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RE: The LLResearch/Bring4th Unification Project
(09-10-2013, 05:57 PM)Bring4th_GLB Wrote:  However, again we come back to the problem of universality. Not everyone wants to be empowered. Many people involved in fundamentalist religious interpretation would emphatically, albeit unconsciously, prefer *not* to have the power of responsibility, of creating their own reality, of having to find their own way, etc.
Yes well said.

There is also another perspective, a much smaller one. People still prefer which job they work at, which school they go to, which person they fall in love with, what they purchase, where they go to holidays, what is better for them and what is worse.......
And instead of seeing a lessening of this choice making there is a rise, due no doubt to the natural rise of awareness. These are all demonstrations of power and having the ability to exercise it.

And these normal everyday things tie in/connect very much to loftier ones such as "creating one's own reality", "responsibility" and so on. Even a mother would like to have power of choice which milk (Monsanto or non) to give to her son, which school he should go to to ensure a stable life for him.... That is her responsibility.

I don't think there is one person in the world that could not teach another something, that even the most seasoned individual would not see their life anew because of it.

This whole idea of this article is just an idea, it's not necessary in an ultimate sense.
But I do find that it cuts down on the time certain individuals spend meandering through the wastes. Ie it provides a great service to those who need guidance.

(09-10-2013, 05:57 PM)Bring4th_GLB Wrote:  I think it a worthwhile essay, though! "Sorting the Diamonds from the Rough: How Most Channeled Information is Rubbish." : )
It is important to demonstrate balance when demonstrating polarity of any sort - well at least for STO candidates. Such topics, need to put the information on display and let the seeker choose how to proceed, in order to remain as objective as possible.

There is always the reminder that one's (free will) choices in life are based on the increasing level of one's knowledge of self and that that is always the last and primary voice that one can listen to.

With maybe a classier subtitle:
How Most Channeled Information is Applesauce.
How Most Channeled Information is Folderol
How Most Channeled Information is Flapdoodle

There is a bunch of other ones, especially British ones, that are just ROFL, but I desist. Big Grin


Btw, there is a couple of emoticons I did not include in that zip pack, I posted them in an above post, hope you got them as well.

Anything else you need, for example nice fonts, like art nouveau style?
Or really cool symbols that you can use as page separators, embellishments...?

Something like this:
[Image: yabb_b77_u5jbh.png]

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