The Dream Thread
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RE: The Dream Thread

The thing I thought about zombies was that it's something which has a sort of 'life' which should really be dead. Perhaps because zombies were so easily killed, (plentiful) they were bad thoughts. And then you confirmed that in a later post. It may be significant the 'grocery' and killing zombies there.

The naked people brings images of the 'Adam and Eve' scenario to me. Perhaps that father is confirmation of the girls newly found wisdom. One of the things alluded to in talk of the archetypes from Ra 'humble messenger of the Law of One' book IV, was that the female is 'ennobled' before the male along that part of the path. As in empress,- emperor. Also, these are have perhaps a relation to the body archetypes, but could be the mind, or none at all.

Arron, perhaps it hints at the fact that a woman might be more work than is convenient, and if you're feeling resentful in that area to not be so.
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10-05-2010, 12:29 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Phoenix, the Adam and Eve concept actually came to me, too, though I guess this time it was a sandwich instead of an apple.
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10-05-2010, 02:33 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
There is a dream thread! you guys are wonderful. I copied that from my other thread, it is a dream I had last night.
I typed words on some blue paper, and copied them on our printer, words like "creativitiy" and "intuition" and glued the paper around a key. However later the words were like "mirror-inverted" and the paper around the key was brown.
Next thing I am at my neighbors door ( my not-so-friendly neighbor) and we talk (she was inside, I did not see her) and she gave me a sheet of pure white paper to retry with the words.
Somehow the key issue seems to come up often in dreams lately, and I also see things mirror-inverted or like a reflection in a glass window. Is this kind of like an "Alice in wonderland" thing? you know, like in dreams you step behind the looking-glass and see the world "the other way round"?
In my interpretation the key is probably things that are important right now. That will open the next door...
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10-05-2010, 02:46 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I don't know about you guys but most of my dreams now are getting clearer and to the point. It's almost like our dream guides are going " ok, enough hints, lets just tell them straight up what needs to be fixed asap."
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10-05-2010, 06:33 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Here are three of my dreams, with interpretations, from the night of 12/7/2007:

1st dream--
This was a long and convoluted dream, and contained some very personal things, so I'll just skip to the end of the dream, which contains the important parts. I was at the house of a family to whom I am close, and have many attachments. In the dream, the house had no resemblance to the design and location of their real house. In the last scene of the dream, I am outside the house, on the street in front of it. The house is beautiful, and the neighborhood is beautiful---large old all-brick homes with ivy covered walls, huge trees in the yards, and brick walls around the yards. The neighborhood looks like one of the finer neighborhoods one finds in cities of the piedmont regions of North Carolina or Virginia (if you've ever been in one of the ritzier older neighborhoods of Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill, or Charlottesville, you'll know what I mean). I am standing on the sidewalk across the street from the house, looking at the brick wall surrounding the yard. I notice that it was built in stages, each one of bricks, each layer about 14-15 inches high. It is clear that the first 3 layers were built into the original wall, but that it was added to successively over time, and there are several more layers in most parts of the wall, so that it is now about 6 feet high in parts; some other parts have more layers, and the wall curves up to heights of 10 or 12 feet at its highest parts, which are parts that screen the picture windows of the house from the road. Except for the first 3 layers, the bricks in each later layer are different from those in each other layer, which is how I know that the layers came in stages.

Standing next to me on the sidewalk is the youngest daughter of the family, Christy. In real (current) life, she is now in her late 30s, married with two children, but in the dream she is the same innocent 5-year old child I grew up next to.

The family's house is on the corner of a 3-way intersection. Christy points to a house on the other side of the crossing road, diagonally across the intersection from her house. It, too, is a beautiful old brick home, this one in the Colonial style, but curiously, it has the first names of the owners in neon lights around the door, along with the "Subway" restaurant logo. The owners apparently are running a sub shop in their basement. Christy says, "They sell a meat called 'Sub' in there. I have to explain to her that "sub" is a type of sandwich, not a type of meat.

As I said, I am very close to this family. I am in the same soul group as its members, and we have had many incarnations together. Their beautiful old home in the dream is a Mansion, and is a reference to Cayce's "many mansions" comment, comparing ones body in a physical incarnation to a mansion. The different layers in the walls represent our mutual incarnations. The fact that the wall has more layers in some parts, and less in others, reveals that my number of mutual incarnations differs with different members of the family. That it is shown as a wall indicates our karmic burdens, and the fact that through our incarnations, we have been putting up barriers to reunification (spiritual reunification with The One), rather than coming closer together. It is also a metaphor for the general spiritual condition of humanity.

The representation of Christy as an innocent 5-year-old signifies the group's naiveté toward our spiritual mission, and our true natures. The 'sub' in the basement of the neighbor's house represents our true selves, our true natures that underlay our 3rd-density physical shells. My remark about the "sub" sandwiches means that I will have to explain to them about our true natures and our spiritual path.

