A whole forum dedicated to Gaia?
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A whole forum dedicated to Gaia?
Greetings to all,

I wish we had a whole forum dedicated only for planet Earth's and all materiel related. That would include, apart from Ra and Qu'o information, Earth relation to our Solar system, to the sun and the moon, questions about the Hollow Earth, Gaia meditations, weather and weather patterns including chem-trails and HAARP, pollution of air, water and food, crystals and caves, plants, animals, etc. Has anyone noticed how animals are changing their behavior in amazing ways, helping one another through species?

Moderators and friends out there, what do you think? Should we have a forum dedicated to Gaia? I really wish we had! I can see the immense benefit in awareness which would grow from the knowledge, love and understanding which we could share about Earth and what she is going through at this particular moment.

I think and feel in my heart that the understanding of what is related to Earth is paramount to our spiritual development as human beings. I also feel that it is important to her evolution and four density shift. We need Earth more than she needs us. We are certainly shaping her future with our thoughts and emotions, with our actions upon our environment. Sharing our understanding to what is happening to mother Earth, would bring more awareness to us as a societal complex. There is so much good we can do while we are here in incarnation!

Some valuable material exists which we could share within the boundaries of a new forum entirely dedicated to Earth.

Besides, mother Earth IS part of our human consciousness. I say we bring her in as a new line for a forum. She needs our support in all ways we possibly can and, there is a great deal to share in regards to Gaia.

With a new forum only for Earth, all threads related could be reunited in the same place! Smile

Meanwhile, I will start by indicating a link to information and insights about a couple of events happening to our planet, things that we cannot ignore and should not. Awareness of these facts and more may help to shape your meditations on Gaia; it certainly helps mine in the direction of protecting and healing her, helping her going through the new change.


IMO, there is some emergency to the situation of Gaia the Joyful!
She needs all the love she can get!

What say you? Smile

Love and Light and, Peace on Earth,

Keeping the light on in the dark Idea
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