The LLResearch/Bring4th Unification Project
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RE: The LLResearch/Bring4th Expansion Project
An update on how things are evolving.

In merging and into one website, one of the biggest questions that arises concerns how best to organize and arrange the various components.

To answer that question, we are considering using a global navigation panel that will be available from every page of the new site. So far as our plans have taken us, this menu panel will consist of seven parent categories that extend left to right across the page. This is common way to create navigation for websites. When you hover the pointer over the parent category, a vertical drop-down menu appears with the child categories.

We’ve put together a rough draft version of one possible way to implement this menu, effectively unifying two websites into one.

Below is a screenshot image. I’ve also attached a Word doc to this post.

The blue-colored items are redundant in the menu.

We’d love any feedback you may have! Do you see any weaknesses or strengths in this plan? Have any alternative ideas?

[Image: acwGlODM.png]

We are aiming to arrange the site into subfolders instead of sub-domains. For instance:

Most items you see in the global navigation panel will have their own subfolder, or page. Though some subfolders may combine more than one element from the navigation panel.

Each page will be underneath both the global navigation panel and an L/L banner that stretches across the top of the page. While the navigation panel will remain the same across every page, we are thinking that the banner will vary in size according to the page. For instance, the landing page ( will have a full size banner, whereas the forum page ( will have a smaller banner across the top to give more space to the forums.

Otherwise, the page won’t be competing with anything else within its own space.

Steve is doing a ton of research on how best to design the site in order to accommodate mobile and tablet devices.

And we’re thinking about using a system whereby, using your account, you could mark transcripts as “read” and “unread”, perhaps even starring and notating some, to make the archive a better, more personal resource.

And as mentioned in the previously post, Steve is looking to put all the transcripts

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