Any souls from Birmingham in the United Kingdom?
01-30-2018, 09:58 AM,
Rainbow  Any souls from Birmingham in the United Kingdom?
I'm looking to connect with like minded souls to strengthen the energy and to put it out there that we are not alone on our paths.
I have journeyed all 46 years of my life seeking who I am and how I can be of service to others. I seek the opportunity daily to be of service to the creator and the sphere we live on.
Currently working in adult education as a lecturer.
Studied to Reiki Master level
Strong interest in NDE's and OBEs
Have many years of research of past life regression
Have read the majority of spiritual material out there.
Have witnessed three craft making them self seen to me only.
Have seen spirit a few times.
11:11 has played a part in my awakening.
Strong interest in awakening others.
Researched solfeggio, Fibonacci, binaural beats isochronic beats hemisync and Robet Monroes work.
Sound healing and colour healing, TAROT Angel cards, Crystals,Dowsing, Crop circles, Tuning forks have interested me.
Sacred geometry including the flower of life has a recurring factor to me.
In the last 6 months underwent a massive spiritual awakening even further when I went with some Shamans on a Ayahuasca healing ceremony. This turned me to plant based diet.
I love all beings that habit this planet and aware how connected we are to everything/everyone and I see separation as an illusion.
I'm married (just about) to a wife that doesn't understand me and (unintentionally) makes me feel alone and a fool to which I forgive and accept and return love to her.
I guess I'd like to share emails as a group with the potential to meet and talk over a refreshment.
Love and light to all.

Master no 11.

A new day dawns upon us all!
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