Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
09-20-2014, 09:49 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Edit to add: I'm aware that earlier I gave the impression that I work in mental health, I don't. My desire to study that field when I was younger is what led to my interest in people's outlooks on the world and led to me meeting a lot of unstable people, which detracted from my desire to work in psychiatry. I am a layman regarding a lot of that psychological stuff so take it with a grain of salt.

Edit 2: I'm sorry for how snarky this sounded. I removed the post because on reflection it wasn't great or really relevant to the thread
My queries are spent, I am done here thank you all for participating. Best of luck in the world who knows you may be right, but I highly doubt it. You are of course entitled to your views, I didn't mean to attack them though that eventually happened. I came here with the goal of discussing this material in an honest and critical light (without bothering for identity forging and ego boosting [even though I talked about myself a fair bit still] thus no account name) and have been satisfied with the efforts.
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RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
(09-20-2014, 09:49 PM)Account1 Wrote:  If everyone knew the secret, that everything is true we wouldn't be allowed to pursue our little fascinations. We really would be better off if we all just dropped out and studied magic and aligned our energy centers. If only people knew so we could overthrow the government and live in the woods in harmony, without responsibility, like children.

Language is so familiar. It's like deja vu. Smile

STO is about universal love and therefore includes the self. All is acceptable. All. Every single thing. 
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09-21-2014, 12:06 AM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Thank you Account1, you have brought some of my fears to light and articulated some of my thoughts better than I could have. Good luck.
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09-21-2014, 03:22 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-21-2014, 03:24 AM by Adonai One.)
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
I'm going to close this thread with this image:

[Image: YtStiMv.png]
...only one important statement...All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.
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RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Deleted this. Just didn't feel right.
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09-21-2014, 05:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-26-2014, 05:30 PM by third-density-being.)
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
I will not refer to You as an "Account1", therefore I'll Greet You as follows:

Hello Dear Atheist,

I took my time and I’ve read the entire thread. I've paid utmost attention to the way You were presenting your world/reality view and on what basis You've approached The Law of One. Based on my observations, I think there's a need for far more basic discussion.

Above all I would like to point out, that You equate Mind with what You've called as:
Comment #140
(09-18-2014, 11:50 PM)Account1 Wrote:  The western empirical tradition (..)

This is not so. "Western empirical tradition" is a framework for the Mind, in which he operates. I can assure You, that I can more than relate to that framework of the Mind, as I was also raised and taught to perceive and understand my reality within it. Such framework results in obtaining quite rigid/fixed mindset which becomes a foundation for evaluation of everything that Mind encounters. As far as I know/understand, this framework/mindset is optimal in perceiving, operating and understanding within three-dimensional, physical reality.

But this framework/mindset is not something, that can be called as objectivity. In fact, "objectiveness" does not exist - it is merely an Idea which is pursued by Mind within "western empirical tradition" framework. To state, that it is an "objective framework", is to express a belief.

However, without any doubt We can state, that this is an overwhelmingly dominating, subjective framework of the Mind in nowadays world. Because We do not have any point of reference, it is very hard - especially for those with strong Mind-approach - to perceive such framework from (any) perspective.

If We would look hard enough, We could find other "frameworks of the Mind" currently present on this Planet among some indigenous groups of Peoples, that lives in detachment from "western world".
Of course from Our "framework point of view" such groups are understood/labeled as "primitive" and it is often hard for Us to understand Their "ways of the Mind". On the other hand, it is equally hard for Them to understand Us, and Our "ways of the Mind", while They operate in far different "framework" - and in consequence - They possess far different "mindset".

But as I wrote above, I do believe (conscious believe) that "western empirical tradition" is an optimal framework for dealing with reality that We are currently experiencing through Our five senses. In other words, mindset induced by such framework is very effective tool, in dealing and utilizing three-dimensional data, that are translated by Our senses and interpreted by Mind within given, physical reality.

