Episode #48
01-12-2017, 06:51 PM,
Episode #48
Episode #48

In this episode, we discuss:
- All about healing.

A transcript for this episode will be posted once it is available.

Feel free to discuss this episode in this thread!
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02-07-2017, 10:06 AM,
RE: Episode #48
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode on healing.

I wanted to share a few things because I know within the spiritual community it appears to be almost a taboo to talk about conditions and illness, as many seem to think it may suggest one may not be very spiritually connected and thus unable to heal oneself, etc.

Over the past 15 years I've been very deeply involved in alternative remedies. (Going by Western medicinal terminology) my husband has Crohn's, my 2 kids are on the autism spectrum (back then labeled "severe"... much has changed since then) and I myself, in the broad sense of the condition, have Cushing's. All of these come with a plethora of other symptoms, some of which are considered their own serious condition. Very early on, we found that allopathy was making things worse for each of us and we went another direction. That is not to say that allopathy doesn't work. It just wasn't for this family. I do feel its strength is mostly in trauma and immediate care however.
While natural remedies were working much better and we saw much progress, the general struggle with health continued. So, for years, we were experimenting with different herbs and combinations and special diets. It wasn't until just 2 years ago we all started a much more holistic approach in tackling our issues. Diet, herbs, exercise (especially yoga), meditation and breathing, and understanding and resolving the underlying spiritual causes of it all.

You mention this in your discussion... such as anger manifesting in cancer. I think this is very true. I also feel, based on what I'm seeing in my own family, things are more complex than that. Depending on how deep-seated the "issue" is, the more layers may be attached to it. We work through one aspect and resolve it only to find that another aspect was sitting underneath it. And then you peel away at this one etc. Much like the cancer example, you can take autism, which is growing at a drastic rate as well. I think within the group (society) what we're manifesting is a complete breakdown in communication, with each other as well as within our own bodies. And we accomplish this in a variety of ways. Facebook is one example. It gives the illusion of expanded communication but it actually does quite the opposite. We sit in our own little bubbles behind our computers, in many instances even pretending to be "someone else" (or demonstrating atypical personality traits). Body language and much of typical energy transfer that happens when you interact in person is lost. Much like the experience of a person with autism. That is the "umbrella layer" if you will... the layers underneath this get more specific to the individual. Each symptom is a clue to one's underlying spiritual aspects.

The biggest breakthrough for my family was to understand that none of us are victims. This all happened based on choice. That's not to say that my soul decided "I want to experience Chushing's." The way I see it is that my soul wanted to experience, for example, "freedom." To truly understand and feel freedom, one must first experience the opposite... and as such, we manifest a scenario. And, I think, for many of us who like to "ignore" the soul's knocking, the "scenario" turns into a full-blown crisis or condition that is now impossible to ignore.

Thank you for all the information you share, and in such a caring and professional manner. I'm very glad I've found my way here.
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