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Transcript 2007-02-11 Comments
Published by BrotherAsa on January 10, 2009 7:45pm.  Category: Transcripts

I know this blog entry concerns a thread on the Sessions in Focus forum that was started by DreamingPeace and in which Steve raised some interesting points.  However, due to what I perceive as to be a somewhat lengthy discourse I thought that it might make for an interesting first blog entry instead of trying to distill my comments into a reasonable length reply to the post.

Before I begin, I’d like to make it clear that anything I might post either as a blog entry or as an entry on the forums will be purely from my own awakening perspective and it will never be meant to bring distortion, confusion, or harm in any way to any other being/entity.  I will always present that which has been presented to me and that information will have been subjected, unwittingly and unconsciously, to whatever personal filters are in place at that given time.

I ask, please, for the sake of my own growth that you only take from me that which is resonate with you and disregard that which is not.  In doing so both you and I will be able to grow in our awakening without either my actions or your actions having any effect on the other’s growth.

The initial question that resulted in the transcript concerned why we see sources that predict that change will occur at some date other than what has been given in the teach/learn situations from the Confederation.  Q’uo responded to the question by addressing the question from three levels.

On the first level they responded with a teach/learning that demonstrated the characteristics of the archetypal energy that is aroused when first awakening that deals with the sense of urgency.  They explain that there is a transitioning that takes place as one awakens from the unawakened focus of selfish based concerns of wanting family and tribe to be safe, clothed, warm and fed.  This transitioning causes a projection of a sense of urgency towards other selves.  Such a sense of urgency IMO is an illusion in that the awakening event for humanity has been in process of several thousand years at least and is the result of being provided what is needed at the time it is needed.

It has been my experience when working with the material from the Confederation that I have to ensure that I am aware of how, in any particular instance, certain terms are being utilized by those that are communicating as representatives of the Confederation.  Examples that I have found are the use of the term Earth and planet.  I find that that they are used interchangeably as references to the physical planet and the body of entities that we refer to as humanity which most often seems to be the result of the phrasing of the initial question.  Careful observation of the context in which the term is presented will give clues as to the intent of its useage.  I'll come back and address this issue more in detail further on in this blog entry.

To introduce the concept of alternative “time tracks”, which related to one of the other levels, Q’uo begins with a reminder that over the last 75,000 years entities from several other 3D planets have incarnated and mixed with the inhabitants of this planet.  This process was introduced as a result of having to place other 3D consciousnesses due to the fact that these other entities had evolved within 3D to a point where they had, through violent confrontations, either completely destroyed their planets or made their planets uninhabitable by 3D entities.  Examples could incorporate such sources as Lemuria and Mars. Such introduction has led to some problems as far as the progress of Gaia, whether unforeseen or not I have no idea, but the problems remain regardless.

One such problem in IMHO has been an increased difficulty for the original planned entities on this planet from melding a homogenous consciousness that would have allowed us to move beyond the “violence solves all problems” and “selfish centered existence” spiritual level.

When the guardians observed that movement toward 4D consciousness was not progressing at the rate that it should and that Gaia's inhabitants would not make significant enough progress prior to the end of the “natural” 3D cycle a “decision” was required to be made of whether to terminate this attempt totally or to seek a method of providing a means whereby there could be an accelerating of the progress on the spirit/mind/body consciousnesses toward 4D.

It is MHO from what I can gather from Q’uo’s transmission that it was decided that Earth entities were to be given every opportunity to achieve 4D consciousness.  To accomplish this, the time track for Earth entities was shifted from the normal track which would have been to continue to allow outside influences both from those derived from STS sources not of this planet and those that would be caused by the further introduction of incarnations of entities from other 3D planets.  To accomplish this plan Earth was placed in a “protected” or “quaranteed” status.  I believe that it was hoped that by allowing Earth entities to progress over several thousand years without such outside STS interference Humanity would make more significant progress toward Harvest. 

As a further assistance in this attempt toward elevating consciousness toward 4D it was approved for entities from 4D and 5D that voluntarily chose to assist to incarnate into 3D as an Earth entity.  In doing so those that have volunteered were made totally aware prior to incarnation that one of the stipulations for being allowed to do so was the veiling of their former levels and that only if they are able to achieve an awakening to their “wanderer” status would they be able to return to their former level upon completion of an incarnation in this 3D existence.

I must now digrest a bit to delve into what I see as the two “time tracks”.  I have found that for me certain analogies have helped to gain some grasp of the concept.  Let’s say as an example we were going to travel from the West Coast of the U.S. to New York City by car.  There are two convenient routes that could be taken to accomplish such a goal.  We could go by way of Interstate 80 which would take us across the upper portion of the U.S. or we could take Interstate 40 which would take us across basically the center of the country. 

Now what if someone who is helping us to prepare for the trip finds out that if we take I80 we’d still get to New York City in the same amount of time that it would take on I40 but we’d have to endure a lot of detours, bad weather, car problems and other factors that would make the trip quite unpleasant.  They also knew that even though we would also encounter problems on I40 they would not be as bad as those on I80.  The person helping us prepare, then sets it up so that we have no say in the selection of the route and we’re forced to go by way of I40.

