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Thanks Gary, enjoyed the reply.

Attempts hard to not make a mega-long post of death, for Parson's sake.

(08-21-2013, 01:50 PM)Bring4th_GLB Wrote:  Who makes that judgment call for others, though? What is the ultimate, universal standard that applies equally to all people irrespective of their depth of understanding and their position along the evolutionary timeline?
This is a great question, let me see if I can answer it.

Yes, the choice ultimately does reside with the seeker, as always.

One universal standard I see is "power". Power comes from knowledge and it enables one to pursue one's desires. All, except for 7th density, seek it in their own way & polarity. The pursuit of power creates choices.

As far as the usefulness of anything is concerned, it is important not to be black and white, which does infringe on free will. For everything IS useful.
In the same breath it is important to emphasize that from a temporal perspective of one's life, one's current incarnation, there exists disempowering and empowering sources of knowledge.
Which the seeker will have to determine at every stage of their path.

That some channelings are designed to take away the seeker's power in the most sweet and subtle of ways, by placating the seeker's ego then by further strengthening it.
And all the ways in which this is done, can be listed/demonstrated. So the emphasis is made for people to observe what they are seeking, empowerment or disempowerment.
The former of course being expressed either through STO or STS. And the latter through the ego desires of a STS nature.
An experience down the ego path can be utilized for learning, very, very powerful learning in fact, but it never hurts to create awareness of everything that can/is happening,
with an unbiased slant, merely a documentation of what is possible.

Little things like that, that immediately teach someone something, who might just be quick scanning through the intro pages.
Something that catches someone's attention, fulfills a need of being understood, gives a piece of empowering advice for free....
If one chooses one's words carefully, much can be accomplished with very little text. [Image: 2n1ulao.gif]
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