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Quote:Light of Wisdom: Download Link:

Thanks so much for this! I've added this to the pile on Steve's desk. It will likely not be something he does before the websites are unified into one. But when and as that unification happens, this can be something he processes with the other items.

Also, you were suggesting that some metric be included in a new website that helps the seeker differentiate "useful" from "useless" information.

I asked how it would be possible to create a universal standard that applies to all people regardless of their needs and position in the stream of evolution.

And you replied:

Quote:Light of Wisdom: One universal standard I see is "power". Power comes from knowledge and it enables one to pursue one's desires.

Personally I agree wholeheartedly that the extent to which the information empower the seeker, surrendering any power it may hold over the seeker, is a key determinant of the information's value. And a great starting point in evaluating spiritually oriented information.

However, again we come back to the problem of universality. Not everyone wants to be empowered. Many people involved in fundamentalist religious interpretation would emphatically, albeit unconsciously, prefer *not* to have the power of responsibility, of creating their own reality, of having to find their own way, etc.

So we could perhaps create a means to measure and distill the value of information based upon a set criteria, but we could not claim objectivity. Any criteria we set forth would naturally and only be from our perspective, informed though that perspective may be by higher-density sources and the relative depth of our own study and understanding.

I think it a worthwhile essay, though! "Sorting the Diamonds from the Rough: How Most Channeled Information is Rubbish." : )

Quote:Peregrine: First, I don't know how to spell this out, but it seems to me that various people enter into the Material at different levels. Maybe some are interested in the more literal aspects, some care about how it could support whatever their own biases are, some thrive on the general social aspect, some on the intellectual stuff, some on the experiential, some feel it's a groovy thing to associate with, and so on. The differentiation and support of these different levels of approach seems to be guided by a passive process. I wonder if the management would consider refining this deliberately...somehow?

That's an interesting point. We were internally discussing that conundrum recently. As mentioned previously in this thread, we plan to create a "Start Here" section for the new seeker to the website who may need some orientation and easing into the information.

And we will improve the layout of the site so that there is less digging needed to get right into the meat of the material. This will be especially helpful for the seeker who needs no introduction but who, much like was true in my case, feels their soul's path change the moment they encounter the information, or at least breathes a profound sigh of relief and perhaps does a cartwheel, or two.

However, these basic, broad entry-points are not as differentiated and nuanced as you suggest. We're not precisely sure how to meet each particular type of need and create a doorway for each temperament, but we will certainly try to build as many bridges as possible!

We hope to use the new website to highlight the research and writing of others that compares and synthesizes the Confederation material with other, perhaps more terrestrial sources of information. This might help provide more doors suited to more personality types.

Quote:Peregrine: Secondly, speaking of deeper engagement, in your proto-menu I didn't notice an emphasis on ways people can contribute to "the cause," not monetarily, but in other ways. I can't think of anything specific at the moment, but it's something you may wish to ponder for a moment.

We hope to foster greater engagement and participation, whether through volunteer projects, networking, or contributions of a non-monetary sort. Though it's all open and of an experimental flavor.

Quote:Peregrine: So, what I'm suggesting is an overall format that allows the scholarly types to do their work while offering a discrete place for those seeking advice about a current issue in their lives, another spot for the casual chatter and so forth. From the way the forums are set up it seems as though this was originally intended. I'm averring that such a goal could be more successfully achieved.

Frankly, I feel that the fact that the pursuit of deepening serious understanding is not segregated from the more temporal or off-hand dialogue on this site prevents there forming an accessible body of discussion of lasting value. This perceived fact is only heightened by the general turnover of site users where new people are entering and the more experienced often lose interest. That is, they are offered no satisfying means of engagement.

What you point to is a forum-specific issue, and is a lamentation that's been voiced before. How to segregate the more focused from the less focused, the more in-depth from the shallow. How to keep like efforts together and sustain penetrating, productive inquiry, and keep the off-topic chatter to a minimum for certain threads and topics.

We attempted an "Advanced Studies" forum once to meet this need, but it didn't seem to fly.

There is some tweaking of the forums that we have in mind to help facilitate a solution to the issue you identify above, but how effective or helpful it will be is unknown at this point. Austin proposed using the current basic division of the forums into two broad sections, but repurposing the first section as "Spiritual Studies" and the second as "Community'. Naturally with great overlap between the two, but with the emphasis delineated along those lines.

While I concur that there is need for the more focused, sustained, mutually productive discussion that produces something, as you mention, of greater enduring value in terms of the usefulness of its content to other readers, I would note that perhaps the greatest value of the forums is not the content itself, but the meeting of person to person, and the embrace therein.

Thanks Light of Wisdom, Lycen, and Peregrine for contributing!!

: ) Gary

Explanation by the tongue makes most things clear, but love unexplained is clearer. - Rumi
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