked through the efforts of an extremely pro-actively bellicose rogue faction in the American government (using a network of Missile Command and Air Force conspirators [sometimes unwittingly suborned] from the General Staff down through the onboard airman ranks).
It seems a half-dozen of these pesky things accidentally fell through a hole in then-Vice President Richard Cheney's Loro Piana cashmere camo jogging-pants pocket and ended up at an Air Force base in Louisiana (a jumping-off point for transport to the Middle East, among other colorful destinations) where fairly patriotic military white-hat types interceded and nixed any further progress of these items towards points where they might-- oops!-- accidentally go off or something in such a way that might lend support for-- oh, say, for instance, the Diabolically-Evil-Iranian-Empire false narrative.

65.6 Questioner: Would the coming changes as we progress into fourth density— I’m speaking of changes not only in the physical third-density planet due to the heating effect but also the changes that are heralding fourth-density vibrations such as the ability of people to perform what we term paranormal activities— I’m assuming that both of these are also and will act as catalyst to create a greater seeking. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. The paranormal events occurring are not designed to increase seeking but are manifestations of those whose vibratory configuration enables these entities to contact the gateway to intelligent infinity. These entities capable of paranormal service may determine to be of such service on a conscious level. This, however, is a function of the entity and its free will and not the paranormal ability.

The correct portion of your statements is the greater opportunity for service due to the many changes which will offer many challenges, difficulties, and seeming distresses within your illusion to many who then will seek to understand, if we may use this misnomer, the reason for the malfunctioning of the physical rhythms of their planet.

Moreover, there exist probability/possibility vortices which spiral towards your bellicose actions. Many of these vortices are not of the nuclear war but of the less annihilatory but more lengthy so-called “conventional” war. This situation, if formed in your illusion, would offer many opportunities for seeking and for service.

65.7 Questioner: How would conventional warfare offer the opportunities for seeking and service?

Ra: I am Ra. The possibility/probabilities exist for situations in which great portions of your continent and the globe in general might be involved in the type of warfare which you might liken to guerrilla warfare. The ideal of freedom from the so-called invading force of either the controlled fascism or the equally controlled social common ownership of all things would stimulate great quantities of contemplation upon the great polarization implicit in the contrast between freedom and control. In this scenario which is being considered at this time/space nexus the idea of obliterating valuable sites and personnel would not be considered an useful one. Other weapons would be used which do not destroy as your nuclear arms would. In this ongoing struggle the light of freedom would burn within the mind/body/spirit complexes capable of such polarization. Lacking the opportunity for overt expression of the love of freedom, the seeking for inner knowledge would take root aided by those of the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow which remember their calling upon this sphere.

7.12 Questioner: I am interested in the application of the Law of One as it pertains to free will and what I would call the advertising done by UFO contact with the planet. That is, the Council has allowed the quarantine to be lifted many times over the past thirty years. This seems to me to be a form of advertising for what we are doing right now, so that more people will be awakened. Am I correct?

Ra: I am Ra. It will take a certain amount of untangling of conceptualization of your mental complex to reform your query into an appropriate response. Please bear with us.

The Council of Saturn has not allowed the breaking of quarantine in the time/space continuum you mentioned. There is a certain amount of landing taking place. Some of these landings are of your peoples. Some are of the entities known to you as the group of Orion.

Secondly, there is permission granted, not to break quarantine by dwelling among you, but to appear in thought-form capacity for those who have eyes to see.

Thirdly, you are correct in assuming that permission was granted at the time/space in which your first nuclear device was developed and used for Confederation members to minister unto your peoples in such a way as to cause mystery to occur. This is what you mean by advertising and is correct. The mystery and unknown quality of the occurrences we are allowed to offer have the hoped-for intention of making your peoples aware of infinite possibility. When your peoples grasp infinity, then and only then, can the gateway be opened to the Law of One.
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07-01-2017, 05:34 PM,
RE: An Imbalance in the Field -- Thinking About the Unthinkable, Updated for the 'Teens
Who dares to believe in this...

...the highest wisdom is to suffer all men to have full liberty to think on all subjects in their own way. - OAHSPE  
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07-01-2017, 05:46 PM,
RE: An Imbalance in the Field -- Thinking About the Unthinkable, Updated for the 'Teens
Damn, imagine if Trump just straight up said to Putin, publicly - "I will not retaliate under any circumstances. Fire your nuclear weapons and live with the guilt of exterminating an entire continent, but I will do nothing to stop you."

Damn how far fetched and unreasonably optimistic is that

Nothing is lost!
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RE:Bleef by the Kiloton
(07-01-2017, 05:34 PM)Nicholas Wrote:  Who dares to believe in this...
[music vid: "Who Dares To Believe In Me" (R. Believis, Jr.) recorded by The Believers in Believ-o-phonic Unbelieve-a-sound at BeyondBelief Studios, St Believz (or at least I believe so)]

[Image: latest?cb=20150906061748]



[Image: pepebomb.jpg]

[Image: tenor.gif]

[Image: tumblrmlqr8szgqd1rw9dz1o1400.gif]
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