2nd dream:
I have a good friend named Chad who is a hunting and fishing guide, and I have hunted and fished with him often. Recently he married a lovely woman named Liz, and they have a home on Maryland's Eastern Shore. In the dream, I am in their kitchen (as with the previous dream, the house bears no resemblance to their real house). The kitchen is horribly cluttered; every surface is covered with stuff....pots, glasses, cutting boards, etc, most of which are used and in need of washing. I am desperately craving some hot tea. I try to find a clean vessel to make it in, and a space on a burner of the stove to heat it up, and have a difficult time with both tasks, due to the overwhelming clutter. It takes me a very long time and I finally have to settle for a 500-ml laboratory beaker that isn't quite clean.

I go to the sink to put some water in it, and notice that there is a spider adhering to the end of the spigot. (Spiders are the only thing in life that I find really creepy). I don't want to have my water wash over the spider, or have the spider fall into my beaker, so I grab a fork and try to knock it off, which doesn't work; then I try a knife, and still fail; I spend a frustratingly long time trying to get the spider off the spigot, and fail, so I have to settle for water run through a spider. So finally, after what seems like an eternity, I manage to make some tea, but the dream ends before I can manage to drink it.

The tea represents my goal, spiritual enlightenment. The clutter in the kitchen represents my material attachments, which are getting in the way of my spiritual advancement. The water represents underlying true self. The spider is the "internal dialogue" (Castaneda's term), which keeps interfering with meditation, and which is a barrier to connection with the true self. The lesson is that I must work on removing material attachments, and on stopping the internal dialogue, before I will be able to reach my goal.

3rd dream:
(Preface): When I was in college, I was in a traveling troupe of dancers, and we performed all over the eastern United States and in Europe. It was a great experience. Oddly, though, besides our loves of dance and music, I had little in common with most of the other members of the troupe, and have not remained in contact with most of them after graduation.

In the dream, I am reunited with them, and our director. We are at a camp, the kind of summer-camp that children go to. There is a hill with a building on it, and on either side of the hill, at the base, are ponds, which drain into a nearby river. At the outlet to the larger pond, there is a concrete culvert, and on the pond side, at the base of the dam, is a large iron wheel which is connected to a valve and pump, that allow the ponds to be filled with water pumped in from the river. Standing next to the wheel is Terry, one of the dancers. Our director is standing next to me on the pond dam, and tells Terry to turn the wheel and flood the ponds with river water. I know, without having to be told, that the ponds contain very large fish, but since the ponds are at normal water level, and thus relatively shallow, all the big fish are out in the middle of the ponds, in the deep water and on the bottom, so they are not available to us. If the ponds are flooded with water, the water level will rise, and the big fish will move into shallow water to feed, and be catchable (this, by the way, is what happens in real life).

So Terry turns the wheel, and the ponds fill rapidly with river water, almost to the point of overflowing, and I have to signal him to shut the water off, so the ponds don't overflow and wash out all the fish. We then proceed up the hill to the building, where we will find rods and reels for fishing. Now, I love to fish, and I especially love to catch big fish, so I am very excited, and can hardly wait.

We enter the building, and find that it contains many racks holding hundreds of rods and reels, most of which are not attached to each other. The rods and reels are large and stout, built for handling very heavy fish, and when I notice this, it only increases my excitement. The building is also filled with people, and I realize that the ponds will be crowded. Some people are already assembling the rods and reels, and handing them out to others, so instead of doing this for myself, I patiently wait my turn. Most of the people in the building clearly are novice fishermen, and while waiting for a rod, I show some of them how to tie rigs, how to bait hooks, etc.

However, very quickly, before I can react, most of the people, and most of the equipment, are already down at the ponds. I rush to the window just in time to see a kid down at the smaller pond land an enormous catfish. I go back to the rack of rods to see what's available, but can't find a reel type that I like. I look around, and by the time I have made a circuit of the racks, all of the reels are gone, and there are only rods with no reels or line, and a few puzzled and frustrated people, who, like me, have no way to partake of that fantastic fishing down at the ponds. My frustration and consternation are unbearable.

This one was a real puzzler, and I had to think about it a long time before coming to a conclusion. The big fish in the ponds are the prize--spiritual advancement. The act of flooding the ponds represents opportunity to advance. The various rod & reel combos represent pathways to spiritual advancement, and their abundance signifies that there are many paths open to us. The fact that I don't manage to get one on time represents my own hesitation. The lesson is that many people are advancing, through many paths, and that I will "miss the boat" if I don't plunge in and start; and that I shouldn't wait for a path that is "just right", but should go ahead and work with what I have now.
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10-05-2010, 08:14 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Eddie, to me this fishing dream seemed very similar to the dream I had about the party and the food (several posts back). I get the sense you were literally fishing for enlightenment. The Biblical term "fishers of men" also popped into my head. All the flooding and the huge fish...I get the sense of rapid spiritual expansion and/or major opportunities popping up, but, as you said, a level of hesitation or distraction making it harder to seize those opportunities. Great dreams, and great interpretations!

