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Comment from Ars
Published by Plenum on February 23, 2018 12:05am.  Category: General

in the comments section, on one of the stories.


Christ. This false dichotomy between "we have take away video games" and "we have to take away firearms" is absurd. What do the Czech Republic, Canada, and New Zealand all have in common?

(1) Violent video games are legal.
(2) Firearms, including semiautomatic rifles, are legal.
(3) They don't have a mass-shooting problem.

How could this be possible? Because, through licensing systems, they make sure that firearms are in the right hands and not the wrong hands.

It would be EASY to implement the Czech model in the USA, because it wouldn't require mass confiscations or elimination of the concept of defensive firearms for law-abiding citizens. In the Czech Republic, the past quarter-century, they have only had one mass shooting (eight deaths), and their homicide rate of 0.75 per 100,000 is one of the lowest in the world. How did they do it? Not through a ban on civilian defensive firearms like Australia. They allow conceal carry for civilian personal defense, and they have a similar percentage of conceal-carry permit holders as the USA does. They don't ban semiautomatic rifles or pistols. They have a rich firearms history. How, then? It all comes down to vetting people who want to own firearms through a well-thought-out, non-knee-jerk permitting process.




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Published by Plenum on February 22, 2018 9:32am.  Category: General

awesome indian dinner from a couple of nights ago.


A punjabi okra dish, with saffron rice.


Very filling.




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Published by Plenum on February 22, 2018 9:30am.  Category: General

doesn't seem exactly vertical ... but that's just my poor framing :(







evening bike ride.

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Q&A (on healing)
Published by Plenum on February 21, 2018 10:37am.  Category: General

reply that I sent to someone.




/ /


>> How is healing post incarnation different from healing during the incarnation, and how is it similar? I know there are some obvious points. I just wondered what your thoughts were.

yeah, it's a pretty interesting question, with wide ramifications, imo.

In the physical realm, incarnate, a lot of healing is regarded as physical/to-do-with-the-body.

I think that's how western medicine approaches 'healing'. It's physical. It's about meds. It's about surgery. It's about 'fixing' the body, when something goes wrong.

Of course, it can only go so far. They treat cancer ... and then it comes back within 5 years. They use antibiotics ... and then highly-resistant strains develop.

So I think there's a bias towards seeing 'healing' as primarily physical, to do with the body.

/ /

I think in time/space, there's obviously healing needed after an incarnation. But it's not physical, because you don't have a physical body. I guess you still have an energetic body etc, but you don't fix that in the same way you do a physical body.

So I think the healing is mostly mental/emotional. Psychological. People can get trapped in patterns of fear, like ghosts, but not to the extent that you forget that you've died.

The thing is ... you can heal this stuff in time/space, but I don't think it means you fix the root distortions. I think that's because you can't change the things that have been created in space/time (physical) from that location. It's like there has to be an anchor in the 'physical reality' to affect the physical things. That's why spirits and demons need humans/animals to inhabit, or so many mythologies go.

I've often wondered about this principle in time/space, because it seems like you should be able to see all the answers, and fix any problem, and it's like - why don't you become instantly enlightened once you go there. It's like all the resources should be available.

But I don't think you can grow/develop purely in time/space. Because there's no anchor in linear time, to express the notion of development and change. You need to incarnate to generate a direction of progress.

And so yeah, after death, I think they can fix you up, patch up a lot of emotional pain. But it doesn't actually remove any karmic force/distortion. It's like they can fix you energetically, but any distortions can't actually be reconfigured in spiritual time. It requires physical time to undo patterns.

/ /

In the same way, if you just use western medicine to try to 'fix' the physical/body, it never touches the metaphysical understandings/teachings/learnings. So you also don't learn from the experience. You've just temporarily bought yourself some extra physical time, by making invasive interventions in the physical body.

Metaphysical healing ... while incarnate ... seems to address both these aspects. Because someone is incarnate, they have a physical/body anchor to do 'real' work; and if things are understood well enough, physical relief/resolution can happen as a result as well.

And so in the grander scheme of things, I think there's both healing in the physical space, and there's also healing after death. But healing is not an end-goal in itself. It's only done to continue the experience of learning and development, if you know what I mean.

Healing is obviously very important on a physical level. It's probably really important in time/space too, in an energetic body.

But unless it's connected to the principles of learning and growth, it becomes a kind of empty goal, just by itself. In other words - I think healing serves an incredibly important function as support for any entity's journey - whether it be in incarnation, or post-incarnation.

It's part of a much greater package, in my eyes.



/ /


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Beautiful Build
Published by Plenum on February 20, 2018 5:54pm.  Category: General

especially with the arrow keys in the corner.


Not often you see dedicated arrows on a 60% keyboard.







[reddit thread]


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