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Tamako Market (anime)
Published by Plenum on February 18, 2018 2:21pm.  Category: General

this is one chubby bird!


do not feed! - it's been eating too much mochi :D





it's a light-hearted anime I've been watching this week.  In previous times, I would have burned through it overnight.  Where I am now ... just drawing things out, in between other activities, rather than being the main focal activity.


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* AN-ACCOMMODATA: that which is not able to be integrated


* DIS-PROFESSUM (quality of mind): not being able to acknowledge, span, or scope over


* Gemini Wolf is back on the forums :)  [OP]


* Nanshen Temple: one of the main places I will be visiting in Sanya 


* props to Charles Eisenstein for this writings and his thoughts.  Powerfully influential.  One of the people I can most respect on this planet.  Such rigor to break down the philosophy of control (in economics, schooling, finance, science, etc etc).


* Indian food phase.  Went to the Dosa Hut today.  First time Dosa!





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Published by Plenum on February 16, 2018 8:32pm.  Category: General

this is a box of soap.  16 bars.





shipped all the way from overseas :D




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Published by Plenum on February 16, 2018 5:05pm.  Category: General

this week's chatroom meditation theme.


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Reaching out to those with Depression

Theme: Mental illness seems to be increasing in it's presence.  Whether it's bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety, or depression, it's a strong catalyst.

One of the reasons is that people might not be willing to face themselves, and the illness is not necessary a primary cause, but is the inability to process or work through some difficult trauma/experience.


Quote:40.15 Questioner: Thank you. A very important concept. Does the fact that basic vibration that we experience now is green true color, or fourth density, account for the fact that there are many mental effects upon material objects that are now observable for the first time in a mass way like the bending of metal by mind?

Ra: I am Ra. This shall be the final query in total of this working. This is not only correct but we suggest you take this concept further and understand the great number of entities with the so-called mental diseases being due to the effect of this green-ray true color upon the mental configurations of those unready mentally to face the self for the first time.

I think that statement holds true not only for those "unready mentally to face the self for the first time", but even for those who have worked with patterns and issues for a longer time.  

Given the intensity of catalyst on this earth plane, it's understandable that we're all going to encounter things that we can't face or acknowledge, and some kind of mental reaction/illness is the response to not being able to work through it.

And depression is one of those big mental issues.  Some suffer from it due to heightened circumstances; and then they are able to work through it.  For others, it's a more long-term condition, and something that is part of their daily experience.  I think most people have gone through some aspect of it, and can appreciate what it feels like to have little prospect of hope and change.  

So we'll do our best to honor this condition, and reach out with a loving approach.


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Published by Plenum on February 15, 2018 11:57pm.  Category: General

a variant on the word - deludum.




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On Anime
Published by Plenum on February 15, 2018 12:15am.  Category: General

some thoughts I shared with a friend:


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>> Anime sounds fun. What series do you watch? Recommend me some, I'd like to dip my toes in there. You are the third metaphysical genius who has told me that some anime contains higher order concepts that are like encoded into it. The two guys I knew who were into this watched "Heroic Age" (pronounced Ahgee) and "Hunter x Hunter". 

Hunter x Hunter is pretty good. 

In terms of things that have been 'revelations' for me:

* PsychoPass - what happens when you have a technological dystopia? This one does it much better than I've seen elsewhere, and once the ball gets rolling, you're hooked. Great mystery/detective theme.

* Anohana - I'll admit it, ----, that I like to cry. Not because I want to, but because when those truly sad and painful emotions are triggered, you can find something deep about yourself. And it takes something authentic to do it. Loss, friendship, mortality, love.

This freakin' anime, it will crush you, and then uplift you with hope.

* The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. This show is freakin' hilarious. What would happen if you were born a fully developed psychic/adept, but had no inclinations except wanting to fit in, and be 'average'. It's essentially a STO adept. It's pacing takes a little to get used to, as they are 5 minute episodes, but they are strung back to back, so bigger storylines develop. But it's bite-sized entertainment with a real punch.

* Planetes. Garbage collectors in space. Enough said.

Just a few that come to mind Smile



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