Meerie, that is an interesting dream indeed. Blue always represents some form of communication to me in my dreams. The key seems like an obvious symbol, but I don't know why the paper would turn brown. Maybe a blockage in the throat chakra? I would interpret it that my heart was open but I was having a hard time expressing the love through blue ray (which is usually the issue for me). Seeing the words inverted might also have to do with communication issues, or perhaps just looking at something from a different perspective. The fact that your neighbor gave you a better sheet of paper would say to me that by resolving issues you have with people in life through the use of communication, you will have better access to this key. Just my humble thoughts on the issue.

Deekun, I know what you mean. It used to take me ages to interpret a dream, but now it is coming much quicker, as if it is just being made more obvious.
Here is one from last night. Kind of short, but I found it really interesting.

It stated out kind of like a movie I was watching, but instead of sitting in front of a screen it was more like I was just observing the whole thing in 3rd person. There was this girl who kept seeing this dark hooded figure following her around, popping up everywhere, which she perceived to be death, and she was freaking out considerably.

The whole thing was even arranged like a movie...dramatic cut scenes, special went on for some time, and then I seemed to realize I *was* the girl and it switched to 1st person. I thought "I'm not afraid of death." So I walked out into my backyard (I lived in this enormous house...really fancy, with a huge backyard that led into a forest) and I stared down into the forest. Apparently I had done something in that forest- that was where it had all began.

It was extremely dark. I could barely see anything. I said "Okay, you can come out now!" It took a while, but finally the shadows formed into this large, black mass, then solidified into the hooded figure. I walked over to the figure and slid into its arms. I said something along the lines of "It's okay. If it's my time to go, I'll come with you."

I got the sense of bony fingers touching my neck, and sensed a great amount of love being directed at me. Then the figure took off the cloak and it turned out to be a very handsome young man, though something about him seemed a bit off...he didn't look quite human. I can't really remember what it was now...I think it was his eyes.

He said that it was his job to think of new bring new ideas into existence and inspire creation, and when he looked at me he felt more inspired than he ever had. The ideas just rushed through his head like a river. He wanted to keep me with him because of this.

I went with him to see his family, or the group he worked with...not sure which one. Apparently my parents came along for the ride, too. They were riding in some sort of stagecoach. The young man was the only one in the group that looked relatively normal at all. The rest of the people he introduced me to had the appearance of major circus freaks. Very bizarre appearances. I remember this one really short, really fat woman that reminded me of an oversized Easter egg. When I was around these people I felt both a sense of great joy and great sadness, and it was like I couldn't decide which feeling was appropriate. I was constantly on the verge of crying. I think there was more to the dream, but this is all I remember.

The whole thing with Death felt like an initiation to me. It reminds me a bit of the concept of a shamanic death, though I don't feel that at any time my body was actually close to a death state. I passed through death to give birth to new creativity- new creation. Accepting death freed me from my limits and allowed me to enter larger life while still alive.

The man Death became...not sure about him. I don't know if this is just a reference to my own inner Creator...that deepest part of me that has the direct connection to the One (the fact that it was a male would represent a subconscious or unconscious aspect), or if perhaps I was actually conversing with a separate individual in the dream plane. He seemed a bit he really wanted to keep me. He didn't seem to want to control me, and seemed to genuinely love me very much, but he didn't want me to leave his side- ever. Of course, if this was a superconscious aspect, I suppose we *would* be glued to each other all the time anyway. I can't exactly separate myself from myself.

Not sure about the strange-looking people. I am wondering if they could represent some of the more abstract aspects of my personality that haven't fully formed creative expressions just shooting out into existence without being fleshed out yet. I guess they could represent creative potential, and my conflicting feelings about them could signify that I realized that huge potential of this creative could bring about great joy or great sadness, depending on how it is used.
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10-05-2010, 09:26 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I am impressed how well you folks seem to be able to remember your dreams! Did you do anything special to enhance that?
Thank you Akthu for your interpretation, it is very interesting. I have lots of dreams with "blue" in them lately. The paper on the key turning brown... it looked like the brown paper you see in really old parchments, you know? Like the brown that the paper turns into that has been used much or exposed to sunlight. It is really weird that my neighbor should offer me anything at all, usually she does not even reply to a greeting. I put her appearing in my dream down to the fact that before going to sleep I had included her among the people that I sent love to...
Maybe the handsome not so human looking guy in your dream was someone from your soul group who is not presently incarnate and supplying you with ideas from the other planes? Like an excarnate guide?
... I just had an idea since Akthu brought up the throat chakra and communication and resolving issues with people around you..
how do you resolve a communication issue with someone who clearly does not want to communicate? like said neighbor?
would it not be better to step out of communication at all, if you get the feeling you are talking to a brick wall anyway?
Like I say "hello" and smile at her, and she just gives me this stare and walks on? Last time I thought "next time I will just ignore her".
What do you think?
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10-05-2010, 09:59 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Meerie, recording my dreams every night has really helped me to remember more of them. I just started writing down any impressions I had at all when I woke up. Sometimes it was only one or two sentences, or even just one word, but doing this every night has brought clearer and more detailed dreams through. I also affirm to myself before I go to sleep: "I WILL remember my dreams, and I WILL write them down when I wake up." This is like pre-setting the mind to act as a recorder. This thread, where we can all actively discuss dreams, has helped as well. I feel like when you put conscious effort into interpreting your dreams, your subconscious realizes you are ready to accept the insight it offers and more and more information becomes available to you. In their basest state, I see dreams as a sort of test, to see if a person is willing to probe deeper and try to utliize the teaching opportunities that dreams offer instead of just ignoring them or writing them off as random silliness.

