2007.10.27 Penetrating the Gateway to Intelligent Infinity
07-03-2017, 12:37 PM,
2007.10.27 Penetrating the Gateway to Intelligent Infinity
I had a friend share with me this wonderful Q'uo session, so I must pass it forward: http://www.llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/2007/2007_1027.aspx

This session is mostly about "opening the gateway to intelligent infinity" which Q'uo so eloquently shares that, spoiler alert, I/YOU/WE are the gateway to intelligent infinity. We just have to teach ourselves the best way to coax it open, so that it may be penetrated. 

Quote:You could consider yourself as a focal point or an interface in this regard. You have a physical body and a physical mind which ground you, more or less, into the world of the physical, third-density, consensus reality that you enjoy and in which you have your experiences and do your learning. Within you also is the one infinite Creator. In every cell of your body, in every vibration of your thoughts lives the one infinite Creator.

Yet, in terms of process, there is that sensation of needing to move from the outer world through the doorway into the inner world. Basically, you as entities are a living doorway, a living gate, an interface so that the one infinite Creator, in a far less distorted form than you can appreciate with your senses, can move in power into your life. Those known as Ra have described this function as being the gateway to intelligent infinity.

What a twist!

Quote:In order to approach this gateway, much work has already been done. For it is impossible to enter the gateway of indigo ray until the entity has gathered the entirety and the wholeness of its integrated self into the heart and has done the work of forgiving and falling in love with this integrated self, with its many perceived faults.

Therefore, we speak of those seekers who have achieved—either by gifts of the spirit or by a process of work in consciousness and the disciplining of the personality—the ability to yearn for and desire that essence of the one infinite Creator that can be pulled through that gateway and into the energy body which is interpenetrating the physical body, thereby bringing infinity and eternity into a finite environment.

Words to describe opening the gateway are insufficient. They don't really do it justice. This is why meditation is encouraged.

Quote:There is in this process a kind of self-abnegation.[2] There is the realization that the mind does not have enough words, the heart does not have enough tears, and the being that expresses on the conscious level does not have the capacity, in and of itself, to understand what it is getting through the gateway of intelligent infinity. Consequently, this work is done in a state of unknowing.

That state of unknowing is usually achieved within your density only by a process of self-acceptance that can be lengthy. Self, as it expresses in waking consciousness, simply needs to be put to bed or moved away so that the self is empty and waiting.

This is exquisitely difficult for most intelligent people to do. They have that unspoken assumption that their minds and their insights are going to be adequate to processing the information that comes through the gateway of intelligent infinity. However, this is not so.

What comes forth from this hidden or non-verbal exchange of information is a shadow of the information itself. And yet, the process of making that connection through the gateway of intelligent infinity is akin to splitting the atom, so that even a shadow of that light illumines magnificently the inner landscape of the one who makes that connection.

Quote:As you sit in meditation, visualize with us your energy body, with its rainbow of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The indigo and violet rays are at the brow and the crown of the head, the very tip of your physicality. Allow the light and the love of the one infinite Creator to flow through the bottoms of your feet, the base of your spine, and up your spine. Feel that energy kissing and moving through each chakra. Feel it pouring out the top of your head in a fountain of colored light. That is, light which is colored by your working with each of the chakra energies to bring them into your own unique balance. You can see that there is a circular spray, shall we say, of radiated light that moves from the top of your head in all directions.

Feel the energy kissing and moving through each chakra.... oooh la la!

Quote:It is vital to be passionate in your seeking.

Sure thing, Q'uo. [blush]

Quote:This may be seen also to have its reflections in sexuality and we would suggest that it is helpful to discuss sacred sexuality as being a part of the function of these two energy centers.

You don't say?

Go read it! You'll be glad you did. 
There is no magic greater than honest distortion toward love.
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RE: 2007.10.27 Penetrating the Gateway to Intelligent Infinity
Are you a capricorn?
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07-04-2017, 03:34 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-04-2017, 05:10 AM by YinYang.)
RE: 2007.10.27 Penetrating the Gateway to Intelligent Infinity
This is an interesting session, because I have been pondering this just yesterday! I was listening to Alan Watts again yesterday as I was cleaning the house (yes...yes...I adore him, shoot me :-) ...alcoholism and all), and then I felt like reading his wiki page again.

He considered Nature, Man and Woman to be the best book he has ever written (I haven't read it), but then I spotted something interesting further down on the wiki page.

Quote:In his last novel, Island (1962), Aldous Huxley mentions the religious practice of maithuna as being something like what Roman Catholics call "coitus reservatus". A few years before, Watts had discussed the theme in his own book, Nature, Man and Woman, in which he discusses the possibility of the practice being known to early Christians and of it being kept secretly by the Church.

And then my mind just wandered off into all kinds of directions, mostly with how the Abrahamic religions have put a lid on all this... the taboo thing... The Eastern religions are the opposite, is you consider the Kama Sutra as an example, or Tantric literature. If you just consider how Christians reacted to The Da Vinci Code, you realise how very far we have wandered off... it was offensive to them to consider that Jesus had sex... oh goody!
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