The Dream Thread
10-16-2010, 06:42 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Hmmm...just had a weird one.

I met up with Alex, an ex-boyfriend from long ago, at some sort of party. He had apparently gotten involved with these three rather malevolent women, who were pretty much trading him around for cigarettes. Every time he got passed to the next one he was sure she was the one who loved him and was the one for him. He was all paranoid they would get mad at him for talking to me...they seemed to be controlling every aspect of his life. I was like "Dude, they're using you. You can do so much better than this" but he wouldn't really listen.

One of the girls walks in and Alex rushes outside. Everyone is sitting out there and the girl thinks I was trying to have sex with him, and I go on this rant about how people can be so immature and jealous that they come up with ridiculous accusations. Then I find out one of the three girls was wired and was recording everything, and I got really annoyed. These chicks were a major trip. I, however, realized I am happily married so I wasn't going to get too involved.

The dream sort of skipped to this guy's house. He seemed to be sort of a drug dealer, but he sold legitimate prescription drugs, too. He had this bottle of blue pills that were supposed to be some kind of super-powerful super drug, and this hit-man was camped outside his house, apparently going to kill the guy and take the pills. Then Alex walks up to pick up his prescription and the guy accidentally gives him the blue pills instead of his medication. The hit-man sees him walking to his car and starts going after him. I'm like "CRAP! RUN!"

I run over to my car and I'm like "GET IN THE CAR!" but Alex starts walking over to his car instead, where the hit-man is. I growl in frustration and go over there and block off the guy before he can attack Alex. We start fighting hand-to-hand. He was way taller than me so it was rather awkward. He ends up grabbing me in a way that keeps me from hitting him, so I bite deep into his neck and use a dark magic to basically cause his system to be overcome by a surge of pleasure. He bit into my neck too, trying to use the same technique on me, but my will was stronger, so he dropped to the ground and just stared ahead blankly, completely lost in his own senses.

Alex is just standing there, so I yell "GET IN THE CAR!!!!" Finally he gets in and I get in too, and he starts driving all slow, talking about how his dad is coming to town and other random stuff. I'm like "DRIVE FASTER! THAT GUY IS GOING TO SNAP OUT OF IT IN ABOUT FIVE SECONDS AND HE WILL GET IN HIS CAR AND COME KILL YOU!" but Alex just keeps driving slow, turning up the wrong streets and such, like he's out in la la land. He almost seemed to already be drugged. At that point I woke up.

The fact that I used dark magic in my dreams disturbs me a bit, though obviously I'm not going to go out and use it in my waking life. Very rushed, so interpretation will have to wait. Just wanted to record it.
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RE: The Dream Thread
The way you say people were wired. Reminds me of certain scenarios in my dream..... hummm for me there almost like a 'test'

One was on a plane a man threatening a woman, when I looked around I could see video cameras so I did nothing and just observed. The woman flew into my face and yelled 'I thought you though I was sexy' Tongue I lol'd
After that the dream totally changed, giggling spirits started appearing and flew out of the plane... I joined them and the dream became amazing and lucid of me being a thought form in space able to embrace galaxies or get small and be a person there and say profound things to people.

It was an amazing dream of freedom and love. Other 'test's' I seem not to pass well.

One of last nights dreams was very bizarre.

I'm in the middle of a 'battle' it came across as us/them there was no fighting just energy. The negative was people being confused, scared or paranoid and made upset.
Suddenly I randomly/though yelled 'Unity - Oneness' All pulled together and zoomed out - then was in bed wide awake, I wasn't a bad dream. Just one that I went from asleep to instantly awake again Smile
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RE: The Dream Thread
I had a cool dream today I called "The Spark"

I arrived on a sandy land. I was unsure whether I was a kid or an adult.. most likely teen. I had memories of going to classes but I was unsure whether I was a teacher or a student. As I walked the perimeter I noticed a round hut... it was fairly big, big enough for people to walk around inside. I walked towards one of the huts and noticed a stunned face on a kid that recognized me... memories of him bullying me came, but it did not anger me at all. I simply smiled at him and asked him why he had not been to school, if everything was alright. He was hesitant to answer and his mother was in the hut digging into the sands while some turtles were walking around.... these were very beautiful soft shell turtles, very big.
I went into his thoughts and realized he was blocking me out but gathered enough that some monetary difficulties were keeping him from coming to school.
I again looked at him with a smile and told him, " I will keep your school spirit alive for 3 months, you are welcome to come back at any time"
The mother smiled and went to hug the kid and he was very happy as well. ( This is where I felt I was a teacher, otherwise why would I have such authority?)
I asked the mom what she was doing, and she said that their family tradition is to protect newborn turtles. Turtles will come from far away places to place their eggs in the sands near their huts. Other turtles wanting to have only their eggs hatch will come and dig into the sands and eat other turtles' eggs. So their job during this period is to protect these turtle eggs by digging into the sand and finding the turtles that are roaming underneath.