I would like to underline that I do understand this argumentation of yours:
Comment #149
(09-19-2014, 12:50 AM)Account1 Wrote:  Yes but making stuff up with no physical or experiential counterpart is some animistic tribal stuff. Like I said before assuming that all different explanations and models of reality hold the same degree of accuracy and therefore it is simply a matter of choosing one like a pair of clothes is ridiculous. Relativism is the bane of intellectual development.
- but this stands "only" within framework of the Mind that You've adopted - or to be more precise - that was imposed on You, same as on all of Us, during Our upbringing/education/socialization process. We were equipped with optimal "framework of the Mind" for environment/reality We found Our-Selves in, to be able to operate within it as efficient, as possible - and I do consider/perceive it as "natural" (or even necessary) process of imposing/adopting.

Therefore every time when We are talking about process of "objectifying", it always refers to concrete, given framework, in which Mind operates. It's not a "stand alone" nor "universal" (as valid in every, possible circumstances) process/phenomenon. Each time it is done within given "frames of understanding" / "frames within which Mind operates".

My one and only purpose in writing all above, was/is to enable You to look at your current mindset from a certain perspective. As long, as You are treating it as an "absolute", You are blinded by it.

At this point I would like to underline, that I'm not writing about/suggesting an "abandonment" of your current mindset, but to become consciously aware of its non-absoluteness.
Take proverbial "step back" in perception of Self, and try to see the "wholeness" of your approach - the way You are encountering with your Mind your-Self, Other-Selves and the entire reality We are existing in.

This is very important, because only through such examination of your own mindset, You will be able to see/perceive its limitation. The most important boundary of your current framework/mindset (which You've expressed in your comments) is inability of reaching beyond three-dimensional, physical reality with Mind that possess such "working/operating structure".
In other words, while holding dearly to this framework/mindset, and considering it as an "absolute", You simply do not have "technical capability/necessary tools" of pursuing any Knowledge/Experience, that transgress/transcends physical reality and its causality.

And that was exactly my own conclusion after over ten years of my own atheism, while I was trying to examine my Self. I realized, that I need a new/different framework within which I could operate with my Mind, to move further in my seekings.

I've spend over two years with very, very open mind, while learning many, different points of view/theories/claims - many were classified as "New Age stuff" - as You called them. But I tried not to use such "container-category" in my thinking, and I've treated each point of view/theory/claim as separate and whole. I were looking for coherent framework that would provide me with any basis for operating with my Mind beyond material reality. I've found many, sometimes very stupendous points of view/claims, that was simply inconsistent and contradictory to their own assumptions (!)
That was the method I've used to evaluate them - I've used my Mind to adopt assumptions of each claim/theory and I tried to build with it a coherent framework for the Mind.

At some point I've met the RA Materials and I've examined it in the very same fashion - and that was a turning point for me. I've spend many years trying to falsify this Knowledge - and yet, I could not find any inconsistency in it. There is no one place in The Law of One, where it contradict itself. It possess very coherent framework/point of view and for years now I try to use it to build proper mindset to examine that, which is beyond material reality. It also became a "falsification tool" for me, when I'm encountering other claims/theories/sources of Knowledge.

At this point - after writing all above - I can answer your question, which You've asked in first post, that started this thread.

No, I do not "believe" in The Law of One. There's nothing to "believe in" - I am Seeking within framework proposed by RA Materials and this is an ongoing process. This is not "passive acceptance" of that, what is given. I am actively seeking, and there are periods when I am simply rejecting this point of view. Sometimes I'm simply tired (within my Mind) of operating on such highly abstract level, especially that I do not find any, solid confirmation of it in my outside environment.

In moments like that my original motivation - why I started those seekings in the first place - become the key factor. As I'm getting back to my "old" framework/mindset, I'm left with same state of "lack of answers" as before. In time, as I "rest and regenerate" in quite comfortable material reality (comfortable for my Mind, which has no problems in operating within it), I begin to see/perceive every time futility of "western empirical tradition" framework, in delivering an answers that I am looking for.

And my "question" - or more precisely "parameters of my seekings" - was/were quite simply -I would like to reach with my Mind beyond that, what is directly given by my five senses. I wanted to examine if there is anything at all beyond what I was able to perceive in "default way", especially that on my inner, subjective level of Consciousness, I was convinced, that there is more than, so called, "material reality".

With above I've reached another point, that I would like to emphasize in this comment - that is the "technical side" of my seekings - what "tools" are used in working within such framework.

