An Error on the Forum
03-23-2013, 02:38 PM,
An Error on the Forum
Admin hasn't been online in a while so I don't know who else to PM.

I tried to post a reply to a topic in Science and Technology and I got an error saying it was longer than maximum length for a title and cant be posted. Weird. Can someone look into it?
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03-23-2013, 03:48 PM,
RE: An Error on the Forum
I'm assuming that the thread you were having issues with was the one titled "Neuroscientist: “the brain is not computable and no engineering can reproduce it.”

The issue pops up when a thread title is just under the maximum character limit. When you hit reply, the forums automatically add "Re:" to the title of the reply, which has the same limit as the thread title, causing the limit to be surpassed. This can be avoided by just changing the title field of the reply (cannot be done from quck reply), though reporting this to the mods is appreciated so we can fix the thread title to allow posts without any fuss.

I went ahead and altered the thread title so it will allow you to reply, it should be good now.

Thanks for bringing this up. For future reference, if there are any tech issues you can feel free to contact myself or Bring4th_Aaron, if we cannot get them taken care of then we will be sure that an admin sees it.
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