Deja vu and a dream about Bring4th
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Deja vu and a dream about Bring4th
Last night I had the strongest feeling of deja vu I’ve ever experienced. In a “social app” I was chatting with someone I’ve never met in person, but have chatted with a time or two. Suddenly he’s sending me photos and telling me memories of his deceased father. What’s very bizarre is that his dead father looks like he could be twins with my still living grandfather , they are SO similar in physical appearance ....

After I tell him this I suddenly cannot shake the feeling that we have had this conversation before. I even told him I was having this strong deja vu about our conversation and he assured me we hadn’t had this talk before.

At the same time I was having these almost seizure like nervous feelings in my solar plexus that was shooting thru me and felt like perhaps there was an energy attached to me that was causing me issue...

After it passed I was very sleepy and had an extremely vivid dream about bring4th kicking me out because I logged in as two other members and posted something as them (because I somehow figured out their passwords) , they found out via my IP address.... one of them was a real member here and the other was Sara Gilbert (Darlene from Roseanne)

The real member sent me a message about what I had done which was so wise and forgiving that I was ashamed. Sara Gilbert was very angry with me (she confronted me “in person” about it) and told me that what I had done had caused people to claim I was a sexual predator ...

I don’t know what any of this means, but I also had just come home from a funeral (IRL, only the last two paragraphs were dream) , and for the first time I cried a lot about the person who died, and wondered if maybe she was the one making me feel like an entity was connected to me...

Of course to google deja vu indicates neuro or psycho “illnesses” but I wonder if anyone here has input on what it could really mean spiritually? Was the dream connected? I don’t know what to make or learn from this ...

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01-29-2018, 07:27 PM,
RE: Deja vu and a dream about Bring4th
The deja vu is
Continuing today ... though not as strong as that initial episode, I do keep thinking that conversations and interactions I’m having today I have had before.

Is this happening to anyone else?
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01-29-2018, 09:44 PM,
RE: Deja vu and a dream about Bring4th
I haven't had dejavu in a while.

It's such an interesting experience, it really ruffles the brain a bit.

I tell myself that dejavu is something the soul rehearsed enough that having it manifest pings us with dejavu.  A sort of 'right on time' feeling to me.
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01-29-2018, 10:58 PM,
RE: Deja vu and a dream about Bring4th
I've had instances of déjà vu. After some time I came to the conclusion that my personal evolution proceeds in a spiralling pattern, where certain lessons are revisited, but at higher levels. Each higher level allows me to perceive things with greater subtlety.

For example, I've had many dark "nights of the soul", as well as many "illuminations of the soul". I've had many times where I felt the need to reach out to others, as well as times where I wished to be completely alone with my thoughts. These are just general examples, as the cycles of life are extremely complex, and likely beyond the scope of language.

For me there appears to be no end to this process of evolution, so there is a constant cycle. I would get déjà vu the most when I am entering in a new phase of the cycle, it feels like I’m covering ground that I have already been before, but if I focus I can see that this time around I am more aware (giving that sense of déjà vu, where more symbolism/synchronicities are identified as events play out).
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