I think when you send love to someone, it has an active effect on that person whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. Maybe this person's subconscious responded to the sending of love, even if her physical personality seems unaware of it?
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10-06-2010, 08:44 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Akthu, I think you are right about the sending the love. I had the same idea last night. Thank you.
I guess I just have to be patient about the dream thing, after all I only got started in september with keeping the dream diary.
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10-06-2010, 07:42 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I often dream of elevators. Typically they never act normally and I am always trepidatious before entering them (in the dream). They usually end up going sideways (i.e. down the hallway) as well as up and down.

Also I frequently dream of very intelligent wise infants. Little babies in diapers that talk and say interesting things. The same with dogs. Once I dreamed of a baby who looked and talked like the Buddha. He was talking about not fearing death. The next day (in real-life) a family member committed suicide.

I interpret the babies (and dogs) as aspects of my higher self. Haven't figured out the elevators - they probably indicate some changing directions in my life. But they don't seem to be correlated with anything.

Oh, I also used to dream a lot of crashing airplanes (which I would see from a distance, not as a passenger). This used to freak me out, but I came to believe they had to do with sexual issues (figured this out from repeat characters in the dream, and also when I dreamt of a plane going through a train tunnel!). And I also used to get these type of airplane dreams after a late night pizza.
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10-06-2010, 09:14 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Etude, to me elevators would represent some type of's the space you are between places.

I've had quite a few dreams of crashing airplanes, too (one is mentioned in this thread). Sometimes I dream two airplanes crash into each other in they sky and I'm just standing there watching in horror as they break apart and fall. To me this represents some sort of "violent awakening"...something that shocked me into changing the way I think, or something really abrupt that I wasn't expecting at all...those times your subconscious comes and whacks you upside the head when you least expect it.
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10-07-2010, 01:50 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I had a dream that fits in the context of the insights I had yesterday.. I am only able to remember little segments however.
I was in the alley behind the place where I work, the leaves were falling from the trees and these beautiful colors (well it is autumn after all) and a little girl came by with her daddy. The girl smiled at me. The daddy and I said hello. Then suddenly he urges her to leave, since they have to do this and go there and blablabla. The little girl clearly does not want to leave, she wants to stay here with me but her daddy urges her to move on. I feel compassion for her.
Then I remember being in a tunnel with other people and climbin upwards until finally we were able to open something like a trapdoor and be outside in the sun and the sky. We were relieved to see the light.
THen I was in a supermarket and queuing up at the cashier. I wanted to buy some small things and also stamps for two letters that were lying on the desk. One of the letters was adressed '(to my soulmate and then the name). THen I thought I'd better erase "to my soulmate" and adress it only with his name, since maybe he was married and his wife would read it?
The thing with the little girl... she seems to be the part of me who wants to be alone in nature but needs to do things (her daddy urges her to move along). THings imposed from the outside...
The tunnel and stepping out into the light seems very obvious.
I am not sure about the letters..?? Maybe it implies that there is no soulmate available since he is already married.. but why would I want to write? Do I still cling to the notion of finding someone "confused"
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10-07-2010, 09:45 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I had a pretty weird one last night. I was sort of playing a metaphysical version of Guitar Hero, but in picking out combinations of notes I was actually picking out frequencies that would heal certain people. I already believe that sound can have tremendous curative effects if used appropriately, but I've never gotten much into the subject, and just what I witnessed in the dream was too complex for me to really describe. My sleeping mind seemed quite capable of grasping the concept, but to my waking mind it's all pretty fuzzy. There was so much more to it than "magic guitar hero", but I really can't think of any way to explain it. I woke up several times during the night, but I always went straight back into this dream and picked up right where I left off. I had prayed very hard for healing energies to be sent to a certain individual right before going to sleep, so I could only hope this is a verification of success of the healing being accepted by the individual.

Meerie, in your dream I would see waiting in line at the grocery as being something akin to waiting for your studies to pay off. It is an attempt to purchase wisdom through study, meditation or whatever other means you utilize (food usually represents wisdom in dreams). I am wondering if that letter was actually addressed to yourself...the higher self? I dunno, just a thought.
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10-07-2010, 10:44 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-07-2010, 10:47 AM by @ndy.)
RE: The Dream Thread
I had a great dream last night making sense of a recurring nightmare from my childhood. Big Grin

In my childhood dreams - I was trapped on railway lines, the setting varied, some times a tunnel sometimes an embankment or wired fences.
Always the same theme of many lines and unable to get of them. There would be a train coming, I could feel vibration and hear the train but never see it or know what track it was on.
I'd end up on the track next to the train and feel myself getting sucked towards it.