After seeing them do that for a bit I turned to the south and noticed the sun going down.... there was a Large canyon dividing what seemed 3 countries or states.

... long enough for now... I will continue later... Angel
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10-22-2010, 02:40 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
HEy Deekun,
I found on a shamanic site that turtles can be seen as a symbol for mother Earth, and also for the connection to our own inner self. Inside mother Earth we find fire. The fíre inside our own inner self is called spirit. Interesting since the terms show up in your dream also...
Lately my sleep has been shallow and I have not been able to remember much. However yesterday, I dreamt I was driving in my car downtown to get some things for my dad (no not food Wink I had to get some stuff at the paper shop, like glue and other things that you need for the office). I actually drove the car right into the shop! It got a bit stuck between the shelves but I managed to maneuver it quite aptly so that it would not touch the shelves anymore. Then the shop assistant asked me to put my bicycle aside so that it would not block the way (yes I had a bike with me as well). They were nice and did not seem bothered about the car. I figured that it was okay if I left it there between the shelves, for the shopping since it would not take too long. However at the cashier they told me they had sent someone for the car to be towed. I was like “oh my god this is going to be expensive! How much is it?” they told me it was going to cost only 39 Euros to retrieve it. I was relieved since here in Munich the cost can be pretty high, up to 400 Euros.
Everyone was very friendly and they did not seem to have minded my car in their shop, LOL.
I found for an interpretation that car can equal ego… the driving force… and getting things for my dad… (dad=animus?) Like if I want something for my animus, I am going to overstep boundaries, like parking the car inside the shop instead of outside…
Any other ideas anyone?
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RE: The Dream Thread
Look forward to hearing the rest of your dream Deekun.

I’m not sure about yours Meerie, money can mean self worth someone told me a while back.

Here’s last nights adventure. Tongue It ties in symbols from one of the very symbol heavy dreams I've had in the past few nights - 2 Eagles and 2 Owls flying together.

The dream.

I'd woken up, in my old childhood house.

I'd been dreaming of the eagles and owls again, near me was 2 candles, one could go out but the other was alight and neither really went out
I got the impression it was 'twin flames' (this is what I'd allready written down when I woke later Huh)

Also there was a dream of a stone had been activated to allow things to change now.

In the dream I was wondering about my daydreams, and this male character that is always present in different forms. I was wondering if this was a soul mate that was discarnate, or a guide, or a part of me.
Also I had the image of a funnel from my house now..... Something to do with gathering energy and channelling it.

I went and lay down on a bed that was my parent’s bed in my old house. I was looking at an ipad type thing trying to find more about the activated stone.

As I lay with my eyes part shut -
I saw a flash of bright - I opened my eyes to see the ceiling break like clouds and a bright golden light there --- I'm thinking bloody hell, wow! I mentally greet the light.
Then this laser beam type of thing comes threw the clouds and hits me in between the eyes in my forehead -My head was fizzing buzzing and crackling, like an out of tune radio. The golden laser beam stayed for a min or 2 beaming light energy into my 3rd eye area
The beam then faded.
I jumped of the bed... Marcus was there( an old partner) - I told him what had happened, we felt my head and it was hot were the beam had been but the rest felt normal, he thinks I'm odd and says jokingly 'I'm sure I'd understand if I knew the culture'

--- I wake up, the word Twin flame is already written on my dream pad. It was soooo bizarre, took me ages to get back to sleep as I was just wide awake thinking, what the heck just happened! Big Grin

I'm assuming that 2 dreams must have merged in one allowing me to write the twin flame bit between them but the golden beam into my 3rd eye was sooooo vivid, real and odd to the point of funny

I’m wondering if part of it is to do with integrating the male aspect of me – the rest I’m not sure about yet.
My dreams seem like an on going story I can dip in and out of, there’s been so much this week I’m having a time keeping up with the oddness Big Grin
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10-28-2010, 12:03 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I've been dreaming of being a child and/or interacting with children a LOT lately...pretty much every dream. I'm not sure what this means...I've heard dreams of children can represent new, undeveloped thoughts, or perhaps it's just a sign that I'm displaying immature behavior? The other day I had a dream I was a 13-year-old boy, and halfway through the dream I turned back into myself again and realized I was a girl. Last night I dreamed I was a little girl and something was happening with's extremely hard for me to put into words what happened, but these strands of water sort of picked me up and were holding me up in the air, and these bright blue lines were glowing all over my body. This really terrified me, and when I woke up I couldn't remember most of the dream but I just had this creeped out feeling and I actually had to turn on the lights while sleeping...haven't had to do that in a while.
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10-29-2010, 08:47 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I had a really vivid, strange dream last night. It was the first time I've written down my dreams in a while, but this one stood out so much.

