The LLResearch/Bring4th Unification Project
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RE: The LLResearch/Bring4th Unification Project
Hello Kainous,

(09-10-2013, 11:00 PM)kainous Wrote:  A few things that were impressed on my mind as soon as I read this:
  • A comments section per question (Ra reading) that is naturally hidden so that you must "do something" (i.e. click an expander) to view them. This would need to be heavily moderated, and the comments to be up/down voted. Overall, this would enable the community to:
    • Provide links, images and sites that may help with explanations of some of what they have uncovered on the web by other seekers
    • Tie in some of what the community has seen elsewhere (Bible verse, Tao Te Ching, physics book, etc.)
    • Express where some words and phrases come
    • Seek farther by explaining what they've read according to their own lives

Effectively using a bullet-point list, you have spoken to my heart. : )

This idea actually first appeared earlier this year. Another seeker suggested a similar thing to Tobey. We discussed it and determined that the oversight necessary is beyond our current resources, and it might prove distracting to the smooth reading of the text. Though it's an intriguing idea, as something may be discovered that can be linked to a Ra Q&A that would help the reader. For instance, the bio-rhythms tool.

For now, we decided Tobey would continue as he always has, receiving any suggestions someone may have and adding those he determines will be beneficial. (Considering he's the world's foremost authority on the content of the Law of One material, a Ra purist, and creator of the greatest best tool for Law of One study, I think he's eminently qualified to call the shots in this regard.)

Your other idea for the thumbnail/full size picture is good as well. If the forum software supports that, I'm certainly interested. Personally I would like to see the forums/website have more of the interconnectedness between member accounts and versatility that Facebook uses.

(09-10-2013, 11:00 PM)Light of Wisdom Wrote:  With maybe a classier subtitle:
How Most Channeled Information is Applesauce.
How Most Channeled Information is Folderol
How Most Channeled Information is Flapdoodle

= )

Thanks for the additional emoticons. Some of them <ahem> may not make the cut.

I have added it to Steve's task list (just the way our process works). So Bring4th will get a whole new set of emoticons, but it may not be till the new site goes live, which hopefully will happen Dec 25.

Lots of love,

Explanation by the tongue makes most things clear, but love unexplained is clearer. - Rumi
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