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Published by Plenum on January 22, 2019 6:29am.  Category: General

too early to say that this is the best phone EVAR?




Modded --


* using GCam (instead of stock camera app)


* rooted (with AdAway, adblocker)


* NewPipe (stream youtube)


* spotify + PodcastAddict (of course!)


* aquamail (v 1.13.2)


don't mind the 1080p.  Modded for stereo sound (really mono, out of both left and right).


Just elegant :)




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Published by Plenum on January 22, 2019 6:15am.  Category: General

amazing soundspace.




/ /





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Published by Plenum on January 22, 2019 6:04am.  Category: General

this is one great album :)





[track list]



1.01 El Is A Sound Of Joy 4:04
1.02 Day By Day 3:39
1.03 Enlightement 5:05
1.04 Medicine For A Nightmare 2:20
1.05 Space Aura 5:11
1.06 China Gates 3:22
1.07 Ankh 6:10
1.08 Images 3:52
1.09 We Travel The Space 3:25
1.10 Distant Stars 2:57
1.11 Search Light Blues 5:40
1.12 The Bad And The Beautiful 2:48
1.13 Nubia 8:15
1.14 Tapestry From An Asteroid 2:11
1.15 Round Midnight 3:55
1.16 Saturn 4:01
2.01 Overtones Of China 3:24
2.02 Between Two Worlds 1:59
2.03 Bassism 4:03
2.04 India 4:52
2.05 Aiethopia 7:11
2.06 Where Is Tomorrow 2:47
2.07 A Call For All Demons 4:15
2.08 Lights Of A Satellite 3:42
2.09 Kingdom Of Not 5:34
2.10 Fate In A Pleasant Mood 2:46
2.11 Plutoniuan Nights 4:23
2.12 Space Mates 7:12
2.13 Of Sounds And Something Else 2:51
2.14 Space Loneliness 4:51
2.15 You Never Told Me That You Care 5:36
2.16 Planet Earth


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WTF 987
Published by Plenum on January 22, 2019 5:27am.  Category: General

great intelligent interview with Aaron Sorkin.





It's very possible the only reason Aaron Sorkin became a writer is because he spent a lonely night in a friend's apartment where the only thing working was an electric typewriter. Aaron tells Marc how that fateful night put him on the path to writing his first play, A Few Good Men, and kicked off a writing career on Broadway, in film and on TV that has few rivals. Aaron also talks about his hero and mentor William Goldman, why his first try at adapting To Kill A Mockingbird was no good, and how his habit of writing high landed him in rehab. Plus, stories about the making of The West Wing, The Social Network and more.




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Published by Plenum on January 22, 2019 4:22am.  Category: General

awesome email/opinion a friend sent to me :)




/ /



Idk how much you've picked up on about Logic (the rapper). But he seems like a good example of someone with some serious orange ray stuff who has made a way for himself. He's very strange, tries pretty hard to fit and mold to different situations. I wouldn't say I'm as eccentric as him (im a different person) but I do sense some serious orange ray stuff. That being said, he's done extremely well for himself- and obviously doesn't struggle with dispair in the same way. He came from an extremely broken home- but its like - he never *was* that. His dad was a crack head. His dad still only relates to him through fame. Mom was an alchoholic. 


All that being said is. I would compare my inner vision more like Frank. Where I believe frank has also struggled with orange ray in the past- and I think red ray stuff dealing with similar things from past lives (life or death situations). But he puts more emphasis on how he wants to *genuinely* express himself. Its not that he's blocking his true self- but he's not "corny" in the same way logic can be "corny". He doesn't aim as much to be like someone he saw on tv (learned behavior). He instead cares much more about being genuinely cool, and he is genuinely cool. I'm sure theres all sorts of distortions that deal with lack of self-reflection in this post. I just felt like saying that. Because I don't necessarily like Logics music- I think its a little in genuine or try-hard. But- he's a super great guy- who seems to have done a lot to inspire younger kids who have those same types of orange ray distortions. Again- I don't mean to criticize. I don't want that. I prefer Franks Approach- he really found his own way- his own sound. And only now is he really beginning to come out of his shell (yellow ray) to the world. By making more public appearances, doing more collabs, being generally more open. He was the first black musician in this genre/age group/time to show that being Gay is not always what the stereotype looks like- and that he's gonna be gay and be happy and not apoligize. He's even done photo shoots wearing makeup and dresses and stuff. Thats a side of frank I didn't really see before...the more borderline crossdressing side. But he's also a mans man who is courageous and loving and geniune.


The record industry is known to prey on black artists specifically. (but artists in general). They own most artists music- the artists don't even own their own music. Its very neg polarity esque. And these guys are Jewish and sharp and the power is often racially inherited. 


One thing people don't know or often talk about is- frank hired a team of lawyers and spent years finding a proper "out" to "beat" the Industry, as he was signed to def jam. So when he put out "endless" and "blond". He put out endless as the last record he owed the Industry, its a good record...but he put it out lo-fi (audio quality). That ended the contract. Then during then shortly after he put out Blond (his main work) completely free of legal obligation which he made 100 percent profit from (a lot). I think he also sued these big guys and got some big money from them (he's not a money guy, he's a principle guy). And he had a team of lawyers with all the facts, all layed out...they couldn't do anything. 


Thats a first in the history of Music. Thats not even about genre related stuff. Thats like the Confederation/Orion Group type of interaction on a yellow ray social and 3d level. Where he made a statement of Good over Evil, and it involved power. It was a huge power play. The mans more than the music. 


Anyway- now he's out in the open more, interacting on instagram, he's not about fame, but each post he made gets half a million likes- and the posts are Homey and about family/freinds/love/art. Not about "a cool picture" or pretentiousness. He deals with power like a true positive entity. I think he's really significant in general because of that. I like to think the "fame" he gets now...is kind of like...him being recognized for his over all service on Earth- and people *feel* that, and recognize him for who he really is. There is no misinterpreting. 


Anyway...just some random thoughts. :)


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