I went to a pop concert with my friend Lisa...strange due to both the fact that I hate pop music and the fact that I haven't talked to Lisa in years. Still, we went, and afterward she wanted to go party at a hotel, but then she found out something had happened with the reservations and she couldn't get a room, so she said "I know! Let's go to Germany!" And she starts making plans to go to Germany. I was like "Uh...I have to work tomorrow, and I don't have the money to go to Germany." and she just kept saying it would be fun and we should go, though I have no idea how we were supposed to get there.

The next thing I remember I was driving on the interstate with my parents. It started raining really hard and there was a flash flood. The water started rising up on the road and my car was trying to hydroplane. I was having a very hard time steering, and then my car careened into a huge puddle, got thrown into the air, and came down with a thud. It refused to budge after that. My dad said we would have to walk the rest of the way. My parents and I got out of the car and walked to this building. At this point I realized that all of us were vampires, and the building was the vampire headquarters. My dad said he was going to tell us the story of why the first vampire had unlimited power but all the others after him had much less.

I also remember this sort of stone stairway, and there were little index cards on the stones that had memories of bad things that have happened to me written on them. As I walked down the stairs I found myself getting angry all over again, though I thought I'd moved past all of that stuff. I'm sure there's some deep psychological message there...telling me I have more buried crap I need to get over. I never seem to hit the bottom of that well.

At this point I woke up to use the bathroom, then I went back to sleep and the dream continued.

I was in the Olive Garden with my parents, and my dad started being mean and insulting me. I started crying and ran outside. It seems that my parents were ninjas now, and I told myself I would kill the target they were supposed to assassinate...that would show them. So I put on a ninja outfit and grabbed a sword. Apparently they were supposed to kill this really hot girl that was mowing the grass outside. I started following her around, hiding behind stuff.

The girl came inside and I jumped out with my sword, but instead of killing her the situation turned sort of sexual...nothing really over the top, but there was definite sexual tension. I ended up throwing her against something and choking her, and I told her if she told me everything she knew I wouldn't kill her. She got this really terrified look on her face and said "The true godfather's name is (random name)." She looked more afraid of the fact that this was true than the fact that I was trying to kill her. I said "wow, that IS terrible."

I resolved not to kill the girl, but then I jumped to this scene where she was hanging from a statue, and I was afraid I'd killed her, but then she started yelling for someone to get her down. gets ever weirder...suddenly I was in this community of demons, and I was watching this one young demon that none of the other demons respected...they thought he was a nobody. So while all the other demons left he built this whole grand building for them all to live in. When they came back none of them would believe that he made the building, but this one older female demon pointed at him and said "He made it. You should thank him." Then they all finally acknowledged that he did something useful. There were little kid demons and everything there, with glowing red eyes. Some of them had wings. Weeeeird. Then I heard this voice narrating that that demon went on to become the advisor to some really powerful guy or something.

The last thing I remember I was driving on the flooded road again, only this time I was much more careful so I made it through okay.
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10-30-2010, 03:30 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Another extremely vivid dream...they've been getting really intense lately.

I dreamed I met a girl. I think it was the same girl that was in the last dream I posted, when I was a ninja. But this time, instead of just feeling attraction to her, I fell completely in love with her. Everything about her was so perfect. I didn't care that we were both girls. It was like we completed each other. We started holding hands, then she told me she loved me. I told her I loved her too, but I didn't want to leave my husband, and she said she didn't want to leave her boyfriend. We started talking about how it would be if we could all just live together as one big happy family.

I was apparently living at my uncle's house, or at least sleeping there, in his basement. I thought the girl was upstairs, so I went up to see her. They must have had about 20 stories to their house because I just kept going up and up and up. As I got near her room I overheard this voice muttering about how it wasn't easy creating such an elaborate construct that would be able to appeal to all my biases and earn my trust, but it would be worth it if it would lure me in. I realized they were talking about the girl, saying she was a thought form, or a robot or something. I refused to believe this. No construct could show such a depth of emotion.

I went into the room she was sleeping in and saw her lying under the covers. I climbed up in the bed and she sat up and suddenly it wasn't the girl at was a creepy-looking guy. His eyes were all sunk in like he was really sick, or he hadn't slept in a decade. He grabbed my by the wrists and told me I should stay and sleep with him instead. His wording was unusual...too formalized and pronounced strangely. I felt this tug at my will that made my knees want to give way and I realized he was trying to cast a spell on me with his words. I jerked away from him and yelled "NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" and I ran out of the room.

I ran back downstairs and he followed me, and he brought my uncle and his wife with him. Apparently he made up some story about me to tell them, saying I'd thrown myself at him. My uncle's wife got all mad at me, but then I explained what really happened and she got angry at the guy and told him to leave.

