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RE: The LLResearch/Bring4th Unification Project
Yes that is a very good point peregrine, I have noticed this as well and not just here, it is a common thing everywhere.
Glad you brought this up. I've been observing this very phenomenon for over 2 years now.

It has to do with several things.

Firstly, for some people it might have to do with being appreciated which in turn has to do with self-worth. Which in turn has to do with acceptance of other selves.

For others it provides an important forum for the exchange of ideas, ie expression of self, which when this lacks, seems to result in withdrawal. This is due to two reasons, either it is a simple pursuit of a specific goal - if not quickly satisfied the individual seeks elsewhere - which is a natural exercise of free will. The other reason that I've noticed has to do with expectation/anticipation and attachment, which results in not being able to process the now moment as it is. It points out precisely what such a person is uncomfortable with (non-accepting of) and tells them where their lesson lies.

For others - actually probably for all, it seems to do with levels of consciousness or awareness or understanding and this determines that/if some are tied to a particular teaching(or knowledge) more than others, while those others are much more free to utilize anything and everything at their disposal, whether it be this or that material or one's own understanding/wisdom. Ie reading between the lines, though this in itself requires a diligence and sometimes a team effort.

In fact the feeling of alienation or unfulfillment due to an external state of things, says what about the self??

All three of these cross each other at certain points and each ties into the previous.

I am certainly for the occasional joke or differently toned response thrown into a topic of a certain flavor, unless stipulated by the initiator of such a discussion that all should remain serious and "on-topic", acceptance of such things is an STO quality. It is the spice of life.

As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as "off-topic", everything is connected. Unless you have a determined de-railer on your hands, most people contribute because they feel they have something to contribute, no matter the nature of it. And I view self-expression as the cornerstone/foundation of existence.
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