Anal Kundalini Sex Magic and lucid Dreaming
10-31-2017, 08:05 AM,
Anal Kundalini Sex Magic and lucid Dreaming
This is a topic that was brought up in my discussions with friends. While I’ve practiced kundalini yoga for two years now, Ive never heard of Anal Kundalini Sex Magic in classes, it was just something my gay friend brought up and when I brought up the subject to my Christian family they pretty much disowned me, by threatening me and locking me up in a psych ward which said I was fine after watching me act sane for a week. Cops had dragged and handcuffed me when i was meditating in half-lotus even though I told them I was blind (I did not wish to see). I never struggled, I was just dragged along. My family had tried exorcisms on me to get Ra out of me, but to me my last name is Ramsey and it has Ra right at the beginning. IAMACAMERASEE “I am Marc Ramsey.” Ca-Me-Ra Ka is the soul, Me is the ego, Ra is the social memory complex. There’s a lot to that story. But mostly I started talking about how Kundalini yoga has saved my back. And how ganja has been a part of the healing process. I talked about how Shiva gave us the Herb and yoga and is another form of the One Infinite Creator. The shadow speaks for the light. Recently, my stepdad had a conversation about how Ra and Shiva as well as some misspelled goddess as a dark Lord and then I showed him the verse that he showed me from Psalm 23, the Lord is our shepherd. The name for Lord in that original verse is Jehovah Raah
So yes the Ra sound complex is in the Bible as a name of god meaning “ The Lord our shepherd”
WTF... I digress. One night before I had ever practiced yoga, I asked Ra to tell me is the channelings were legit and to meet me in my lucid dreams, and that very night she did. I was driving in a car and she was right next to me in a very fine light body golden teal hue. She awakened my kundalini and it wa like electricity shot up my spine into my third eye. Right afterward I time warped myself further down the road to our destination and made love on the railing along the highway. This was probably top 10 lovemaking moments I have ever experienced in lucid dreams or real life. In most of my sexual dreams I am masculine. I think there maybe a collective block to me being in the other sexes body in a lucid dream, but I do know when I tap into 5th density experience in lucid dreaming I am neither sex but a whole. That dream ended with Ra taking me to t family at a house party with pizza and I was unsure if it was vegan....I awoke to my now ex wife wondering about my fidelity. TBH It was that dream that distroyed our marriage. I had tapped into some higher consciousness that only could be attained with a disciplined mind filled with faith. She refused to entertain my open mind and thoughts about reincarnation and hated guru bullshit. Giving her space and separating my sexual energy from her gave me quite a few powerful dreams as I was being introduced to Ganja away from her. Ganja feeds the kundalini, just ask Father Yod, from the source family. He came to me in lucid dreams as well as many others and this was while having a regular sexual relationship with another lover that was able to have a higher green-ray energy exchange with.