When I woke up I still felt the emotional impact. I felt like my emotions had been screwed with on a massive level. I still can't forget that girl, and what that voice said about her. Something inside of me says that she was so real, more real than reality, and there is no way she was a robot. Still, since it was all a dream, I don't know how literal I should take it.
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10-30-2010, 10:21 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Good grief...! I think if I had dreams like that, I would go insane. haha! ahktu, your dreams always seem to center around discovering a part of yourself that seems malevolent. And sometimes, you bring that to a peaceful resolution by bringing into into the light of love. But sometimes, you don't make it that far.

Curious and curious and curious.... I don't really have anything to add... I can just make that observation. haha!
"A mountain holds an echo deep inside. That's how I hold your voice."
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10-31-2010, 12:30 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-31-2010, 12:32 AM by LsavedSmeD.)
RE: The Dream Thread
Essentially guarding your thoughts mean now letting them being manipulated by fear or control. Don't let them slip away from you by means of an external trigger that is counteractive to your affiliation.

Dreams speak in Archetypes or feeling/emotion.

e.g. Tornado in your dream means that there is something that you seem to think is out of control of your life - something you cannot control. This is just a simple example. It's the feelings to look for then from there look at what happened and what emotional triggers were set off by that happening.
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11-23-2010, 10:07 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I know I haven't updated this thread in a while, but I had a crazy dream last night. The level of detail was so amazing. WARNING: Long dream with some sexual content. I have done my best to not be vulgur or to go into descriptive detail of any sex act, but the dream certainly had sexual themes to it.

I dreamed there was a cabin way up in the woods- extremely remote. You had to climb an extreme incline on foot to get there. It was apparently haunted or something- very bad vibe. Someone was talking to me about this negative energy, but I told them that as long as I had friends with me when I was there I wasn't afraid and could actually enjoy the beauty of the place. My friend Vern was there, but he looked completely different. I looked different, too. In fact, I think I was a man for a good part of the dream.

The next thing I know I'm working in an ice cream store, dishing out ice cream for people. I liked the job, but I really had to go. My hubby was sitting in the corner of the store wanting me to come with him so we could do something. An old lady was in charge of the ice cream parlor and she wouldn't let me leave and this made me angry. I was also angry at my hubby for being so impatient. I told him he would just have to wait until my shift was over.

At this point I got up to use the bathroom. When I went back to sleep, I had another dream that seemed to be in a semi-remote location. It seemed like a sort of campground. I can't remember what I was doing there, but this guy I knew in college came up to me, and there was a great deal of sexual energy about him. Now, in reality, when I knew this guy he would never even kiss a girl. He was extremely religious and thought any display of affection should be saved until marriage- even kissing. He was afraid it would cause him to think lustful thoughts before he was supposed to. He was also like a brother to me, putting himself in awkward positions to help me out when I was going through a very rough time.

In my dream, he seemed desperate to express all the sexual feelings that had been building up inside of him, but he knew so little. He barely even understood what he was feeling. I don't\ think we spoke to each other at all, but his eyes begged me to help him with this matter that he couldn't even put into words. We started touching each other, exploring each other's bodies. We never actually had sex- this was more of a teaching demonstration of what happens when two bodies connect in certain ways. He didn't seem like he could handle sex yet. I was very gentle with him, careful to not upset him, but he seemed to be soaking it all in, very pleased and somewhat relieved.

Suddenly there was a huge storm and it started flooding outside. The building we were in was right by a river, and a bunch of army guys were out there trying to throw down sandbags to keep it from overflowing. My parents showed up to get me out of there. My dad's truck was there but it seemed broken. They seemed to have a new car, though, and we shoved all of my stuff into it and I guess we left.

The next thing I remember, I had been kidnapped and taken to another sort of campground. A lot of people had been snatched from their daily lives and placed here. It seemed like something the government was running- some experiment they were doing on human behavior. We were all living in little cabins- it was ridiculous.

They took me to this room that had beds lined up in it. The beds all had two people on them. It was explained to us that we were supposed to bring the other person on the bed to orgasm, and we really didn't have a choice in the matter. The person on my bed was a girl I went to college with. Neither of us was comfortable with doing anything sexual, but they were standing right there watching us, waiting for us to start. Some of the people on the other beds were already going at it. They were apparently used to this. It was incredibly degrading.

I finally told the girl we may as well get on with it and at least try to make each other comfortable. We took off our clothes and I noticed she had gotten a huge tattoo on her back that had to do with musical notes and such. I told her I liked the tattoo and she suddenly just got up and ran out the door. The people monitoring the thing were very displeased and sent someone to fetch her, and said I would have to have another partner. I asked them if they could bring me a man, at least, and they laughed.

They finally brought in my husband and encouraged me to bring him to orgasm. Their line of thinking seemed to be "He's her husband. She won't have a problem with it now." but he was very sick and was crying and didn't want to do anything, either. In the end, I don't think anything sexual happened at all.

After that, I started plotting how to run away from the place. I had a roommate who was a girl, and she was going to help me run away. We started getting our things together, and I was considering stealing a car and just driving out of the place. However, one of the people in charge caught us packing to leave and told us we had better not even think about it.