But before I do that, I would like to express my understanding for your particularly difficult position/situation in context of such "seekings".
From what I've understood, You are a psychiatrist and because of that, You stand in "double-jeopardy" position:
1. It is required of You, to work with Patients, that according to your current framework/mindset (in which You were raised) are "dysfunctional" and it is your duty/responsibility, to evaluate, diagnose and to propose proper treatment to Them. For You to be able to do that, You simple require quite clear and rigid "mindset", to operate efficiently and not to let your Self to "fall" for/into your Patients "dysfunctions"/"delusions".
2. You exist/live in an environment - with your Peers, superiors and other authority - that strongly enforces Your current framework/mindset. Moreover, it is expected of You to possess such fixed/rigid mindset and You are quite often "double-checked"/controlled in that manner/area - i.e. via your Supervisor (therapist of the therapist). If You would show/demonstrate such relativity in your approach, of which I've wrote above, You would inevitable found your Self "on the other side" - You would become a Patient.

Therefore I do understand your extremely difficult position in that regard.
Unfortunately this is also the reason, why You currently lacks the proper tools, to pursue seekings, of which I'm writing about.

Since We are talking/writing about non-material nature of seekings, it is obvious, that it is impossible (my conscious belief - maybe it will be possible one day, with proper technology) to examine this sphere with "translation of data" provided to Us by Our five senses (and in consequence - build mind-representations of reality, that consists of data of same nature - image/sound/taste/smell/touch sensation).
Therefore the only "place", "where" One can conduct such seekings, is His/Her own Consciousness. Especially, that if the assumption of "non-material existence" is laid out, consequently Consciousness it-Self should be reexamine, in accordance to newly adopted framework/mindset.

Therefore when We are talking/writing about tools of described above seekings, they are within Consciousness. And this is the point, at which the most significant problems arising, when One possess "western empirical tradition" framework.
Above all, this framework does not differentiate states of Consciousness - at best, there are such "surface divisions" made, as "awakening state" and "sleeping state" - optional conscious/unconscious. But there's no deeper differentiation than that. Every "deviation" from predominate state of consciousness, is considered as "dysfunction" (at best there are stated "degrees of dysfunction" in relation to "functioning capability" in physical reality/body understood as "biological machine") and is treated as something unwanted/harmful - something, that One must get rid of as soon, as possible.

Yet, this is the key to seekings, that are undergone by many of Beings present here, on this forum - within the Consciousness, and via direct, subjective experience.

The subjective aspect of such "inner work" is another obstacle for Mind situated within "western empirical tradition" - on one hand possibility of receiving "confirmation" from Our Peers, Superiors or institutions/organizations (i.e. universities) is practically "gone" - at best You can confront your own interpretations of your seekings with Other-Selves, as We do it here, on this forum (but sometimes We lack proper labels/names, to do even that). On the other hand, when One is conducting such seekings, the validity of subjective experience must be acknowledged, as this is in fact the "framework" (Consciousness and subjective experience) of seekings of non-material nature.

Now, if You truly want to pursue this path, I can recommend You - beside The Law of One - two other books - both wrote by Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts (and to be more precisely - Jane Roberts was channeling Entity calling Him-Self as "Seth").
1. "The Nature of Personal Reality" (A Seth Book);
2. Seth Speaks - "The Eternal Validity of the Soul".

Both books are consonant with the point of view presented within The Law of One and for One working within Consciousness, they are simply fascinating. Especially, that both "Seth books" contains more practical application within presented framework, than The Law of One. Ra presented very condense and wide/general point of view - Seth on the other hand focused on far "lesser" area, that have to do directly with "inner work" and personal experience.

Now, I do not recommend You only/simply "read and find out" approach. This is not enough and have not much to do with actual "inner work"/true seekings. I do recommend You to be open enough, to make an authentic effort to adopt presented in those books point of view/framework and conduct proposed exercises in an extended period of time.
All that requires mentioned above effort and readiness to actually change your mindset. As I wrote before, I do not recommend You an abandonment, but merely a conscious understanding of what your current "mindset" really is, to separate what You understand as your Mind from framework within which Mind operates and to be flexible enough, to temporarily adopt new/different framework, that will result in building new/different mindset.

