I need help.... again!
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RE: I need help.... again!
(01-16-2018, 01:50 AM)Cainite Wrote:  I know I've been asking for help here a lot. contributing little, whining, ...

So sorry abouyt that.

My symptoms are returning. (schizophrenia)

again I'm going through the same stages one by one as the in the first episode.

First I become hyperactive and workout a lot to be able to calm down. then my character changes completely.
I give up my long hair and cut it myself, become intensely angry and risk everything without caring a bit.
I do stupid dangerous things in public, even in front of police and with the police. the most innocent thing I did for example yesterday was going to a pharmacy and asking for carrot juice. and yesterday I did stupid s*** that can get me in great trouble with the law. threatening doctors that reported me and made me unable to get driving lisence. so that got me even angrier.. and things went worse and worse.

Yesterday I totally believed that most people get jealous of me on first sight! that's another symptom.
Last night I suddenly realized what's happening.. and became conscious of the situation. then I tried to fix things. but I fear it's too late and because of that paranoia is returning too. if they send me to prison or even mental hospital my mother will die. and because of that I wouldn't survive that myself either.. so I went to her last night and asked her to be ready if anything happened to me during these days. she suddenly urinates in her pants as she hears sth like this.. she's only this sensitive about me.. I'm her everything. last time she did this was when she saw me smoking pot again after living sober for quite some time. and it really breaks my heart.. to see her see me messed up.

So just wish me well if you care. I really need some positive energy.. I'm in a war against FEAR, ... one of us will win eventually.. and I won't let it be me because it's not an option.

Hey man! Blessings to you! I think I can help you. 

I'm not sure if you're a vegan, but you may want to read this article to treat the bio-chemical aspect of schizophrenia. 

Believe it or not, food has a tremendous impact on your mental health so the ketogenic diet which I use may help you. You don't know unless you try! I'm pretty much forced to be on this eating plan for life because of my insulin resistance. Besides, you shouldn't be eating excessive sugars/carbs anyway. 

Just thought I'd bring this to the table. Lots of love man and good luck with whatever choices you make!


Ketogenic Diets and Schizophrenia

A 3-week mouse study showed that a ketogenic diet normalized pathological behaviors.

1965: A 2-week study of 10 women with treatment-refractory schizophrenia found a significant decrease in symptoms when a ketogenic diet was added to their ongoing standard treatments (medications + ECT). Ketone monitoring was not reported.

2009: A 12-month case study details the experience of a 70-year old overweight woman with chronic schizophrenia who was prescribed a diet limited to 20 grams of carbohydrate per day. She noted significant improvement in severe symptoms beginning only eight days after starting the diet, which consisted of “beef, poultry, ham, fish, green beans, tomatoes, diet drinks, and water.” [ Kraft and Westman 2009 Nutrition & Metabolism 6:10.] She reported complete resolution of auditory and visual hallucinations--with which she’d suffered since age seven. Ketone levels were not monitored.
"...and then I told him that a vegan diet was healthy! Hahaha"
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RE: I need help.... again!
Your symptoms and issues resemble schizophrenia as some mentioned, and also some certain disorders like borderline personality disorder.

In any case, you should see a good psychologist, and a psychiatrist.

First is to cut symptoms, and at least gain a stable foundation to do more work on these issues.

Medication will probably be necessary, but indeed, long duration of psychiatric medication has strong adverse side effects - some research shows that they increase suicide risk, and actually this is a side effect listed in the boxes of strong anti depressants and psychiatric medicine. Never overdo medication, have a plan for reducing it by replacing their positive effects with positive effects from other things, foods, activities and stuff.

Dialectic behavior therapy and group therapies do wonders. If your psychiatrist is good, s/he will already have similar groups going, and will put you into them. Being in contact with people sharing the same condition will give you all great power, and you will be able to support and help each other.

After this fundamental foundation is prepared and dealt with, second step would be personal physical health

Regular light exercise will change a lot of things - your health, your mood, your psychological strength. Continuous Light physical exercise - not overdoing exercise one or two days obsessive-compulsively then burning out. Exercise must be a routine part of life like eating, sleeping.

Never skip meals, never skip sleep for whatsoever reason. Always eat when feeling hungry, and when you feel hungry or tired, dont repress the feelings of bodily needs and necessities. Instead do what's necessary and eat, sleep. Dont sleep less than your maximum. Some sleep 8, some 10 hours, for some 6 is too much. However much it is, each night's sleep should be at your maximum and you should wake up rested.

