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Corkboard Guidelines

If you’ve ever wandered into a coffee shop, auto repair center, or other establishment and noticed a corkboard on which were pinned business cards, advertisements, products for sale, and services offered, you will understand the inspiration for the name and purpose of this forum.

The guidelines for the appropriate use of this forum are as follows:

1) This is to be used strictly by and for Bring4th members only. If it is discovered that you have created a membership for the sole purpose of soliciting the forums, your membership and your posts may be deleted.

2) Your product or service – or recommendation of a product or service – must be positively oriented and in alignment with the service to others oriented spirit of these forums and the work of L/L Research. In short, this means honesty, integrity, and accurate representation of the product or service with zero intent to deceive, manipulate, or represent a product or service in a false light.

3) Critiquing of products or services is welcome, but as with every other sector of the Bring4th website, such activity is to be undertaken in a tone of respect at all times. Members who, though they may have something legitimate to say, cannot do so in respectful language, may be put on moderated status.

4) Once a post is created about a product or service, members may reply to that post in order to inquire into and/or discuss the product or service. However, all negotiations and monetary transactions will take place off of the Bring4th website.

5) Members are asked to report all suspicious activity to the Bring4th moderation team

6) Should the moderation team determine that the product or service does not serve the Bring4th community, the moderation team reserves the right to delete the post containing the inappropriate product advertisement.

7) Bring4th forum does not necessarily endorse any products advertised on the forum, and is not responsible for the safety, effectiveness, or legality of any advertised products; nor is Bring4th responsible for the misrepresentation of a product or service by its author. It is up to each member to assume full responsibility for the purchase of any product or service advertised on Bring4th. Bring4th reserves the right to delete any advertisements for any products found to be harmful, offensive, or illegal. In those cases, such activities may also be reported to the appropriate authorities.

8) Bring4th reserves the right to delete advertisements that have been inactive. The advertising section of our forum is for the benefit of our members. Advertisements posted by non-participating members may be deleted without notice.
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