I began going off on this woman, shouting that they couldn't just *keep* people there forever- it wasn't right. She just smiled and sent me back to my cabin. As soon as she was gone I began trying to find the money I'd come in with. I knew we would need money to get back to civilization. I was still trying to think of how we could get a car. A telepathic image was projected into my head of what would happen to me if I tried to escape. It wasn't pretty, but I didn't care. I was going to get out of there. Then I woke up.
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11-23-2010, 11:11 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread I have attempted to interpret these symbols:

The first part seems obvious to me. There is no problem in asking for help. Sharing in the company of others makes one stronger and better able to face their life's challenges, so there should be no shame in admitting when you need help (something I struggle with).

The ice cream parlor almost seems like a metaphor for physical reality. I am eager to jump out of it to go pursue what I perceive to be higher endeavors. However, my work here is not yet done and I should take joy in being able to "finish out the shift" so-to-speak.

I think the part with my friend symbolizes the sexual awakening I have undergone recently- not by having sex with numerous people, but in realizing that physical sex is just a fraction of the expression of energy exchange that takes place in the world. I have begun to grasp that this concept goes much deeper, and have been attempting to penetrate into the higher rays of energy exchange experience. It is as if I have been confined to the traditional seven colors my entire life, and suddenly discovered a whole trunk of new colors to go wth them. This is a very encouraging sign for me.

The storm may have to do with the fact that there *was* a rather severe storm going on for most of last night. The wind was howling and lashing at the windows, which may have affected my dream. However, I could also interpret it as the storm of emotions that have been overtaking me recently. It feels as if every feeling has been magnified to max potential and taken on max significance. Things I once would have thought nothing of are now utterly important in regards to catalyst, which has caused something of an emotional outpouring as I struggle to get a hold on all these new, more vivid feelings. It almost feels as if I have shed an old coat of skin like a snake and slid into something new- a level of awareness that I am not quite used to yet. Leaving the old truck for the new car could represent me leaving one old body of thought for a new one that will be able to drive me out of the storm. Of course, it could also symbolize my leaving this tired old body for a new one, but I'm not getting my hopes up on that. I am determined to be content with staying here as long as I am needed.

The whole government camp thing seems to be a metaphor for a bunch of the energy blockages I have been holding onto for years- a lot of negative thoughts, paranoia and stagnant energy. A highly dramatized metaphor, but I think this signifies that I am just ready to get rid of all that stuff, even if it is difficult and incurrs some pain along the way. Money usually represents self-worth in dreams, and the fact that I was trying to collect it before moving on means I am realizing the need to be comfortable with myself and whole in my self-worth as I enter into this new phase of my life. Once again, I take these symbols as an encouraging sign.
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11-23-2010, 11:43 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-29-2010, 05:09 PM by Eddie.)
RE: The Dream Thread
Harder times are coming. The negative elite is desparate to retain its hold on human society, and is squeezing us harder and harder. We are anticipating what will happen.

Let me share a dream I had a week or so ago. I live in KY now, but in the dream, I was back at my old property in Calvert County, Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay. My wife and I were reclining in bed, enjoying each other's company, but the bed was out in our front yard, about 15 feet in front of the house. The foot of the bed was facing East, toward the Bay. The East wall of our bedroom was missing from the house. I looked back over my shoulder at the house, and was astonished to see my own mother there, taking a picture of us, which was of course a rude violation of my privacy. I turned to my wife and made a comment on this, then turned to look back at the house, and was further astonished to see two of my mother standing there talking to each other. I turned back to look East again, just in time to see a very large and bright shooting star come down to earth from the south, heading north along the Bay. About 10 seconds later, we heard a tremendously loud "bang!", and realized that the metor had impacted the earth. I remarked to my wife that, judging from the direction that the meteor had disappeared below the horizon, and the length of time that it took the sound to reach us, the meteor had impacted in the vicinity of Galesville, MD.

Then, where our driveway had been, suddenly an office building appeared. I was ushered in, Along with a group of other people I recognized as working for the same Federal agency that employs me, even though I didn’t recognize them personally. About 10 of us were herded into a room, where an officious and rather odious bureaucrat started explaining to us that there was a “new program” with new regulations….clearly our liberties were going to be further restricted, and we Federal employees were expected to “toe the line”. I could hear the same talk being given to another group of employees in another room.

I got up to go to the bathroom. Another fellow was in there. The window, facing east, toward the direction of the meteor impact, was open. We looked out the window and could see a cloud, like a mushroom cloud, but thinner and more elongated, rising up from the point of impact. We could also see large chunks of something falling from the sky, trailing much smoke, but couldn’t discern whether those falling objects were debris from the impact explosion, or something else falling from space. It was very ominous. The dream ended, and I awoke with a start.

