Episode #66
12-20-2017, 06:20 PM,
Episode #66
Episode #66

In this episode, we discuss:
- Can anything go against the Creator's "plan"?

A transcript for this episode will be posted once it is available.

Feel free to discuss this episode in this thread!
The only frontier that has ever existed is the self.
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12-30-2017, 05:37 PM,
RE: Episode #66
Wow! Thank you all for this awesome Xmas gift and all your thoughts in it! I was not expecting such thorough analysis and I am really sorry for all the trouble you all went through...

I actually enjoyed reading Voices of the Confederation very much and I do appreciate the explanations you provided about its context.
I am glad that after all those years you still decided to publish it. I found some of the cherry-picked channelings in there to have several interesting connections to the remaining material you made available. I believe it is a good starting point for seekers especially due to the focus on meditation which, by the way, motivated me to finally practice in a daily basis.

That quote I picked up was a topic that I thought it could provide an easy question, since I found a parallel to a story I watched previously (Einstein teacher story@youtube), where a teacher states that:

Einstein teacher Wrote:if God created everything, then he created evil, which means God is evil...

Einstein interrupts him and asks if cold exists. The teacher finds the question absurd and replies affirmatively. Einstein then explains that cold is just an absence of heat and proceeds to provide a similar example with darkness and light.

"An infringement that was never designed by our Creator" can be another of these examples since when free will was designed, it created automatically the possibility of each entity's will to become distinct or separated. Therefore an "absence" of a unified will was also automatically created.

This does relate to what you all considered, if everything was planned out:
  • there'd be no surprises (Jim);
  • there'd be no experiment (Gary);
  • there'd be no spoon to bend (Matrix child);
  • there'd be only the ever-present eternal perfect unity and love of the One Creator and nothing else (Austin).
As in the beginning of this octave, we would have no significant challenges to complete (all players would know their cards), no polarization to develop and no fun!! (as mentioned in the previous podcast). This is indeed a fun and amazing chance for experiencing and help others experiencing challenges which helps our collective consciousness evolution.

When I wrote the question I thought that the story, besides making the already big question even bigger, would also narrow all other ideas. Perhaps it would have made things easier, but in the end, your thoughts were spontaneous and original...

Another topic I enjoyed you commenting about was the difficulty of getting the concept of non-linear time or the simultaneaty of everything.
If we can perceive a space (our body, other bodies or every body) which is influenced in different instants of time (space/time), can't we also perceive a time that is influenced in different spaces (time/space)?
As a remote viewer@youtube once said:

Quote:The past is always being reconstructed (...) if you want to change your future in a major way, change your past.

A couple of very simplistic examples may bring light to this idea:
  • Getting "back to the future" (movie reference intended) allowed changing events in the past: certain persons or events that might have existed in the apparent present or future were no longer being perceived (e.g. people in the photos would disappear, though the memory of them oddly remained). This does not mean that those entities are really gone, since they are infinite and eternally present in time/space... My simple guess is that they'd be able to incarnate somewhere else or become part of another space if they wished so.
  • A non-scifi example is a database: even with events being logged on it, someone may still be able to change those records by updating their times. This may affect all relations with other events in the database and create seemingly incoherent states, but as long as the flow is kept consistent, perhaps no one will even tell the difference.

Maybe that is why in higher densities, time may be easily perceived as just another variable which is as modifiable as space. By doing so, more explorations (vortexes) can be opened with completely different outcomes.
As we are able to energize some thought in order to perceive a certain outcome, energizing the thought of time being as mutable as space, may also lead us to solve all related paradoxes. Until 6th density, it may just be a matter of "time"...

There is literally no space or time that we all have not been to and that will not be at (each universe, octave, Creation, name it), since "there is no other" (Gary™), we form all the "nerve-endings of the Creator" (Austin™) and we are always "moving back into unity with the One Creator" (Jim™), right?

The next question I was planning to ask before I heard this podcast (written a few months ago) was actually about what Gary commented in the end: "Infinity becoming aware"... Since I realized it is harder to ask and it may be even harder to answer (no story this time to compare to), I decided to choose a small set of literally more down-to-Terra questions and, perhaps, more immediately useful to a greater number of people.
Again, I am sorry for all the trouble and wish you all a Happy New Year full of creative loving thoughts!
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