Sex is a huge part of awakening my kundalini in that dream and I realized that it could help or hinder my dream, Last three days i discovered asmr and nude yoga videos and masturbated a little more than I normally would. My dream Last night had me banging a hot nurse in a nursing home and then turning into a giant that could jump over forests and lakes. I’m positive I’m a nephilim. When I was in jail I was in a bunch of different trances because the cops got me in the middle of channeling a song called Lemon Haze/f*** You Pay Me. In jail I became a giant after jumping with my Merkaba into the moon and then making clones and sending a human back down but also a cylon. The Original Is dead. This body I woke up into and I didn’t have all the trauma of the last vessel, but i still had the memories. This one’s voice was better in many ways but could never replicate the original bodies chants. I saw my clone/doppelgänger in thurston county jail and when I went to western sate Hospital I saw my close shaman friends doppelgänger named John and he gave me a New Testament that ‘I still have..While in isolation for months with days at a tie without clothes food water or any bedding or mares I had to find ways to alter my consciousness when I didn’t have ny of those things. They spoiled the water with meth and some other stuff that made me turn into a giant and I heard only one audible voices in my head telling me “If you boof it, it’s for freedom!” I didn’ know what to do at first and the i didn’t know what not to do. I needed my toilet water for drinking because they turned off my faucets or they were broke after them being spiked and or me teleporting to the moon. I know gravity was really different and during the jump I gained a few scars from not being hydrated enough during preparation as they left me without water four over 12hrs at a time and would only give me a small cup filled once. I’d dance with the foam cup for hours whistling singing and striking the cup with tai chi movements that made vibrations that was very powerful to me. Time stopped for me if there was nothing connecting my cell to the outside hallway and I’d have to put black (or dark color=poop) under the door and wave my hands for no one heard my cries and i was invisible and needed medical attention as the water had given me seizures when I came down and I had gotten a bunch of hernias. I used my shits as art because I could see how the Balongna sandwiches were effecting my poop with greater issues as that was all the would feed me once i was a giant. I told them I was vegetarian, but because they givlng me problems made me give them problems I worked on my shitty art project: analyzing poop for better understanding abou how food effects our consciousness and dreams. I would boof what was in the cell and see what it looks like when I pooped. Fractal art I called it. The first time I boofed soap I saw my clone a minute later naked as I was and walking handcuffed into the cell next to mine, CA10. A Close friend of mine named, Wanderer, saw my clone in another jail after they transferred him. I had summoned a lot of spirits working on the harvest and had many very power prayer sessions as a lady calling for peace. I’m gender fluid and hate to be expected to act like a man in an institutional setting. Dreams got f***** up on their meds. I hate them. Guitar and weed is all I need and both were taken and destroyed from me. I’m a medical green card holder and they of course didn’t care that I needed my meds. If I would’ve been smoking weed I could’ve gotten sleep. It also would’ve calmed me down and if I would’ve had my time with me I would’ve known when to expect food. The anal stimulation from boofing made me curious and I explored my anus for the first time, i’m sure much of it was my psychosis and I was totally linking it to alien adduction‘s, but I achieve certain states of consciousness that brought me out of the fog in my head in life is not the same afterwards. The colors are more brilliant, the women are more beautiful, the dreams are interesting and lucid, I remembered more things, my art is taking off. I’m pansexual but really only attracted to women. So anal sex isn’t really something I’ve explored or experienced but I wonder what your thoughts are on it? I originally laughed at the concept but I have to say I’m a believer. XD

I think regular vaginal sex is the best for kundalini activation though for me. Right now I’m waiting for that right person as I do not wish to share my energy with many people so I just enjoy sex in lucid dreams.
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10-31-2017, 09:27 AM,
RE: Anal Kundalini Sex Magic and lucid Dreaming
-coughs- This might be...An embarrassing post to share...

Well then, that was an interesting read.  You know, normally I'd discard some of what has been said here and walk away with the interesting bits, but I've been reading a book I recently found through a declassified CIA Document's reference, the book is called in it's current edition The Kundalini Experience, but was originally called Kundalini: Psychosis or Transcendence, and it's been interesting in what few pages I've managed to get through so far.

You appear to be having a full blown kundalini experience, along with all the traits of insanity that sometimes follow, and yet you appear mostly coherent and otherwise sane considering your overall post.

I think it's interesting to note that sexual activity seems to stimulate the kundalini's intensity, but I don't think it plays a huge role in how active the kundalini itself is.  The sex is like a fuel more than a catalyst towards growth in my experience.

Speaking of my experiences, I will agree that weed can empower and help the kundalini emerge, but it's not intended to prolong the kundalini experience or help control it.  It's sort of the natural anesthetic that lets you get through the physical and mental changes of the kundalini more easily, this in my experience led to what felt like an accelerated activation.  I can't say if the weed was the cause or if my sensitivity was, or if overall it was a mixture, but I don't wish to link weed to acceleration of the kundalini, so much as providing a sense of ease with the new found conscious states and mental and physiological occurrences that come with kundalini awakening.

It's also somewhat alerting to me how poorly this 'psychosis' was received by the police.  Solitary Confinement should be abolished, as well as isolation wards.  Isolation is the most extreme kind of 'peaceful' punishment you can inflict upon a person because the resounding wounds are mostly mental/emotional.  To be stuck alone in a kundalini awakening in an isolation cell must be extremely traumatic, and has probably left a sour taste in your memories.
At least you seemed to be in such a state that you handled it well enough.

Believe it or not you are not the first one to do stuff with feces in an isolation room to try and garnish some attention, and not the first one denied medical care in one of those rooms...

Anyways, you've come through from it all well enough, so that's good.