I was wondering about it a while back.. As much of my work on myself I do in my dream time..... I was curious to the meaning of this dream and other visions I used to get.

Well last night - I had a dream of integrating all of my negative darker stuff, I've been working on this stuff for a few nights.... well when I dream It's like I'm doing it for everyone - but I realise it's me (but atm it seems like the whole world is happening in my head Tongue)

So anyhow I was integrating stuff with love, some bits were stubborn and harder to integrate, it was hard not to get frustrated but that caused anger and that was counter productive so it just had to be love and gentle integration.

As I was doing this I was from above viewing a train on a track..... The tracks were slowly merging into 1 line as I integrated things.
I don't remember if I got down to 1 or 2 tracks.

I get the impression the tracks are like my time lines/choices --- it wasn't dissimilar to a strange dream I had when I was pulled into blackness and across glowing timelines. --- was very cool ;D
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10-07-2010, 02:25 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
@ndy, this reminds me of a recurring dream I had as a child. I would always go into this grocery store my parents shopped at and in the back there would be a big tree house with kids playing in it. I always wanted to go play as well but my parents would never let me. Then, in one dream, I finally made it into that tree house and never had the dream again after that. It was as if I'd had an epiphany that changed my entire life, though it was so long ago I'm not sure what that epiphany was any more.
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10-08-2010, 01:46 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
@ndy, Kryon somewhere makes a comparison with train tracks and timelines … I don’t remember exactly how he puts it. I have been reading so much esoteric stuff lately and it all runs amok in my mind it seems. Interesting dream though.
I felt yesterdays New moon extremely strong, I was running around like a zombie and all these different beliefs systems in my head (old stuff from the guru, Ra material and others) were like laser-beaming at each other. I need a break to readjust and clear myself.
Then last night I had a dream, I was running out of gasoline in the middle of nowhere and asked two men if they could provide me with some. They first declined, but later they offered me some, but at a totally exaggerated prize, since they said you won’t find it anywhere else around here anyway.
Gasoline is supposed to mean energy. I was out of energy yesterday the whole day. I guess it means I should not rely on others to supply it to me and just rest and take a break.
Akhtu, where do you get your interpretations from? Do you have a book? I had not heard about the food representing wisdom. Interesting.
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10-08-2010, 09:05 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Meerie, I get some base interpretations on a series of metaphysics classes I attended a while ago. They put a lot of emphasis on remembering, recording and interpreting dreams because they are a way for our higher self to communicate with us. They posited a theory that there is a universal dream language- certain symbols that tend to mean the same thing in all dreams (the food being wisdom was one of these).

I don't particuarly buy into this 100%. You never know if a certain object, person, places, etc, is going to have a special significance to someone that would influence what it means to them in their dreams, but when I've used these classic interpretations it makes sense about 80% of the time, so I think it's a good system to use as a baseline when interpreting dreams, especially if you have no other hunches on what it actually means. I DO think almost everyone feels the same way about food- you take it in, it nourishes the body. In your dreaming, which is more of a spiritual state, it would be easy to equivilate it to taking in wisdom, which nourishes the spirit. However, I would never insist that any symbol meant any certain thing because we're all different and have different triggers. I got into many an argument with my teachers in those classes because I believed my dreams to mean something different than what they interpreted and they insisted that I was wrong and they were right, even though it was my dream (the main reason I dropped out after a while).

I also do some intuitive work if any impressions strike me. Sometimes by reading people's words certain feelings or insights just come through, regardless of symbology. I think if you work on interpreting your dreams long enough, the meanings will just start coming to you and you won't have to bust out a dream dictionary and try to discern each symbol. Sounds like you're doing a great job of this already.
Ugh...I just had the most messed up nightmare. Warning: this is pretty disturbing.

I was a 3rd person observer in this dream...I could see what was happening but couldn't interact with the scene in any way. It all took place in what looked like a science lab/hospital type of thing. There was this really disheveled girl with stringy black hair sitting on a hospital bed wearing white- she looked like a patient. There was this scientist woman that knew this girl had some kind of power, but she couldn't get the girl to display the power at all, so she apparently summoned up a demon to try it.

This short creature with leathery red skin comes into the room, pulling a naked little girl on a leash. He pulls out a whip and starts beating the little girl with it, and she's just screaming and was so pitifully heartwrenching. I felt a huge rage building up within me. It takes a lot to get me actually angry, but torturing children still does it. I wanted to stop what was happening but I had no body. All I could do was watch.

The girl on the bed was getting more and more distressed. I'm not sure if she started cutting herself of if cuts just started forming on her body, but as the little girl screamed louder her blood started turning black and...crystallizing? It looked like strands of black rutile coming out of her arms. It was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. These strands went down into the earth and then something happened, but I can't remember what. Some kind of energy thing, I think. I can't really remember what happened after that...the next thing I remember I was playing a 3D version of Mass Effect at what I guess was a theme park, and this girl was talking about how this one employee was a total slacker.