The point here is that we are being warned that a great struggle is headed our way in the next couple of years, and we must be prepared. We will have to stand up and demand our freedom and liberty, or surrender it forever.
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11-23-2010, 12:46 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Eddie, I, too, feel that something is coming. I feel that the negative side will likely put on one last show of biblical proportions before this environment becomes intolerable to them. However, I am not feeling a need to "fight" coming on- that we will have to take up arms and defend ourselves. In fact, I feel the very opposite. I feel that as soon as we realize no fighting is involved, we will have won the "war." I became aware of this disposition as it became part of the plot of the story I am writing. This is a bit hard to explain, but I have begun creating character concepts, and then giving them their own free will to develop the story as they desire. I write the story as I see it happen, but the plot is decided by these fragments of my personality that I have gifted with individual consciousness. Therefore, the plot does not always end as I expected it to.

I was writing a story about a government program that was capturing people with enlightened abilities and experimenting on them, due to the belief that they were "dangerous" and a "cure" needed to be made to prevent them from using these abilities. It turns out that in reality, the whole program was being staged by a negative elite who were instilling fear into the government agents running the program through various propaganda in order to be able to contain the energies, harvest and reproduce them in a way they would be able to control. (This was not part of the original was "decided" that it would be added.)

The characters imprisoned by the government escape and take on many adventures, discovering their own abilities and trying to combat the fear and prejudice that is being leaked out through the media. They began to discover their higher purpose, and that all is not as it seems, and that a vast network of metaphysical events are surrounding what has happened to them. One particular woman started out as an extreme introvert who was able to heal the illnesses of others. As the story progresses she realizes that it is the wounds in people's hearts that need healing the most, and that the planet itself can be healed through love. As her character gets stronger, she is told that she will be the one to vouch for the human race when the conflict reaches its apex. She and those with her are expecting a huge battle. Some of her friends are even getting an army together to fend off what appears to be an oncoming alien invasion.

However, when the big moment comes, things go differently. She comes face-to-face with the head official in the negative program. He comes down in a spaceship and is an enormously tall, terrifying alien. The man who has become the woman's lover goes to charge the alien to protect her, and the negative being strikes him down before her eyes, killing him without the slightest hesitation. He then demands that the woman fight him to settle this matter once and for all. He killed her lover and next he will enslave her planet. Perhaps her anger will make her strong enough to defeat him, but he is eager to get on with his plans and will not tolerate any more stalling.

However, as the woman cradles her dead lover with tears in her eyes, she tells the dark being that she will not fight him. She says it doesn't matter what he does to the people of the planet. If he enslaves them, or even kills them, he can no longer stop them from knowing the truth. They have awakened, become aware of the infinite power of love, and have realized that any situation is blessed when the knowledge of the great Oneness of the universe is present. The lover he killed will go on. He cannot destroy the soul. No matter how dark the being, there is no being in existence that can hold a candle to the infinite nature of the soul. Humanity refuses to continue the cycle of hate and fear, so he can go ahead and do whatever he feels is necessary- he cannot stop them from proceeding in joy, love and thanksgiving to the Creator. They do not need to free the body when the heart has already been liberated.

Upon these words the negative being admits defeat in this particular battle. To attempt to dwell amongst such love and compassion would be detremental to his kind. He leaves, releasing his influence on the planet, realizing that the global consciousness has shifted to the point that it can no longer be manipulated, especially through such crude physical means. There is no longer anything his army can gain from continuing to interfere. The war was won not through blades, but through a few loving words. The dark side was "killed" with kindness.

I know this was probably a rather bizarre and round about way of expressing my opinion here, but I couldn't think of any other way to explain it. These characters informed me of the feelings that rest deep within my own heart, beyond all the fear and stress I allow to accumulate upon me day by day. So it doesn't matter to me what negative beings are doing. I see absolutely no point in worrying. I am awake, and no matter how hard they try to deny it, this makes me utterly free.
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11-23-2010, 01:27 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
No, not bizarre at all....your story is the history of the world, written in metaphor.

I was not suggesting armed insurrection. Our victory will come by enlightenment of a sufficient proportion of the population, that we pass the tipping point into spiritual liberation.

A relevant video from James Gilliland:

We tend to think that we are alone, just a little group here with a tiny voice, yelling into a fierce wind, but all over the world, there are groups like ours. We are awakening, and springing up like mushrooms in a cow pasture after a rain......Cool
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11-23-2010, 01:41 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Sorry if I seemed defensive, Eddie. I am having a hard time expressing my feelings in words right now. But I believe you are right. The tipping point will be soon. The balance is already starting to teeter. I say let it come all the sooner. :-)
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11-23-2010, 02:12 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
(11-23-2010, 01:41 PM)ahktu Wrote:  I am having a hard time expressing my feelings in words right now.

You are doing a better job than 99.9% of the population could. We love your posts.