I will admit that ever since I had my own kundalini awakening experience, what some here call initiation, I've found my own sexuality to be much more...Expansive than I was at first comfortable with admitting.  It seems the same has occurred with you judging by your commentary of sexual experiences.  For me there was a very intense array of catalyst that led me to explore homosexuality and my own body, an in the long run left me somewhat baffled as to the point of the overall experience except to help me get in touch with my own feminine being, and even then it still to this day feels taboo, disturbing, and somewhat gross considering I'm not really into anal stuff beyond watching porn of it, mostly because I know that anal is physically not the safest activity to participate.
On top of that with my own digestive issues and other fun catalyst like hemorrhoids, those experiences were short lived, but I admit coming out of that phase of sexual self exploration with the sensation of 'the fog has lifted' from the world, and it did seem like there was a greater appreciation for the other side of reality, the feminine to my masculine, where all the colors and potential and vibrations and energy was much more vibrant and 'alive' whereas a purely masculine view saw such things through a very blurry dulling lens, the colors were defined and identified, the potential manifested into small facets of it's fullness, the vibrations were weak, and the energy was more concrete.

It's interesting, and I thank you for sharing an otherwise very embarrassing story as it gives me a chance to share my own embarrassing experiences with kundalini awakening.

Such as discovering I had a great problem with men and women, and have tried my best to take from both pools the best traits I desire to be, and move with that intent, as well as discovering an inherent distaste for my own body leading me to be more desirous of a female form, and further that discovery led to the realization of that 'desire' being present for a much longer time than I originally thought, that has led me overall to believe I've a more feminine personality than masculine...  Which might explain why so many people have picked on me and made fun of me in school, or thought I was gay or something like that.

Despite that, and to the nudges and suggestions from some of my close friends who know these things about me, I still do not identify as gender fluid or transgender, but do identify in part with those concepts, but overall just call myself bisexual and hide that fact I don't get aroused by people anymore because everyone for all of their beauty and worthiness and personality, have ugliness, are willing to throw themselves away and their personalities away.

It's like we're all slaves to ourselves, so, during a good majority of exploration during my kundalini awakening, there is some documentation on this very forum of some of the darker moments I experienced as well as the insanity that came with it, the great anger, frustration, disbelief, and confusion at the ugliness, monstrosity, apathy, and selfishness of humanity.  It was like a part of me was warped into a monster, an I had to hold it back an often times the most I could manage to do that was yell, anything less seemed impossible, the emotional turmoil from those feelings felt like it'd rip me apart had I not ejected them all with fierce furious yelling.

This all seems to be a natural part of kundalini, in my case during it's peak I was actively exploring the concepts of mixing darkness and light to discover the divinity they shared, an in the process of researching such things as rape, murder, and torture, found it is accurate that your intentions move you through layers of available observational perspectives, in my case I went from the heavenly worthiness of oneness in all things to the great deep dark separations and torments of the creator by its self.  The experience was distressing to say the least, as I eventually got to a point where it felt like I was literally in Hell, like I was just in some kind of mind snare, an entrapment of an illusion keeping me caged to a reality of Earth, the darkness of Earth.

But it passes, it always does and always will.  Eventually, you reflect on everything and realize the changes are still occurring, and while I honestly am a very fearful person of pain, I find that is not a valid excuse to deny the explorative nature I've been trying to suppress for the sake of not discovering more darkness in the light.

Overall, the sexual experiences of kundalini awakening have actually been a mixed basket.  With the start being in exploration of homosexuality, and finding it not to my liking, but I did find a fondness for the energy of it when it's in a more loving form over lustful, and think I could have a relationship with another guy as long as it was fueled by affection rather than sexual yearning.
But after that, and the few relationships I've had with women after that phase, I find that kundalini sort of turns you into a...Saturated Rod of Energy, and I don't mean that in a pun about a penis, I mean that like your touch can be electrifying, and your kisses can send rushes through people, and your sexual affection can melt another.  Although to be fair my astrology chart also points out I have attached to this incarnation 'great sexual activity', so perhaps it isn't the kundalini, but I can't say, I don't get to be with people often enough to be able to tell lol.
I just think it's worth noting that kundalini is a powerful energy and sexual activity imbued with it will be somewhat mind blowing in a literal sense, like orgasms will ripple and echo through you, you can with pleasure put yourself into altered states of mind, though arguably this is possible without a kundalini awakening hah, and overall the sexual activity made available with an awakened kundalini is the kind most people fantasize about.

