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Effectively Wild
Published by Plenum on September 22, 2018 12:40am.  Category: General

wow wow wow.


Amazing podcast here:


then bring on former MLB pitcher Michael Schwimer, the founder and CEO of Big League Advance, to talk about the mechanics and morality of giving money to minor leaguers in exchange for a percentage of their future earnings if they make the majors, why the company was the subject of a now-dropped lawsuit, the dilemma of low minor-league pay, why Michael maintains that BLA is helping players, BLA’s investment model and efforts to predict pitcher injuries, and Michael’s proposed solution to the rising strikeout rate. Lastly, Ben and Jeff review the interview and offer their thoughts on BLA, minor-league pay, and injury prediction.


[podcast link]


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Hope and Faith
Published by Plenum on September 21, 2018 3:16pm.  Category: General

this week's Chatrrom Meditation.




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The Archetype of Hope and Faith

Theme: Depression and Despair are very real things on this Planet.  They are not just an imagined state.  It is also not just a PURELY MENTAL STATE imo.  That is - true depression is something that involves the Spirit.  A despair that our soul's Journey is futile, and has no point at all.

The archetype which sparks changes in the awareness of the Spirit is that of Hope/Faith.

This is the card:

[Image: e2swdLCm.jpg]

In the traditional system, it is called the 'Star'.

In Ra's system, it is the: CATALYST OF THE SPIRIT.

Quote:80.13 Questioner: Then is this, from the point of view or with respect to the fifteenth archetype, somewhat of an excursion into the Matrix of the Spirit in this process? Does that make any sense?

Ra: I am Ra. The excursion of which you speak and the process of disassociation is most usually linked with that archetype you call Hope which we would prefer to call Faith. This archetype is the Catalyst of the Spirit and, because of the illuminations of the Potentiator of the Spirit, will begin to cause these changes in the adept’s viewpoint.

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on the Archetypes
Published by Plenum on September 21, 2018 11:59am.  Category: General

my post here.




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peregrine Wrote:  They were meant merely as memory aids.  I suspect the Tarot deck was intended the same way, as a pictorial summation of detailed teachings given over many years.  The problem for us is that we're getting the information in a backwards manner where Don Elkins was guessing about the symbols and trying to unscramble the codes, rather than receiving direct teaching.  I'm suggesting that this is the opposite of how the pictographs were intended to work.  And I'm suggesting that this accounts for the frustration some of us feel.  Of course, on the other hand, we can only work with what we have.

you make some strong points peregrine.

As per Ra's own thoughts on the matter:

Quote:88.18 Questioner: I will ask the following questions to clear up possibly only the method of teaching these concepts which may give me important clues to understanding the concepts themselves. Did Ra use cards similar to the tarot cards for the training purpose in third density?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

88.19 Questioner: What did Ra use in third density?

Ra: I am Ra. You are aware in your attempts at magical visualization of the mental configuration of sometimes rather complex visualizations. These are mental and drawn with the mind. Another example well-known in your culture is the visualization, in your mass, of the distortion of the love of the One Infinite Creator called Christianity, wherein a small portion of your foodstuffs is seen to be a mentally configured but entirely real man, the man known to you as Jehoshua or, as you call this entity now, Jesus. It was by this method of sustained visualization over a period of training that we worked with these concepts.

These concepts were occasionally drawn. However, the concept of one visualization per card was not thought of by us.

88.20 Questioner: Well, how did the teacher relay information to the student with respect to visualization?

Ra: I am Ra. The process was cabalistic; that is, of the oral tradition of mouth to ear.

88.21 Questioner: Then when Ra attempted to teach the Egyptians the concept of the tarot, was the same process used, or a different one?

Ra: I am Ra. The same process was used. However, those which were teach/learners after us first drew these images to the best of their ability within the place of initiation and later began the use of what you call cards bearing these visualizations’ representations.





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Published by Plenum on September 21, 2018 12:53am.  Category: General

Function --> Form


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Published by Plenum on September 20, 2018 11:43am.  Category: General

these may just look like 7 'squiggles'.


But they are actually interesting doorways into new experiences :)




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