I felt like crap when I woke up. I can't discern the meaning of this at all. It just makes me too emotional. I haven't had such a bad nightmare in a while.
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10-11-2010, 02:43 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Akhtu, do you sometimes play violent computer games before going to sleep? I think these things can sometimes linger in teh back of your mind... a friend of mine gets violent dreams when he has been online too long before sleeping.
Or you could interpret it in the light of your work situation... the demon (the "evil" coworkers) serving as catalyst for you to release your power.
I am glad to read that your work situation seems to get better.
You know, sometimes the interpretations in dream dictionaries can vary too... I had dreams about teeth falling out more than once. it seems it is a common dream subject.
According to some, it means "insecurities", others say it means you are in a process of evolving, like with kids, when their milk teeth fall out they get new ones and somewhere else I read another interpretation which I have forgotten now.
It was funny because after I dreamt my teeth were falling out ('only in the left side of my mouth) I had another dream that same night in which I talked to a lady in a restaurant and told her that I just dreamt my teeth were falling out and that I was afraid it might be a bad omen. I talked about a dream in another dream ! Funny.
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10-11-2010, 07:50 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Hey Meerie. I don't play many video games myself, but my husband does so I know what most of them are about. The only thing I've really been hitting lately is Guitar Hero, which I admit I'm getting kind of addicted to. I definitely don't play the kinds of games that might inspire the images I had in my dream, but I'm thinking the demon might have represented some of the anger issues I've been dealing with lately, and the little girl was the innocent part of myself that I'm hurting when I let myself get so worked up and emotionally constipated. I think the girl with the power might have been a warning that I was going to blow out my chakras if I didn't release some of that energy quick. Of course, as you know, the situation has gotten better so I'd say it's all good.

I've also had dreams inside of dreams. Sometimes in my dreams I remember other dreams I had months ago! Of course, it we're interacting with other dimensions in our sleep, this would make sense...I don't see why our dream self wouldn't remember things from their world, too.

I've gotta get back on the ball...haven't recorded my dreams for 3 days now. :-(
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10-11-2010, 08:00 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Akthu, do you know the technique of going back into the dream after a nightmare and reprogramming the events? It can be good to counter those particularly difficult nightmares.
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10-11-2010, 08:11 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Dumb question but here it goes, why must everyone record their dreams on paper? Is it so that they don't forget what they dreamt about? I think just sitting in quiet contemplation and going over the dream can help you record the dream in your head. I always wanted to ask because many places I have seen, including the bible if not mistaken saying "guard your thoughts". Wouldn't writting your thoughts down on paper and leaving it around kind of negate that?
Like I said, might be a dumb question but wanted to see your thoughts on this...

And btw, co-workers were amazed when I explained to them I can go back inside certain dreams I've had before... say if I did not finish what was happening, I can usually go back into the same dream the next day and finish it. Is that the type of replay you are talking about Ali Quadir? I always find it facinating when I am in a dream I have already been in.
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10-11-2010, 09:41 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
That's not exactly what I meant... I meant that if we wake up from a nightmare, the memories are so fresh that if you close your eyes again you have a pretty strong experience of the dream even when you're awake... Most people actually do not want to do this because it's so strong! If you then reorganize events. For example that big bad wolf chasing you, you stop turn around and stare it down. If it jumps at you, you just freeze it in mid air. Keep it hanging there, helpless. No rules apart from your own omnipotence in that world. I would recommend against being subtle... The subconscious takes note of raw displays of power. So sending your opponent flying is better than trying to negotiate with them..

The subconscious takes the patterns you introduce and next time you're really dreaming and get chased by the wolf again or something else resembling that experience you now have the pattern of confronting it successfully. The subconscious can now swap it in and if you've set the example it will.

Since the wolf has a symbolic meaning of something in real life, there's also the therapeutic effect that in real life this pattern of confronting the wolf becomes available to the subconscious in real life. The thing that no longer scares you in your dreams no longer scares you in life.

In the beginning it required consistent work but I have no nightmares now. None. I do still know the difference between what could be a nightmare and a normal dream.. The vibe is different. But nightmares are automatically corrected.

One hint... I was a typical kid playing soldiers. I loved violent movies and video games. So my solutions were all pretty extreme... My dreams are getting more peaceful as I grow older. But sometimes I wake up with the conclusion that I'm probably a very sick puppy.

Still, that beats getting mauled by a sick puppy...
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10-11-2010, 06:38 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Ali, I think I've done this before. Not so much going back into the dream after waking up, but turning back time and doing things over while in the dream and seeing them turn out differently. When I lucid dream I'll simply command the individuals in my dreams to do something else if they're bothering me. They'll go to attack me and I'll say "Stop. This is my dream. You cannot do that." and they don't. I always remember one particular dream I had where I was being electrocuted, and I sort of realized I was dreaming, so I just started bending the electricity around myself and shaping it into a field. It felt awesome...pretty cool. Of course, as is obvious above, this doesn't always happen, but nightmares tend to intrigue me more than frighten me. There might be some initial emotional reaction, but afterward I have more fun contemplating the messages in nightmares because they're usually so much more dramatic. In the words of Clive Barker: "I've had nightmares that I thought were jolly good fun."
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10-12-2010, 08:21 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I just wanted to say I can relate to your interpretation of food as wisdom.
A dream I had last week or the week before, when I was doing some inner cleaning.