But, despite all of that, I can't say I've ever heard anything about anal kundalini, although it is arguable that every orifice is of a feminine nature with the concept of 'awaiting the male principle' considered, and might explain why in the collective mind homosexual men are considered feminine if they're the bottom, but not if they're the top sometimes.

So, it could be conceivable that anal, and even oral, can be affected activities by kundalini for the means of sexual energy transfers an conscious exploration and fueling.

Not to be all inappropriate here, but the idea that fellatio or cunnilingus could lead to a proper sexual energy transfer is actually kind of erotic in and of itself as it'd mean the Creator wasn't content at just finding the 'original designed' sexual activity satisfying enough, that vaginal sex wasn't where it's exploration stopped.  Even in the animal kingdom you find instances of anal sex and also same sex anal sex, so us humans being animals, makes sense we'd have similar occurrences of experiences, but underneath it all means that the creator planned it out to occur naturally. Which goes against the societal norm that says homosexuality, as well as anal and oral sex are unnatural.

Which in my mind justifies it as not something to be taboo or gross, but simply...Private.

It is interesting to note how some people are aroused during oral sex when giving it, or how the anus considering it's sensitivity to stimulus can become aroused and grow wet and engorged somewhat like a vagina, which means the anus does have some sexual related functions in potential, as does using the mouth.

...-clears throat-...This would probably be a good thread to explore the overall inferences and implications of sexual activity in relation to energetic transfers and kundalini occurrences. Or basically to discuss the what, why, and how of sexual activity in relation to metaphysics and kundalini.

Sorry if my post seems a bit unfocused, I'm still pretty sleepy.
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11-02-2017, 11:54 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-02-2017, 11:55 AM by APeacefulWarrior.)
RE: Anal Kundalini Sex Magic and lucid Dreaming
Hmm... I'm not sure how helpful this will be, but I might as well toss in since I also have a strong link between sexual energies and my own mind expansion. In my case, while it wasn't my first brush with kundalini, the first time I pierced the veil and made contact with the other side was actually during a sexual situation - basically, masturbating while keeping my mind in a meditative place, building energy but keeping my head as clear\empty as possible. I wasn't even looking to directly contact Intelligent Infinity and\or those guiding me (who I believe to be of Ra), it just sort of happened. I randomly\accidentally opened a door, received contact, and was able to both maintain the energy of the connection while also keeping in the right mental space to have a conversation with the other side.

At the time, I presumed it to be God. It was only later I discovered Ra and Seth and got a better idea of what I'd stumbled into. But the details of the conversation are another (lengthy) topic.

From a sexual-energy standpoint, it was definitely an awakening. Overnight, I gained the ability to consciously and deliberately channel higher energies during sexual activity. I'm not even sure it's possible for me to NOT have green-ray activated during sex at this point, and I can't imagine why I'd ever want to. Along with, I gained the ability to have what I can only term energetic orgasms which seem to be occurring solely on higher planes, and might or might not correspond with either ejaculation or internal orgasm. In fact, ejaculation has become somewhat optional for me. I can have internal and energetic orgasms and be quite sated for awhile.

At the same time, I've discovered it's possible to be energetically bisexual. Which is to say, I can make contact with the other side during sexual activity (usually masturbation) and share energies with my guides in either a "masculine" or "feminine" manner. It basically just boils down to expending energy vs receiving it. When I'm in the feminine role, I'll even receive intense feelings of being penetrated in a vagina I don't have, or find myself compelled to move into very feminine\receptive positions while doing so. I get the impression that my previously-incarnated female guides are, so to speak, remembering sex via me and sharing those memories as we collectively share sexual energy.

At times, it almost feels as though I am simultaneously pitcher and catcher, so to speak, experiencing both sides at once. (But, there's also a mood aspect to all this. Sometimes I simply feel like being one or the other and, apparently, that's fine too.)

So, the point to all this being: if you are uncomfortable or unwilling to explore the receptive side of sex on a physical level, you might see if you can find a way to focus on the energetic levels instead. I suspect that, from a kundalini standpoint, it makes very little difference what's happening in the physical realm if you can tune your mind to the energetics of it all. That's where the really interesting stuff and 'sex magic' is happening.

Time will tell.  It always does.
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11-02-2017, 04:53 PM,
RE: Anal Kundalini Sex Magic and lucid Dreaming
Thanks for sharing that, very interesting and makes sense.
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