However I do not think You are at this point ready for such path. I've concluded it based on your current motivation that led You to reading The Law of One, and which You've expressed in your comment #117:
(09-18-2014, 12:21 AM)Account1 Wrote:  So I attempted to understand these people, I read their books explored their worldviews and mythologies and thus am here.
In other words You have not done this because of your own, inner need, but I think that You are treating it as some kind "elongation of dysfunction" of your patients. With such motives, You are not prepared to actually change your mindset, but instead through the prism of your current framework You are trying to evaluate this Knowledge. I may be wrong, but above is my impression based on your Words/argumentation.

My own seeking in this field for example, started with deep dissatisfaction with limited answers I was able to get, while I was operating within "western empirical tradition" framework. This motivates me to firstly become conscious in regards to the limitation of my mindset, and than to honest seekings for one, that could deliver me more essential answers, than just "variations of particles/molecules configuration', etc.
In other words due to my deep motivation, there was a readiness in me, to make a significant effort and to examine this field from many, many different points of view, within many different frameworks - as I wrote before, in The Law of One I've found framework so coherent and consistent, that allowed me to work within it with my Mind.

Now, ending my definitely too long comment, I would like to underline, that if You truly wish to examine The Law of One - and remain honest within your examination - You should treat it as one, separate and whole. When You are approaching RA Materials, there should not exist in your Mind any "other New Age stuff" - especially, that label "New Age" is a way of non-differentiation - it is a "container-label", that was created through arbitrary and non-discriminating associations.

All I have Best in me for You
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09-21-2014, 06:18 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
My personal experiences have been so intense that I put together what makes sense as best I can, using my will power, then move onto the next experience.

There is hardly time to question things in a detailed manner.
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09-21-2014, 07:17 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
third-density-being, that was a very good post. I wanted to tell you because just clicking the "like" button wasn't enough.
"Those of like mind which together seek shall far more surely find."
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09-21-2014, 07:21 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
(09-17-2014, 12:46 AM)Account1 Wrote:  ...
Quote:Simple, this "stuff" sounds truer to me than anything else I have ever read... and I am a science oriented person to begin with.

Are you educated in the philosophy of science? Do you have any empirical justification for believing that aliens built the pyramids, altered human dna, that lincoln had two souls (that souls exist), that entire universe is a conscious being, that matter is light, that light is a differentiation of "love", that love is underlying dynamic force of the universe, that free will even exists and is a universal principle in the process and structure of the universe?

I just saw that you had replied to me. I am sorry I missed it before and it looks like you are gone now and won't read my reply, but here goes anyway.

"Are you educated in the philosophy of science?"

No formal education, my formal education is in computer science. But I learned a great deal about the scientific process as defined by Karl Popper and I apply it in my personal research. I learned (self-taught) what we currently know about human metabolism as far as textbooks and freely available published papers I could lay my hands on. This was for the purpose of participating in advanced discussions on nutrition.

"Do you have any empirical justification for believing that aliens built the pyramids, altered human dna, that lincoln had two souls..."

No and this sort of information from the material does not interest me very much. I think it is completely irrelevant to the core message. That said, I believe that any empirical evidence of any such things would quickly dispel the illusion (the third-density experience) making what we are going through right now completely useless/worthless.

"...(that souls exist), that entire universe is a conscious being, that matter is light, that light is a differentiation of "love", that love is underlying dynamic force of the universe, that free will even exists and is a universal principle in the process and structure of the universe?"

Yes. You could substitute the words work or will for the word love if you wish. This all seems very obvious to me, and incidentally, is the sort of thing for which I do not require any empirical evidence. I'm just weird like that. For some things I require empirical evidence and for other things I do not. I know what the classification is in psychology for someone like myself and I do not mind it in the least. I am actually truly happy and not dangerous at all. Wink

I would like to thank you for your participation on this forum.
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09-24-2014, 10:40 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-24-2014, 11:14 AM by SunlitDoves.)
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Account1: I really like how you provide thoughtful skepticism.
I am not implying I disagree or agree with your philosophy. However, what I've noticed throughout my lifetime is that people are very capable of creating analytical, intellectual, persuasive arguments to support many ideas and perspectives. The argument can be convincing and true enough, but that doesn't make it true.
Ex. I remember in sociology class having to read an entry about letting poor people die off to ultimately help poverty. The argument was very persuasive, yet that doesn't make it ethical. That doesn't mean it is right to the human condition.
Ex. Aristotle: frogs come from mud