I was a kind of waitress the 'kitchen' was up and a beautiful garden with fountain and different bunches of plants, Ra was a plant, Jesus was there as a plant too... there was an open bar and food counter in a Greek style.

Far below the garden was a room seating area with no people in.

I kept walking up and down a long white tiled spiral tunnel connecting the garden and seating area carrying up dirty dishes to be cleaned in the garden and taking down plates full of lovely looking food.

I seemed to spend ages just wandering up and down with food, or dirty dishes thinking blimy this is a long way. Big Grin
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10-12-2010, 09:03 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Deekun, I don't think you have to write down your dreams in order to interpret them...however, for people who are not used to interpreting dreams and have trouble remembering them or distinguishing symbols, I think it can be a helpful tool, sort of like a calculatior. You don't need it to do math, but for people like me it makes things a heck lot easier.

I think "guard" your thoughts doesn't necessarily mean "don't share any thought with anyone", but to both take care of the kinds of thoughts you let yourself entertain on a regular basis and to be discriminate with which thoughts you share with others, and the time and place you share them in. It could get down to something as simple as tact. Most people who record dreams keep them all in one book that doesn't necessarily just lay around for all to see like a magazine in a waiting room. It is more like a private journal where thoughts can be expressed and built upon...a sort of workbook. Of course, this is just my opinion. As I said, I don't think you have to write down dreams in order to benefit from them.
I had a really interesting dream last night...I can remember so little of it, it is frustrating. I know there was a lot more to it than this but this is the only part that isn't all fuzzy. I was seeing some kind of doctor, and she did this...scan on me...I don't know how to explain the technology involved. It was like it was scanning my energy body, not just the physical one. She said "you're still holding onto something." She then asked me a question that was too personal for me to want to write it here. She said she could do an operation to help me "let it go." Then she pulled this string out of me that had all this negativity attached to it...I don't know how to explain that part very well, either. There was a sort of "popping" feeling, and afterward I felt better, as if some really old junk had finally been dealt with.

I am wondering if I actually went to a healer on the inner planes in this dream, or if it was more just symbolism...something produced by my subconscious to assist me in letting go of this issue for good...a sort of prop, maybe. Either way, it seemed pretty cool, and I felt better when I woke up.
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10-12-2010, 11:26 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
(10-11-2010, 08:11 AM)Deekun Wrote:  Dumb question but here it goes, why must everyone record their dreams on paper? Is it so that they don't forget what they dreamt about? I think just sitting in quiet contemplation and going over the dream can help you record the dream in your head. I always wanted to ask because many places I have seen, including the bible if not mistaken saying "guard your thoughts". Wouldn't writting your thoughts down on paper and leaving it around kind of negate that?
Like I said, might be a dumb question but wanted to see your thoughts on this...

And By the way, co-workers were amazed when I explained to them I can go back inside certain dreams I've had before... say if I did not finish what was happening, I can usually go back into the same dream the next day and finish it. Is that the type of replay you are talking about Ali Quadir? I always find it facinating when I am in a dream I have already been in.

I believe guard your thoughts means to be mindful of what you are thinking. Not to 'guard' as in protect them. Smile
As our thoughts create our reality controlling unproductive thought trains can be helpful.
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10-12-2010, 01:26 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-12-2010, 01:54 PM by Aaron.)
RE: The Dream Thread
Wow, ahktu. It seems like your guidance is really getting in touch with you! I've never had anything personal asked to me in my dreams, that I can remember. Mine seem to be more impersonal.

I had this dream last night. For the past week, I've been writing down dreams in my journal and interpreting them. I'm getting slightly better at understanding what the symbology means to me. However, this one threw me for a loop...

I was at my old workplace. (a waiter in a dining room for the elderly) I waited a table, as always. Then, I went around to the tables behind the fireplace that are seldom used in real life. The lights in this area were off. The only light was coming from beyond the fireplace, like usual. One of my co-workers was there. I could sense the other co-workers' presences on the other side of the dining room. But I only interacted with this one person. Her name is Samme and I'm very attracted to her in real life. One table of diners was sitting at a table at the edge of the area of the floor being used. They were all familiar shapes, familiar old people that I love. But they didn't talk or react to the rest of the dream's events beyond a slight gasp or a chuckle, like a bemused and mildly interested audience.