The question immediately comes up doesn’t that violate my ability to exercise my freedom of choice (Free Will)?  No, not really.  We still have the same ability to decide which gas stations to stop at, what motels/hotels to spend the night in, what restaurants to eat in, what sights to see, etc.  Our Free Will is not violated the only thing that was altered was where I would be able to exercise that Free Will.

Under this analogy I can see that I would still arrive in New York City if I take I40 in much the same manner that I would if I had taken I80.  The difference between the two being the amount of frustration that I would encounter along the way.

Now back to the two time lines.  From the example we can see that we're going to eventually arrive at the same point regardless of which track we take.  At some point in "time" both tracks will again merge back together.  The difference then becomes if we had been allowed to progress along the “normal” time track many more entities would have resulted that possessed a predilection for STS than will, in all probability, result from the alternate time track and the ability to progress toward 4D would be severely retarded.  Now, if one can try to observe it from an STS point of view then the “normal” time track of course would have been preferable as it would produce a larger "feeding ground" for third denisty entities that could be dominated but since that was not the case the alternative would be to try to “side track” the time track we are on.  It is MHO that is exactly what has and is being attempted.  Much of the world is being fed the position that we should fear first this one and then that one with the only “safe” route to take being one of violent confrontation.  The justification that is being used in many cases is the safety and materialistic needs of the tribe/family.  This can be the result of influences that originate from STS sources both from within and without this density.  Hence, the reference by Q’uo of a “coup” to attempt to “derail” the progress on the alternate time track that is failing in its primary objective.

Now back to the issue raised earlier about the confusing use of the same word/term to indicate different things at different times.  In relation to the changes that are occurring/have occurred the words Earth and planet has, IMHO, been used by the Confederation communicators to reference two different conditions.

The first is the physical transition of the planet into a 4D physical planet.  Gaia is and will have to undergo physical changes to progress to a 4D physical planet with a 4D planet consciousness. Those changes because of the lack of total progress toward 4D consciousness by the entities inhabiting the planet are going to cause Gaia some difficulty in making the transition due to conflicting consciousnesses.  These difficulties will produce, in my opinion, things we consider natural catastrophes.  These catastrophes will in turn also serve as a means by which there will be a removal of some of those who will be repeating 3D on other 3D planets. When one views it from this point of view various statements by RA become clear, at least to me. 

For Instance when RA was asked about commenting on coming planetary changes, RA responded that they did not concern themselves with the conditions which bring about harvest.  Also, when RA was asked about the position of the planet in respect to the progression of cycles the reply was it was in fourth-dimension vibration but that the memory complexes embedded its consciousness would cause it to be fetched with some inconvenience.  A follow-up to that question produced that the disharmonious vibratory complex had begun and the time frame would continue for approximately another thirty years. [Note: this would indicate, at least to me, that the physical planet would complete its transition/magnetic alignment to a full 4D planet by approximately the end of 2012.] 


Now for the issue of the transition of entities upon the planet to 4D!  RA was asked in a session about the time of transition on this planet from third to fourth density, after appropriate disclaimers, i.e., difficulty of estimation and the clarification that there were already incarnate beings who were doing fourth-density work, RA stated that due to the 3D climate of the consciousness of the planet the possibility/probability indicated it would take between approximately 100 and 700 years for the transition to take place. To me that clearly is a differentiation between the planet’s physical transition and the entities inhabiting the planet transition into 4D consciousness.  In response to a statement concerning the transition to a fourth-density sphere and fourth-density bodily complexes occurring at the same time, RA corrected the statement by saying that green-ray density bodily complexes will be created gradually beginning with third-density types of bodily complexes and through bisexual reproduction and evolutionary processes become fourth-density body complexes while the fourth-denisty sphere would result much sooner.

So what does it all mean?  First, to try to allow for the inhabitants of this planet to have as much opportunity as possible to make progress toward fourth density we were placed in a protective/quarantined environment which made for a different "time track" for this planet.  Second, when talking about 4D there needs to be a distinction made between the physical planetary sphere moving into 4D and the entities upon the planet moving into 4D.

My view in a nutshell!  The spiral movement of what we refer to as our solar system around the center of the Milky Way galaxy is moving our solar system into an area of increased energetic activity.  This area of energetic activity is going to make the planetary sphere and the consciousness associated with the planetary sphere move into fourth-density approximately by the end of 2012.  Because the spirit/mind/body complexes that inhabit the planetary sphere were unable to get their collective act together most will not be ready to make the transition at the same time that the planetary sphere does.  Had we been ready to make that transition it would have meant that a major substantial portion of the spirit/mind/body complexes would have been aware of their true make-up and would have been able to accept and be prepared to surrender to the process.  Since that is not the case the Harvest will be troublesome in that the harvesting process will be extended over a l00-700 year time period.  During this time period the transition to full 4D bodily complexes will have to occur through natural evolutionary processes that will occur through bodily birth and death cycles with the exception of those that are far from meeting the requirements of 4D.  I have the feeling that we will see fairly large numbers of entities that will be "harvested" by various "natural" and entity caused events.  IMO those that are harvested this way will be those that are furtherest from 4D consciousness. 

It is my humble desire that I have not offended anyone and that no one will do other than accept that this is only my grasp of the material. I take no credit for the formulation of these ideas as they are only the filtering and processing of that which has been provided to me that has been distilled into useable information.  If you do agree with any part or the totality of what I have written, please, do not allow it to affect you in any way.  Just disregard it.



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