IndigoGeminiWolf Hypnosis Session
02-24-2018, 07:52 PM,
IndigoGeminiWolf Hypnosis Session

This session is a good way to get to know me.

My guides talk to me.

A magic forest where my guides live.
Can communicate with them anytime I want to.

The first characters I see are cartoon crows. Sort of like old Warner Bros or Disney style.
A place in between this reality and any other reality in our holographic universe.
You have infinite multiple lifetimes.

When crossing the stepping stones, I first saw myself in 3rd person as an anthro child.
A yellow canine anthro with floppy ears, cartoony in appearance with shoes on.
It was so heartwarming to me.

I start talking at 15:24.

The guide is like a teenager.
He just cheers you up.
He said Jordan was his name, Cecil was my old guide.
I'm just trusting more now, so I needed a new guide.

The guide told me "try not to fall in love with me."
I fall in love with the appearance.
There's a difference between loving and falling in love.
The character I love is in another world, so I can't take advantage of that.
I don't have to fall in love with anyone, as long as I'm happy.
Anytime I feel down, I can focus on his heart. His heart is strong.
A red circular energy that comes from his chest.

His face is gorgeous.
To minimize regrets, work on not being afraid so much.
Seeing images of spiders, and dreams of spiders.
Reading from Animal Wise book.
Spiders are story-tellers. Web of your life.

He says my book will advance as it's supposed to. Don't try to rush it.
About promoting an illustrator named Elise:
"Don't worry. There are lessons that people need to learn about life.
There are dark truths to life. You can't hide people from it."

Whether my book will make the world a better place.
He shows me the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
In her opinion, his best book is Running from Safety.

Why am I scared of success?
Because I don't want to be a jerk to people.

With anthros, I feel unworthy about being around them.
Source of unworthiness:
I haven't found what's really sacred and important.

How can I use my love of anthros to help other people?
I need to draw them more. Maybe comics.
Put more anthros in my books. Write more books.

People can spot a passion for something. It's very evident.
When I start to get sad because it's hard to draw,
go back to focusing on the love.

When I was an anthro in another life, I was happy.
Take happiness from that lifetime and pull it into this lifetime.

He shows me playing music on the piano, though I'm not into playing music.
Maybe to understand frequency.
Eight notes to an octave. Eight is abundance and infinity.

My body is trembling because I'm integrating my guide's energy.
I spent 100's of hours trying to transform my body into an anthro.
I see them as perfect, even though they have faults.

I feel I made a mistake coming into this life.
But I wouldn't be able to impact the lives of others if I hadn't.
To feel this life is not a mistake, I need to truly believe
the anthro is already within me.

Trying to integrate the information is a subconscious thing.
It's his vibration. I'm so close to something that's purer.
What do I need to do to absorb at the higher frequency?

I've taken him for granted. I've never sensed him at such a powerful level
where my body reacts. I just thought he was a normal guide
that gave you advice once in awhile or that made you laugh.

I don't know if I got a new guide after all. Maybe I just thought I did.
He says "Don't worry, you're not going to hurt anyone."
I don't want to hurt anyone with my schizophrenia.
I've made amends for the past.

I can come back anytime I need advice, or just cheering up.
He doesn't say much, but it's just a vibration really.
That's how higher beings communicate frequently.

Thanks to for the amazing hypnosis session.

You can also find this posting in my blog:
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RE: IndigoGeminiWolf Hypnosis Session
This session was amazing because during it I was shaking being in the presence of my spirit guide. My body was trying to absorb his energy
and it was like as if I was very cold but I was fine. I had not experienced that much energy from my guide before then.

And my gosh my guide was gorgeous. He was a cartoon too, but high-quality.

He had a lot of good advice. Answered my questions that I was uncertain about.

I thought before that I may just end up making it up, but my guide came through with wise answers.

I'm going to check out the book Running from Safety by Richard Bach. My hypnotist tells me it describes the experience I'm having.
And that it's his best book.
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02-25-2018, 03:45 PM,
RE: IndigoGeminiWolf Hypnosis Session

I used the same recorded induction on my own, but did not include it here.
So this is shorter. It answers some additional questions I had come up with since.

First saw a pig-headed character.

Then saw my canine anthro guide who looks like Sam.
He's always balancing, like he's surfing on land.
He says "you don't have to wait to ask me questions."

Will I be able to see you in heaven as an anthro?
"You will see whatever you want to see.
It is a place of unending change.
Your point of view will always change.
Your interests will not stay the same."

Why am I in love with you?
"Because you have no other.
Animals (therefore anthros) are innocent (to you).
The anthro part is sexy.
Yes you will be an anthro in the afterlife.
But it will not be forever.
You have lived other lives as anthros.
Many lives as anthros.
Most of them you were happy.
Bring that happiness to your life.
My chest, see how it glows red.
A brilliance of heart.
Gem, a ruby. Your favorite gem."

Why am I sexually attracted to anthros?
"Because it's easy to be attracted to something new,
something you cannot have.
Were you to satisfy that lust, it would fade in time."

Why did Sam appear to me as my guide?
"He was different. He had those ears.
When you touched them you were so moved.
Those floppy, half-floppy ears.
Not like a typical wolf."

Why did you say "don't fall in love with me"?
"Don't be distracted. This life you will find someone.
After your book is well known you will find someone.
A furry. You will be happy. They too will love anthros
and will never tire of you talking about them.
Yes you can be attracted to female anthros too.
Though you're not as much as the male ones."

"In another dimension Sam knows you exist
and how much you love him but he wants to be sure.
He does not want to be hurt.
We know you're not thinking sexually of him,
though you love him dearly.
You respect him.
But you feel so lonely. You hurt.
Just come back to me and I will give you Sam's energy.
I will be Sam for you.
There will be another you will fall in love with.
Then you will find you did not need Sam after all."

"Sam thanks you for being there for him."

It is also posted on my blog:
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02-25-2018, 09:36 PM,
RE: IndigoGeminiWolf Hypnosis Session
One man's meat... is Jade's poison.
'Well, what are we coming to?'
'Better times,'
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