I walked up to this one table. There was a bright yellow spotlight shining down on it, and on the table was this 4 inch tall man in a nice, black suit. He didn't say anything, but somehow I knew that he was there to perform a magic show. Samme was standing beside the table watching too. The man was all smiles, and his demeanor was genuinely benevolent and happy. In an instant, the perspective changed and I was viewing the man from his height, over his shoulder. Somehow, I had become him, because "I" was no longer a character. (from now on I'll say "we" to talk about the man character.) The table had a circus tent erected over it now, and it was still lit with yellow light inside. The tent had a door on the side through which the elderly diners could watch from their table. We were walking around, smiling and holding our hands out in front of ourselves, as if doing magic. Occasionally we would say something meaningless and incomprehensible. Then, we looked over and saw that Samme had been shrunk to mini size and was on the other side of the table, lying in a pool of blood.

We ran over to her and bent down to look at her, checking her vitals and whatnot. Her skin was pale and purple, her face lifeless. We were distraught. The perception then shifted totally to me being the man, and having full control. I somehow felt that her death was my fault. I looked closer and saw that the cause of death was a firework (looked like an ice cream push-pop) shoved into her ear, causing her to bleed out or suffer brain damage. I started to run away, scared a little. Then, another tiny man came through the tent door. He was tall (for his tiny size lol), brown skinned, and bald. I somehow knew that he was my "assistant". He said something incomprehensible to me, but I knew that it was a "How could you do such a thing? You were responsible for her/this situation!" kind of remark. Then, I said "Stop talking, (nonsensical name of the guy), you're Egyptian!"

I don't remember anything after that... Anybody wanna take a whack at it? lol

P.S. I just texted her and she's just fine in real life. Tongue
"A mountain holds an echo deep inside. That's how I hold your voice."
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10-12-2010, 10:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-12-2010, 10:24 PM by lvxseeker.)
RE: The Dream Thread
Hi Aaron

a few things come to mind. Do you feel that the waiting job you are in is belittling, or beneath you? Or maybe this is an attitude you have to yourself in general. Samme (from a Jungian perspective) represents your anima. She is affected by this attitude. Injury to the ear, suggests the trauma happens through words, listening.

Just some ideas - they could be wide of the mark
(10-11-2010, 08:11 AM)Deekun Wrote:  Dumb question but here it goes, why must everyone record their dreams on paper? Is it so that they don't forget what they dreamt about? I think just sitting in quiet contemplation and going over the dream can help you record the dream in your head. I always wanted to ask because many places I have seen, including the bible if not mistaken saying "guard your thoughts". Wouldn't writting your thoughts down on paper and leaving it around kind of negate that?
Like I said, might be a dumb question but wanted to see your thoughts on this...

Hello Deekun

I find the handy thing about writing dreams down is that i can pick up recurring dream symbols and landscapes. Lately I have been dreaming about iphones, which I wouldn't have picked up on if I had not had scanned my dreams from the last week.

My dream recall isn't that good that I can remember a dream from a week or so ago without some prompts. A written record is a good prompt for me
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10-13-2010, 06:20 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Wow. I just had a really vivid one. Once again, I know there was so much more to it before the part I remember, but it was such a long complex dream that some of it was lost as soon as I woke up.

I remember there was this ghost in my house, which wasn't my house, though I wouldn't mind living in a place so huge. At first just little things were happening, but then the ghost actually made a full body appearance. I remember I was talking to him a little bit, then he floated out into the front yard and stared up the street. I looked where he was looking and there was a UFO flying around down there. I got all excited and started yelling "Hey! Is that a UFO?!?" and the ghost just looks at me like "How should I know?"

Another larger disk started flying around and landed in the front yard. A bunch of military guys jumped out of it and started setting up guns and stuff in our front yard. I started freaking out because I knew they were going to try to shoot down the UFO. Another much larger UFO came onto the scene and the first one kept darting behind it like it was hiding. I begged them to not do something so heartless but all the military guys completely ignored me.

My family and I got together and decided that we were going to take a spaceship (no idea where we were going to get one...maybe we had a spare in the garage? lol) up to the UFO and help the aliens. For some reason I was running around looking for a trash can to take, like they were really going to need a trash can. XD We also wanted to take them water, though I'm not sure how any of this was going to keep the thing from getting shot out of the sky. It made sense in the dream but not so much now. Still, pretty cool.

Aaron, I'm working on an interpretation for your dream...might take a while.
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10-14-2010, 01:07 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-14-2010, 01:09 AM by Aaron.)
RE: The Dream Thread
Ahktu, that's interesting... I wonder what the ghost, water, and trashcan represent? And no worries at all on an interp for me. There's no obligation. Smile

lvx, thank you for that interpretation. Smile That's actually the opposite of how I felt about the job. I've since moved on, but it was the single most spiritually fulfilling and socially healthy job I had. It was a blessing to work there. I think that most of my co-workers at that job were unawakened wanderers. Like, it was a preincarnative decision to come together like that.

I looked up "anima", and what you said about it made sense. From the moment I met Samme, I could see a little twinkle of home in her eyes. That's one reason for the attraction. She has always felt like a feminine portion of my spirit.

Still not able to make a connection between trauma through words... it doesn't match up to the real life experience. I thank you for your honest effort though! Haha it was helpful. Smile
"A mountain holds an echo deep inside. That's how I hold your voice."
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