Glad Greetings, Lovelies! (Reno, NV, USA, Terra)
05-19-2017, 06:24 AM,
Glad Greetings, Lovelies! (Reno, NV, USA, Terra)
Hey there!
    I followed a link from FB, then read the Guidelines, Principles, and the one chapter of AOP (?) I'm male, 55, wheelchair-bound (for the moment), intelligent, funny, deep-thinking, open-minded, I like to read, write, think, converse, and explore my manifestations of illus-reality. I have about 35 years of experience with metaphysics, seeking, learning, finding, teaching, and playing. Including Chakra work, Astral Projection, Shadow Journeys, Psychic Development, Mental Evolution Acceleration, "Atlantean" Power Rod creation & use, manifesting, channeling, The Science of Mind, The Seth Material, the Books of Richard Bach, the Teachings of Ramtha, Magick, The Golden Dawn, Tarot, the Qaballah, and personal devotion to an entity-complex called Thoth (pronounced 'Thot').

 I love everything I have read so far, and I can't wait to get up to speed and have some wonderful excellent conversations!!  
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