You certainly make good points, but at some time in approaching truth the human intellect isn't reliable with solely itself. Direct experience of this phenomena is the only beginning to seeing truth in the phenomena. All else is just wishful thinking of the intellect. All else is just the intellect trying to persuade itself that it has a grasp over the matter. Something else that I consider a necessity that you can attribute to a mystical approach or a scientific approach is higher functionings of the mind such as intuition. Heartfelt experience can be beneficial as well.

I thank you for real counterpoints. I hardly see that.

"the only thing I can be sure of is that the mind is capable of far more than most of humanity and myself can imagine"
There are many unfounded treasures to be found within awareness. I accept the mystery. I realize that reality isn't what philosophizing says it is and it is certainly not what science says it is. Although both can be slightly right at their best.

I say real believing produces a less real experience than real knowing.
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09-24-2014, 11:20 AM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
(09-15-2014, 03:19 AM)Account1 Wrote:  If so, could you please tell me why?

Edit: I don't mean to offend I'm just curious

What do you believe? Anything? The unseen? Only the seen?

I've never seen a UFO. I've never seen a ghost. I've never seen God. I don't hear voices. I've never experienced anything outside of life until the day I finally became so depressed that it seems I broke down a door I shouldn't have, and felt the will-to-live escaping quickly through that door.

Most curiously, I also discovered a familiar presence blocking that door. She pushed the will I gave up back in and slammed that door shut leaving me sitting there alone, alarmed, wondering and still alive. She was my dead mother.

Do I believe a mortal being's mind and personality can exist post-mortum? I no longer have the option of belief; faith having been replaced by experience.

So, what do I believe? I believe that my spouse is wrong about my imagination, and I believe my spouse would have discovered my dead body suspended from a rope in the garage on that day had it not been for an act of unconditional love wrought by the evidently immortal personality of my Mom.

I also believe that mind is something shared by all (seen and unseen) rather than an electromagnetic manifestation generated by a finite number of neurons depolarizing within the confines of my skull. The Law of One comes easy for me, and beyond that, I just waste my time.
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RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Edit: Actually f*** it, there's no point
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09-25-2014, 09:35 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-25-2014, 11:03 AM by native.)
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Since Newton was mentioned, most are probably unaware he studied the occult and alchemy. Then there's Einstein who believed in some sort of spiritual essence, and Tesla had visions and encounters with light beings.

I've also read a few articles on this unseen vs. materialism debate, where some scientist comes forward to the author describing how he/she and many of their peers secretly believe in psi, ufo's, etc., but to mention otherwise publicly would be detrimental to their careers and garner a lack of respect. Right there we can see how so-called mainstream thought is hindering true expression and honest inquiry, with the insinuation that belief in such things is unintelligent. Yet we can see that intelligent people do believe in such things. I personally don't appreciate being called stupid and don't know anyone who does (not that that's what's going on here).

I think we could move forward at an accelerated pace if we learned to respect each other's views and each other's intelligence, and I'm glad Account1 is more open than most. I've come to not be so bothered by atheists or skeptics, because in the infinity of consciousness, with belief there is also non-belief..each thing having an opposite. Seeing our mirror unifies.

Generally speaking, I think we're always trying to say the same thing but get caught up in the language of's always miscommunication. There's the idea that nothingness is actually something, unstable, and full of virtual particles popping in and out of existence. One is trying to explain it through quantum physics, and the other is attempting to describe it through a spiritual lens.

6.7 The dissolution into nothingness is the dissolution into unity, for there is no nothingness.

82.6 ↥ Questioner: That’s what I thought you might say. Am I correct in assuming that at the beginning of this octave, out of what I would call a void of space, the seeds of an infinite number of galactic systems such as the Milky Way Galaxy appeared and grew in spiral fashion simultaneously?

