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on the Tarot
Published by Plenum on August 14, 2018 7:25pm.  Category: General

post I made to a thread.




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yeah - those are some good thoughts for sure EP.

Totally agree.

The framework that Ra laid out for the first 22 cards just makes *total sense*.  It got me into the tarot, in the same way that their psychological explanation of the energy centers got me into the chakras.  Before Ra's commentary on these 'systems', I was not at all interested in delving deeper  into these particular traditions - and in some way - there's very little supporting material for the frameworks that Ra laid out.  They just have a different structural understanding of things that is beautifully coherent (at least in my eyes).

So yeah - for sure - definitely work with what they offered.

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this recent excursion of mine (into the minor arcana) is just to see what fruit lies in these other cards that we have.

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thanks for mentioning some of those other decks.  I guess there's hundreds of them out there! 

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re: the Thoth cards ... there's definitely some imbalanced energy underlying some of the artwork and concepts conveyed.  Like the movements aren't 'complete'.  But in terms of providing an alternative take on things, it can definitely trigger some thoughts.  And catalyst being what it is - it can be turned to positive, negative, or unutilised ends.

Cheers for the thoughts!





Four of Swords



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On the minor arcana
Published by Plenum on August 14, 2018 12:23pm.  Category: General

new thread I posted.




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this is quite an interesting (short) answer from Ra on the minor arcana.

Quote:88.22 Questioner: Were the Court Arcana and the Minor Arcana a portion of Ra’s teachings or was this something that came along later?

Ra: I am Ra. 

Those cards of which you speak were the product of the influence of those of Chaldea and Sumer.

I am less interested (actually - not at all) in these cards for Divination, and much more in terms of them representing crystallized aspects of the human psyche.

In the minor arcana, we have 4 'sets':

Cups - the water element
Discs - the earth element
Swords - the air element
Wands - the fire element

And there are 10 cards in each (1-10), plus the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess cards (the court cards).

These formed the basis for the modern card deck used for games and gambling (blackjack, poker, old maid, etc).

Anyone utilised these for self development purposes?




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Published by Plenum on August 14, 2018 3:31am.  Category: General

a reply I sent (to someone else) on the topic of Balancing as well.






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>> Just a quick one on balancing. Do you have any tips or advice on how to do these balancing exercises?

oh - this is a *very* large topic. 

It ties directly to the nature of self-development, and personal unfolding. Definitely a rich vein to explore Smile

There are a couple of keys aspects which set the table for things:

1) identifying the issue/imbalance. This is not as easy as it may seem. The outward (and most obvious symptoms) are usually only indicators of the deeper underlying Pattern.

And so this is the work of personal investigation, patience, and introspection.

2) applying the appropriate means to address the issue. This can also be delicate work. Much like identifying a fault in a piece of electrical equipment, or diagnosing someone's physical disease - the most appropriate means of action takes some expertise and experience.

And so again - further research and investigation is usually part of the picture.

I think you may have been asking specifically about a particular exercise that Ra offered (in session 5). That is definitely a good starting point. It lays the foundations for a philosophical understanding of balance/imbalance; and what it means on the positive path.

But (imo) it is only a starting point at best. The actual specifics of the process can be much more involved indeed.

So what I've offered above is maybe not so helpful, in terms of application. It's more providing the context in which such a process takes place.

But if there's any further questions, happy to followup.





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'this is un-dis-intrude-able'
Published by Plenum on August 13, 2018 10:35pm.  Category: General

my new concept of the day :D


un - not possible

dis - out of

intrude - moving into

able - able


so basically, once something that has 'entered' ('intruded'), it's not possible to get rid of it.


Sort of like a stain?  As a physical example.


But here applied to experiences and emotional events.  Things that are traumatising basically.  Can't be integrated.  Can't be removed.  Just lodged there in your throat.





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Modern Tarot
Published by Plenum on August 13, 2018 10:24pm.  Category: General

I'm currently working my way through this - getting insights into the minor arcana (Cups/Discs/Swords/Wands).


I have a small familiarity with them (from many years ago - when I first delved into the tarot), but nothing deep or profound.


Using it in conjunction with looking at some of the Thoth images (as a point of contast).




/ /



it was only 2 bucks on kindle :P  But so much better than other books I've forked out 10 bucks for.


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