My Experiences
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My Experiences

I just got the books of Ra into my hands and began reading them.
I am still in the preface.

For the authors I would present my encounters with strange behaviour of my surrounding.

I had several telepathic contacts to other people in the train when I was younger. But this cannot be proven as real contact, except maybe for the one crying "Whoa we have contact, how cool is this?" in my mind. I ever knew which person in the train was "thinking with me", intuitively, and I could talk with them in the mind as if we talked with the mouths. But I never showed it off because mostly it was their subconscious mind, except for the one above. Also on the train, I thought some stuff and the neigbours began talking about the topic when they were not alone. (Not with me.)

I then once thought "This is enough, I want to talk real to the persons."
Since then, that stopped.

There is much more with telepathy and empathy and stuff but this cannot be prooven. Except for that one:
Friend got a cold. It went worse from minute to minute, she was barely dying after 5 mins. We tried to give her tea and stuff but nothing helped.
Then I began to shout about this "f*cking world where everyone is greedy and blah blah blah concernocratie etc. s*** banksters fucking oil etc etc."
She went to normal in 2 seconds! Then she said: "This is the most accurate sentence which I ever heard which fits mostly my thinking." (Sorry, it's german, I cannot translate it just right.)
She was absoultely fine after that!

This is the real creepy one: I lived outside and I stole food out of cellars. Sorry. I was in jail for that. Ok, in one cellar there was the door shut. But it had a window with a metal grate, about 5 bars with about 3cm diameter. I needed about 10minutes to press my body through it. I am thin but big. Inside I turned on the lights and looked around. Then I heard a step outside. I thought "s***, Police", looked to the grid, and I thought "Need to get out".

Then it made "klick" in my brain and I was just watching Wink how I ran to the grid, grabbed the outer! bars with both hands, pulled, and was outside. The whole action in about 2seconds! I ran upstairs, saw the cops just walking on from the side of the house (I heard them from that side, so it was really fast), turned around and tried to run away. I fell over and the cops got me. One of the cops then asked: "There is light, were you inside?" "Yes" "But how did you come out?" "Honestly, I don't really know."

The klick...this is what I think that the Shaolin learn to control. Stop thinking, just do it.

Location: This or the house next to it, cellar entry is on the back:'11.5%22N+7%C2%B032'03.6%22E/@47.2031839,7.5337746,200m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d47.2031825!4d7.5343449

4. An encounter of the 3rd kind: It was night and I walked down a path beneath a river. No houses, some hills and trees. The moon was shining so I could see something. Really nice night.
Then I saw some glowing light about 20meters before me on the path. It was really just that, glowing white light with about 20cm diameter in an unshaped form. I walked upon it and it did not move.
I walked further upon it and nearest proximity was 10cm away from it. I looked at it. I did not know what to say, so I thought something like "This is a really nice encounter" and walked away on my path. I did not turn around, just walked by as if it was a normal pedestrian. Again: It was a glowing white light like a small nebula with no direct light source. It floated in about my eyes height and did not move. I saw it from front and side, so I can proove that it was not just a reflexion or something like that.

About here, I was heading east.'03.3%22N+7%C2%B033'57.7%22E/@47.2175939,7.5654708,199m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d47.2175934!4d7.5660372

There is more. But I am to lazy to write it all down now, in english..

[edit] How did I? I don't know...but I read Perry Rhodan as child. They have everything, spaceships, mental benders, just everything. There is one character which can teleport, telekinesis and telepathic communication. The three T's.
I then wished for me that I can use each of the three T's for myself once in my lifetime. Seems working. NLP, biatch. Smile

Thanks for your attention.
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01-28-2018, 02:35 PM,
RE: My Experiences
Enjoy the ride and remember that it is Ra's Opinions being shared, of you disagree with it, let it go and continue on.

You sound like you've had quite a life.  Would you ever want to make a wanderer story to share your life story with us?
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01-28-2018, 06:12 PM,
RE: My Experiences
Thanks for posting your experiences. Welcome to the forum.
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