Ra: I am Ra. There are duple areas of potential confusion. Firstly, let us say that the basic concept is reasonably well-stated. Now we address the confusion. The nature of true simultaneity is such that, indeed, all is simultaneous. However, in your modes of perception you would perhaps more properly view the seeding of the creation as that of growth from the center or core outward. The second confusion lies in the term, ‘void’. We would substitute the noun, ‘plenum’.

Also, my personal opinion is that if we are the universe, everyone has the intelligence to understand all aspects of it. You will often hear the phrase "Well you just don't understand science/math."..I think that's detrimental. There must be a simpler explanation out there..the reciprocal aspect of space and time makes sense. The spiritual, symbolic, feeling aspect of things is also simple and integrating..a way of understanding and comprehending reality.
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09-25-2014, 11:21 AM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Hi Account1,

You eliminated your most recent post, reducing it to an exclamation of frustration regarding the pointlessness of your attempt. If I may offer some feedback for future reference in approaching this or any community:

From square one, your thread started off on the wrong foot. (“Wrong” herein defined as not setting yourself up for what I believe (hope) was your greater objective, that being to achieve mutual understanding.)

Your thread title is, “Do you guys actually believe this stuff?” From the get go your implication is that the information is BS, so your question follows, “Why do you guys believe this bullshit?” You indicate that your mind is already made up, the case is already closed on this one.

You further reinforce this notion by profiling the “delusional” type of person who, in your mind, is either: a) drawn to this sort of information because of their delusional predispositions, or b) becomes delusional as a result of contact with this sort of information.

In turn, however, I think the community has been, much to my own pride, remarkably accommodating to your critique. Granted, the quality and depth of the replies vary, but each, for the most part, attempted to engage you with respect for your viewpoint, divergent though it may be from most of the board’s.

Maybe you could have yielded results more to your liking if you had switched tact and asked questions at a slightly different angle that conveys respect for the intelligence of those who, perplexing though it may be to you, actually “believe”, or gain value from, this information.

Suggestions for questions:

“Ra makes some unorthodox claims about Earth’s history, the paranormal, so-called spiritual evolution, alien civilizations, etc. Personally I find them difficult if not sometimes impossible to believe. How do you reconcile these claims in your own thinking?”

“Do you take this information to be literally true, metaphorically true, or other? How do you relate to this information? How do you situate it in your life? What about this information appeals to you?”

“How do you balance skepticism with an open-minded attitude?”

And the most important question that has escaped your awareness thus far:

“Of what value is this information to you? Has this been of benefit and if so, how?”

Regardless of what this information says on the subject of who built the pyramids and when, how the density systems work, and other aspects of what some of us have called the “space opera”, people have undergone genuine transformations thanks to the catalyst this information provided. I don’t mean transformations into the type of person you described previously – though those prone to mental imbalance can certainly springboard from this information as they can with other sources, spiritual or otherwise – but transformation into a more compassionate, a more forgiving, a more self-aware, a more responsible, and more service-oriented person.

Ever since the authors (whose integrity, btw, shines more brightly than any I’ve met), shared this information with the world, for free, it has changed lives. Not in great quantities, but to those for whom this material resonates, discovery of the Confederation philosophy has often been accompanied with profound openings to leading a more mature, more responsible, more heart-centered life.

Whether the *catalyst* to focus more strongly on love comes from Ra, or a Steven Spielberg movie, or a traumatic life incident, or an ayahuasca vision, or a loved one’s example, or the result of ones own internal process of reasoning, or a work of fiction or non, does it matter?

Of course ones worldview and the beliefs therein are of consequence, but so long as that which catalyzes change helps one to grow in an empowered, positive direction – with an awakening of the will to claim responsibility for ones own creation, and an aiming of the intentions upon love and service and self-knowledge – when and how the pyramids were built are of secondary, even tertiary importance, though nevertheless fascinating to consider.

There’s a quote in the Law of One, actually, that somewhat speaks to this thought of the proportional importance between a) the relative world of details and b) the ultimate, underlying, universal and ever-present truth from which we all spring, to which we will all return, and for which the awakened spiritual seeker (whether or not they use the Law of One material) yearns.
This is why we iterate quite often, when asked for specific information, that it pales to insignificance, just as the grass withers and dies while the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator redounds to the very infinite realms of creation forever and ever, creating and creating itself in perpetuity.