As for the frustration that you feel, you can always enter the sanctuary of a quiet, still mind. Meditation leads to liberation and joy. Try stopping the "internal dialogue" as often, and for as long, as you are able.
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11-23-2010, 03:50 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
(11-23-2010, 12:46 PM)ahktu Wrote:  Eddie, I, too, feel that something is coming. I feel that the negative side will likely put on one last show of biblical proportions before this environment becomes intolerable to them.

i believe negatives will become increasingly 'stupid' and devoid of reality.

just like how a positive entity, when placed in a negative time/space sees only darkness, cannot perceive anything, (the negative kidnapping issue discussed in ra material), i believe it will be increasingly the same for negatives in a positive world. maybe they will be able to 'see' things in time/space still, as compared to a positive in negative time/space, but, i think they will increasingly become devoid of reality, since the environment will be increasingly incompatible with their patterns.

one pointer im seeing is, the negative oriented personas becoming increasingly straight and outright in their demands, exposing their nature, and without thinking that this could damage their chances. politicians, extremists etc.
can reach me@ unity100-gmail
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11-23-2010, 06:02 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Interesting observation, U100. It does seem like the negatives are getting almost theatrical in their attempts. Some of it is so blatant it's almost humorous. I think "who would even fall for that?" Shouldn't be long before they start sounding the retreat. I think we're nearly to the point it would make them nauseous to even be here at all, as there would be little for them to feed on. I don't perceive entities in general as stupid, but I do see how it could cause a loss in polarity severe enough to cause a stagnation of the personality. Seems like the "smart" ones would be getting the hell out of dodge before it sucks even more energy out of them.
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11-26-2010, 10:44 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
One thing I have noticed is how FOX News doesn't even try to hide the fact that they are not giving you straight news anymore. Most of their shows are just talk shows that just exaggerate everything they are talking about and seeing. I can't seem to understand how shows like "Red Eye" have not been seen by people as the hypnotic/entrancing show that it is. Reminds me of people watching TeleTubies and losing all sense of concentration while watching.

Kind of funny at work, I have to be very careful what I talk about now, saying anything against FOX, CNN or any of the other fear mongering channels gets me a lot of arguments and strange looks these days.
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11-27-2010, 09:10 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I generally don't even watch TV anymore. I find most of it annoying. At times at work I have refused to eat in the breakroom because the show everyone was watching was filled with so much negative energy that it made me feel sick. But everyone was sitting there just staring at it as if in a trance. Sometimes I feel like if everyone just threw away their television set the world would be a much more aware, open-minded place. Bit I digress. Don't want to be getting on my soapbox again. :-)
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11-29-2010, 05:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-29-2010, 05:37 PM by Eddie.)
RE: The Dream Thread
Sometimes we have nocturnal experiences that are so real, so vivid, that we wonder if they were dreams, or incidents that occurred in waking "reality".

Here is an account of one such event that happened to me back in, I think, 2008.

I and my wife were in bed asleep. In the middle of the night, I was suddenly awakened by a dazzling orange light that was shining in through a window next to the bed. I hopped out of bed, opened the curtains, and peered out, to find a spacecraft of some sort descending down towards me, emitting the brilliant orange light. I turned on a bedside lamp, and reached over to shake my wife awake. I said, "Honey, there's a UFO landing in the yard!"....but I couldn't rouse her. She mumbled something and went right back to sleep.

I moved back over to the window and looked out again, to find that the craft was now ascending, apparently leaving. Puzzled, I got back into bed, but did not turn out the light.

Almost immediately, I saw the orange light coming in through the window on the wall on my wife's side of the bed (around the corner of the house). The craft landed in the yard, and right away, a man in a light blue short-sleeved jumpsuit walked through the wall, and into the room, followed by another man in an orange jumpsuit. Both were big, burly, muscular men, built like rugby players. The first appeared Polynesian....Maori or Hawaiian...and the second appeared to be of mixed race, perhaps 1/4 black and 3/4 white.

Now, to digress here for a second: I have been around a lot of Air Force officers, and am related to a several. Air Force pilots, especially fighter pilots, have a certain bearing; it's unmistakable. If you've been around such folks, you'll know what I mean. These fellows had that bearing. I immediately realized that they were flyboys from whatever it is that will replace our Air Force in 4th density, although I don't think they were military in the sense we would conceive of it now.

I took all that in at a glance. The first fellow, from his demeanor, I took to be the senior flight officer, and the second fellow, the junior flight officer. I hopped out of bed, and began a conversation with them. We spoke for a while, but I have forgotten most of the dialogue. I do remember that I had the presence of mind to discern that, if they had gone through the trouble to go back in time to meet me, they probably knew a lot about me, from a spiritual perspective; so I asked them what my mission was here, in this incarnation.....and they told me! And, darn it, I can't remember what they said! I do recall my answer to them, though: "Of course! I knew it all along". After another brief segment of conversation, which I have forgotten, the senior flight officer turned to the junior flight officer, and said, (in reference to me), something like, "It's a shame that he doesn't have the ability to understand all that we could tell him", which I took to mean, that I wasn't yet able to understand all of the 4th-density lessons that they might have been willing to impart.