Ensure vitamin intake! Healthiest of food regimen cannot supply all the vitamins human body needs. Find a good multivitamin supplement and regularly use it. This is on top of eating healthy foods - cooked foods, vegetables. Protein intake as necessary, if you eat meat, meat. If you dont, eggs, soy etc if you can. Eggs are very beneficial in many ways. Also, if you are around or over 40, reduce dairy products intake - humans have less power to digest as dairy products as they age, and this creates tension, load, inflammation, discomfort in lower digestive organs, which over time can easily carry into one's physical and psychological well being, and even if it doesnt, it reduces the psyche and mental power of the person greatly.

Vegetables - beans, spinach, zucchini, green pumpkin - these kinds of things.

Replacing animal fats, margarine, butter or synthesized oils with virgin olive oil is very beneficial. Take note - not supplementing, but replacing. Olive oil's immense benefits wont do much good while eating butter or animal fat.


Make sure you are getting enough oxygen. If you arent living in an area with clean fresh air and you cant move to such an area, at least get a good air purifier and try to keep clean air in the room you normally inhabit. If you can, air the room frequently, and dont sleep in a stuffy room. If your room gets stuffy while sleeping, either find a solution to air it, or air it yourself when you wake up to go to toilet etc.

Posture is important. A crooked posture, pressure on your spine from that or whatsoever reason, also eventually affects nervous system, and inevitably affects your physical and then mental well being. Maintain a healthy posture. Read on healthy postures for sitting, working, reading, walking, sleeping, learn and adapt.

Third, sort out your social environment and life

Where you live is important. If the place you are living in is rife with stress, conflict, people being hostile to each other, negativity and so on, you would be affected by these even if you were totally healthy psychologically.

You should look into your life and your environment in this step, and try to reduce the factors (people, situations) in your life which exacerbate these issues of yours, and replace them with people and circumstances which do good for your well being - as much as possible. Looking into the possibility of totally changing your environment, the city or even the country you are living in, your job etc may be an option if it would be beneficial and you have the possibility.

Last is spiritual stuff

All the stuff about energies, meditation, spiritualism come after the earlier steps. Going into these without sorting out the earlier wont be stable, and will be shaky.

Pot usage is risky in such situations. Some people are sensitive to energies by nature. and pot usage (especially the relaxing kind) makes these people even more open, hence susceptible to all kinds of energies flying around in the environment. And especially when they go out of their house. They will be sensitive and fragile towards all kinds of heavy and chaotic energies, neutral or negative.

You should try to reduce pot usage. Living in an area with chaotic, negative or tense energies will make things that open up subconscious like pot, unproductive. Every time you open your subconscious via pot or other drug usage, you will be susceptible to the heavy energies flying around.

Naturally, dont go outside with the mentality and psychology you have in your own house. Outside, is not your house. Its outside. Realize that different environments are different, and close yourself a little bit and shut your purple and red energy shields to a certain degree. Not totally, to a certain degree.

Dont be automatically open and receptive to everyone. Every person is different. Maintain a certain amount of closed-ness towards everyone, modified by degree of positivity. Even with positive people, maintain a fairly guarded energy model and keep it somewhat closed if those positive people are extremely imbalanced in any way. In short, protect your energy balance.

This doesnt mean that you should be shy, hostile, introverted or shut-in. It means that you should guard your energy balance, and conduct yourself in a balanced manner in terms of energy.

Being sensitive should enable you to be able to sense energetic situations and quality of energy around you. Use this potential to find a good place to meditate, and foster and protect that space and the energy that builds up in there as you meditate there. Its your safe space. Every time you return there and meditate, you will get refreshed more. Dont get too attached to your safe space and lose yourself if that safe space is invaded, lost, or destroyed in any way - the energy that built that space came from you, and you can build new safe spaces again by using that energy - your energy.

Following these steps up to this point would already put you in contact with your inner spiritual resources and your higher spiritual entities and principles that govern your existence. After that, you would start working with them.
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RE: I need help.... again!
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02-02-2018, 12:39 PM,
RE: I need help.... again!
(02-02-2018, 07:50 AM)Cainite Wrote:  
Quote:describe what the orange ray problem feels like, please?

...it feels like you're separated from yourself.

I have a very open body language everywhere I am. even though I am an introvert. but I'm very open to everyone. 

The bold part is called 'Depersonalization' i believe, and its a symptom/phenomenon which is frequently seen in Borderline Personality Disorder. I believe it was something like feeling you are not in your body, you are outside.

The second bit also is rather indicative of that very same disorder. Because BPD is a disorder that freezes the person at a given point in his/her childhood, the traits of extremely open emotional reactions also persist in the affected person. Ie, their emotional state at least immediately reflects on their face as if uncontrollably, if it readily doesnt go to the extent of them directly putting those feelings into words - and in many cases, extreme words, both positively and negatively.

BPD is a difficult disorder to diagnose and treat, and therefore many people who are affected by it may get misdiagnosed and go through different treatments before they are eventually diagnosed. 

Visiting a psychologist who is known for being able to diagnose and treat BPD cases may help. 
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