Why then be concerned with the grass that blooms, withers and dies in its season only to grow once again due to the infinite love and light of the One Creator? This is the message we bring. Each entity is only superficially that which blooms and dies. In the deeper sense there is no end to beingness.

With love/light,

Explanation by the tongue makes most things clear, but love unexplained is clearer. - Rumi
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09-25-2014, 11:24 AM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
(09-15-2014, 03:19 AM)Account1 Wrote:  If so, could you please tell me why?

yes, I do 'believe' it.

I spent the better part of the first 3 decades of my life looking for answers to questions that I had inside, but was never able to articulate. I looked in many places. I switched from a technical degree at university to a more generally-oriented science one, because I thought I would find solid, firm answers there (because I truly believed science was King at that age). I studied chemistry, physics, electronics, maths, statistics, and what-not. In my spare time, I still kept reading and boned up on the humanities with language, history, and psychology. I wanted to understand.

I scanned a lot of human knowledge in that phase. It lasted for years. I kept searching both in physics (the more tangible aspects of 'reality') and also in metaphysics (the less concrete, much more subjective side of things), and still was not fully 'satisfied'.

It wasn't until I found this Material that the deep answers, the truly meaningful and complete ones arrived. It was like water after walking in a desert for 2 weeks.

but without those deep seated questions and longing, much like how Ra described the archetype cards:

Quote:93.16 ↥ Questioner: Are there any other uses at all of value of these images or tarot cards than the one I just stated?

Ra: I am Ra.

To the student, the tarot images offer a resource for learn/teaching the processes of evolution.

To any other entity these images are pictures and no more.

without the questions, this material is meaningless to you.
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09-25-2014, 12:19 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Wow, this is a great thread. My lunch break isn't long enough to study some of the wonderful thoughts here.

Before I go back to making storm drainage engineering drawings, let me say a few things:

Some people are comfortable only with what they perceive with their 5 senses and what they come up with inside a rational construct they have created. If that's what they need, blessings to them.

Ra, as I interpret it, would be the first to say that any system of thought, any philosophy, any ontological construct, is flawed, or as Ra would say, "a distortion." To me this parallels very much a Buddhist approach. God is what is left after all words and all mental constructs have failed.

It's always seemed to me that the LOO material is tailor-made for the nerdy, geeky spiritual aspirant (like me.)

I think Ra said something to the effect that adopting a certain set of mental constructs is not at all necessary for spiritual evolution.

And what about the concept of spiritual evolution itself? Is there such a thing? It feels right. Can't prove it. Will let you know when I can. Smile
Please take what is relevant to you and discard the rest.
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09-25-2014, 12:44 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-25-2014, 12:48 PM by ricdaw.)
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
(09-15-2014, 03:19 AM)Account1 Wrote:  If so, could you please tell me why?

Edit: I don't mean to offend I'm just curious

(09-24-2014, 11:20 AM)ronontheocean Wrote:  I no longer have the option of belief; faith having been replaced by experience.

It’s not exactly on topic, but personal experience of other kinds of “this stuff” does impact how one approaches the Ra Material.

My epiphany was reading Seth Speaks. One of the exercises in the book was to close your eyes, imagine dials to turn off your outer senses, and another set of dials to turn on your inner senses. I did this one night and fell into myself; i.e. my consciousness went inside me and it felt to me to that I (my cavernous external body) was as big as a universe. It was totally dark and very bright inside there at the same time. (I really cannot describe the visual sensory experience better than that.) It scared the pants off me at the time and I came back to regular perception with a racing heart. I repeated this exercise twice more that night with the same results, though for shorter durations. (It still scared the pants off me each time to be so “unmoored” inside my own body.) Experience.

I paid $100 to take a reiki class. Healing is bestowed by a ceremony. For the first time in my life, my hands and feet became warm. This state persists to this day 15 years later. I can touch people and take away headaches, minor aches and pains, reduce crying, etc. They feel hot hands which, when my healing touch decides it is “finished” turn back to normal temperature or “cold”, relatively speaking. They say to me, “oh, your hands just turned cold!” But I also know it is time to stop because at exactly that same time, my hands stop tingling. Experience.

