***Please Read Before Posting! Session in Focus Guidelines***
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Exclamation  ***Please Read Before Posting! Session in Focus Guidelines***
The L/L Research Transcript Library begins in 1974 when Carla Rueckert learned the protocols to consciously channel the Confederation sources from her partner, Don Elkins. From that point forward, Carla and other vocal channels have continued to channel these same sources whose message, over the span of three and a half decades, has been unerringly focused on the core spiritual principles of unity, love, light, and joy. Catalogued in chronological order within the L/L Transcript Library are the over 1,500 sessions channeled between 1974 and the present day. The purpose of this forum is to offer an environment for discussing the truly massive and virtually inexhaustible content within the L/L Transcript Library.

To help organize discussion, please follow this standard title format when posting discussion about a single particular session:

Year.Month.Day. For instance, January 2, 1994 would appear as: 1994.01.02. This will keep the forum organized and allow users to easily locate a session by using the THREAD sort option and toggling between ASC (ascending) and DESC (descending).

[Image: bringthsortingthreadsjpg.jpg]

Please be sure that you follow this format if you decide to begin your own discussion thread on a particular session. Feel free to add a description or topic of the session following the date.

**Though The L/L Research Transcript Library includes the 106 sessions of the Ra Contact or “Law of One” material, the “Strictly Law of One” forum already exists for the discussion of those 106 sessions. This forum is designed to discuss all non-Ra sessions from the L/L Research Transcript Library.

Forum moderators may alter thread titles in order to ensure that the forum remains organized and consistent. It may also be necessary to merge threads together if a member creates a duplicate thread. Please be extra careful and double-check the existing threads before creating a new one.

If you have any questions or ideas for improvement, please contact the moderator team.
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