With that, the two officers walked out through the wall, entered their craft, and left.

I went back to bed, turned out the light, and went back to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke, and wondered right away what had happened.

Had this been a dream? Probably, but if not, it would not be at all out of alignment with other mystical/paranormal experiences that I was having frequently during that time of my life. I still don't know.Huh
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11-29-2010, 06:29 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Eddie, this seems like a very real event that could have taken place in time/space. Possibly out of body, or possibly it was just all projected into your head. Or maybe it was even physically real. I get the feeling from the vivid description that it was more than just a random compilation of thoughts- I think it happened for a reason, to make an impression on you. It is an experience I would truly treasure. :-)
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11-29-2010, 06:30 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
(11-29-2010, 06:29 PM)ahktu Wrote:  Eddie, this seems like a very real event that could have taken place in time/space. Possibly out of body, or possibly it was just all projected into your head. Or maybe it was even physically real. I get the feeling from the vivid description that it was more than just a random compilation of thoughts- I think it happened for a reason, to make an impression on you. It is an experience I would truly treasure. :-)

I might add, that for several days prior, I had been seeking contact during prayer/deep meditation.
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11-29-2010, 07:11 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
I would say it was an answer to your prayer, then. I have asked for such experiences repeatedly, but was given the impression that I agreed beforehand to not have them for some reason- likely because I would let it distact me from my purpose. I'd still LOVE to see a UFO, though.
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11-29-2010, 09:17 PM,
RE: The Dream Thread
(11-29-2010, 07:11 PM)ahktu Wrote:  I would say it was an answer to your prayer, then. I have asked for such experiences repeatedly, but was given the impression that I agreed beforehand to not have them for some reason- likely because I would let it distact me from my purpose. I'd still LOVE to see a UFO, though.

I saw them on a number of occasions as a child. A couple of the sightings were spectacular and close-up. I cannot remember a time when I wasn't aware that "concensus reality" wasn't real at all.
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11-30-2010, 04:03 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Interesting, I have also had a UFO dream the other day. During the day, I had jokingly mentioned in conversation with someone, that if a UFO with benevolent aliens came and they asked me if I wanted to go on the spaceship with them, I probably would.
Then that night, I had a very vivid dream. I was in a house, looking out the window, and the night sky was as starry as I had never seen it before here. Then something came along, it looked like a big golden ellipse and in the middle of that elipse there was this spaceship. Everything was golden and the spaceship moved along with the ellipse... the ellipse was kind of turning around in a swirling motion, causing the movement (I do not know if I express myself clearly in English here...?) Then it was out of sight, over the house.
When I awoke I was still completely under the spell of that dream and then I got "Alpha Centauri". the next day I googled it and it appears aliens from A.C. indeed seem benevolent! Has anyone here heard about or had an experience with them?
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11-30-2010, 07:47 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
My association is mostly with the Zetas, though I haven't had much experience firsthand with ANY ET beings, that I clearly remember anyway. I've seen Greys in my meditations, and I dreamed about them once.

I actually had a dream the other night- I really wish I'd written it down as soon as I woke up, because I ended up forgetting most of it. I dreamed I was in a high altitude, snowy place. Someone told me I would meet an alien, but they would not look like an alien, and they had disguised their ship. I ended up meeting this woman standing next to a tank (apparently the ship had been disguised as a tank?) and she started telling me all kinds of things I can't remember that seemed really important.

Finally she asked me something about "the manuscript" and I just stared at her blankly. Her eyes got wide and she said "You haven't read the manuscript?!?" Like she couldn't believe it. She told me the manuscript's title and it's author, but that got all jumbled up when I woke up. Apparently this "manuscript" was about 800 pages long, and it was very important that I read it. For a mission, or something...

I really wish I could remember more.
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11-30-2010, 08:24 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Zeta is also... Zeta Centauri? I also get Taurus a lot now, but despite the name... tauri, it does not appear to be the same, since Taurus is another constellation in the sky.
Does Centauri come from Centaur, half man, half horse?
Yes I often wish I could remember more from my dreams too. I had the same as you, someone would tell me something really important and it made great sense during the dream, almost as if I had found the meaning of the Universe and when I woke up it was gone. But this knowledge is still there, in the subconscious I guess, and we gained from the dream nevertheless.
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11-30-2010, 08:58 AM,
RE: The Dream Thread
Can you tell us about the vibe of those greys, or that woman Akthu?
What did it do to you to experience them up close? Even if only in meditation or dreams?

Zeta's are supposedly from zeta reticuli, it's about 10 times as distant but with about 40 lightyears that is still relatively close by. I hear that they're also incredibly varied. Both in physical form and their allegiances.
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