At a meditation retreat, I communicated with the dead mother of the facilitator simply by describing something I was seeing in my mind’s eye (a bronze leaf) which made no sense to me so I asked the facilitator, “hey, I’m seeing this bronze leaf in my head, does that have any meaning for you?” Long story short, facilitator’s tears notwithstanding, the leaf was actually her mother’s favorite ashtray and the message was quintessentially her mom. I was stunned. Experience.

During a trip to Vegas, I played craps without rolling the dice. Instead I pushed energy (see reiki above) to the other rollers all night long. In the morning, I found an empty craps table and in the hour before the plane came, I rolled continuously for 50 minutes. I was a crappy dice thrower. I was also so astonished by the dice (I rolled doubles half the time) that I had to ask for a double bourbon at 9 am just to stop shaking. The dice flew off the table, I was that bad. I never asked for the dice back but just took another pair. The pit bosses were not happy with my display and there came to be seven of them all around me watching me play and trying to figure out how I was cheating. But the big thing was not the pit bosses, or the money (I was betting poorly and conservatively) but the fact that the run of luck lasted only until the one roll of the dice when I thought to myself, “this really just can’t go on forever!” and crapped out that very roll. Which, BTW, was actually what was supposed to happen in a You-Create-Your-Own-Reality world of intentional creation. Experience.

Standing on the outside deck in Portland Oregon one night, I looked up at the night sky and saw four orange red lights in the sky in a partial V formation. A helicopter formation? What a weird color! Then I watched as the first light zipped out of formation, did a loopy loop around the second light, then all four zipped out to the west at an unimaginable speed. Those were no earthy objects! Experience.

I read tarot cards. I do it for free as a party game. Other than the 5% of the time when I get a “garbage” reading (I can’t figure out what the cards even mean) every one of the people I give readings to are astonished by my accuracy. I stopped being surprised a long time ago. Experience.

When I had my epiphany (see Seth above) my entire chest area over my heart started thrumming and got hot. I would ask other people to touch the area and they felt the heat too. This lasted for eight months. I had never heard of “chakra” at the time, but I sure learned about it. Experience.

On three separate occasions, I have looked at a person (two people on TV and one an acquaintance) and have seen them as being gray, like there was a gray mist or fog around them. I had no idea what I was seeing and said nothing. All three died within days of various causes. I dislike this “gift” because I don’t know what to do with the information, but there is a 1:1 ratio of seeing the gray mist and the eventual outcome. Experience.

I could not, and did not, remain unchanged after all these experiences. But my former lawyerly objective scientific mindset was shattered. It took me a few years to reconstitute myself and now the universe operates differently around me. And I am no longer the least bit surprised by it.
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09-25-2014, 10:24 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Actually, f*** it there really is no point
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09-25-2014, 11:02 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Account1 has left the building. He or she requested that their account be deleted.

Explanation by the tongue makes most things clear, but love unexplained is clearer. - Rumi
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09-26-2014, 04:15 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
(09-17-2014, 07:51 PM)Account1 Wrote:  Edit: Actually f*** it, there's no point

Perhaps "f*** it" could be more accurately described as "Failing to convince everyone who values the Bring4th community that 'consensus reality' IS reality?

PS. Your to blame third density being Wink
...the highest wisdom is to suffer all men to have full liberty to think on all subjects in their own way. - OAHSPE  
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09-29-2014, 03:50 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
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09-29-2014, 05:09 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
or perhaps Fang was Account1?

Big Grin
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09-29-2014, 06:01 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Same IP address?
...only one important statement...All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.
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09-29-2014, 06:19 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
Kevin Spacey is Keyser Söze!!!
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09-29-2014, 06:37 PM,
RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
(09-29-2014, 06:01 PM)Adonai One Wrote:  Same IP address?

didn't have a chance to check.

- -

(09-29-2014, 06:19 PM)Parsons Wrote:  Kevin Spacey is Keyser Söze!!!

Miley Cyrus is Madonna's long lost 2nd cousin's foster child from RUSirius?
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RE: Do you guys actually believe this stuff?
This thread should be made compulsory.

Together with all of zenmasters posts.
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