Seeking in Pennsylvania
03-02-2018, 01:11 PM,
Seeking in Pennsylvania
Hello everyone, radiant light and all encompassing love to you all Smile

My name is Ethan.

I am a young seeker from a small town in North Western Pennsylvania and I am hoping to meet some like-minded people!
I am highly interested in group meditation and, of course, the material brought to us by L/L and other such loving sources.
I will be the best possible version of myself I can be, and have been working at it for quite some time. However I find myself surrounded by
those who dim my flame rather than fan it. None of my friends want to meditate with me, or discover their higher purpose in reality,
or even look into all of the illicit activities our government is doing behind the scenes. They do care what I have to say, so they
are slowly starting to "get it", but the fact remains the same. I need friends to have an ebb and flow with, to resonate with me,
to share information and connect ideas for a more wholesome picture of the one infinite creator, friends to join with me and illuminate this world!
I'm only 18 but my devotion is strong, my convictions constantly grinding against this veil in hopes of higher consciousness.

Well I think I've said enough here haha, peace and love to you all!
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RE: Seeking in Pennsylvania
Welcome to the forums Cinder.

I myself am from South Western Pennsylvania and would be able to meet up sometime in the future, I used to go to Erie years ago for soccer tournaments.

ps. I'm only 20 so not much of an age gap.
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