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Published by Plenum on February 6, 2018 5:06pm.  Category: General

I am working on the premise that my life is going to be severely uprooted in the near future.  Whether it be work, or living situation, or both.  But a big and unpredictable shakeup in both.


I think this is why I am going with the travel thing.  To get used to totally new and foreign situations.


My trip to Hainan is in 4 weeks time.  4 nights there.


Might go on a trip to Melbourne over Easter. Still not locked in.


Might for a trip to Japan (Osaka + Kyoto) in June, depending on the vibes.


But just exposing my red ray to new environments.


Going for a challenge.





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Kiznaiver (anime)
Published by Plenum on February 6, 2018 4:58pm.  Category: General

this is quite an interesting show.  Seems to work on the principle of - 'what if you were forced to experience group compassion?'.  Wouldn't the pain of feeling lead you to comfort and care for that individual?


Interesting premise.





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Published by Plenum on February 3, 2018 9:47pm.  Category: General

photo I took yesterday:





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Published by Plenum on February 3, 2018 9:44pm.  Category: General

reply that I sent to someone:


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>> Would you be willing to describe your way of offering love? 
I am not asking out of pure curiosity; I do healing work with people daily and anything that helps me help them is helpful Smile


For me, I'd have to say that my way of doing it would be more based on acceptance. Not that the word/concept of love is insufficient, just that I would extend it encompass the many aspects around acceptance.

And then that begs the question, how does one understand/interface with the notion of acceptance?

Well, first of all, I don't think acceptance is passive or impotent. It's not about submitting to a negative situation - which is how many people commonly understand that word. Like acceptance is something you do, when all other means have been cut off or nullified - "accepting your fate'.

To me - acceptance includes understanding, compassion, insight, balance, resolution, forgiveness, and finally movement through the difficult pattern.

So it's a powerful expression of transmutation.

Of course - I totally understand that people who are very experienced, and developed (and people who are natural empaths, and counsellors/practitioners) have this already encoded, and so when they use the word 'love', it includes everything I've described. Like they already know 'how to do it'.

But it's something which wasn't obvious/transparent for me, and only really made sense after I had worked on myself (mentally) for many years, before I even had the audacious notion of doing this work for others Big Grin

So yeah, that's my long elaborated answer Big Grin

But yes, once that love/acceptance has been internalised, it becomes very natural to then extend that outwards to others; and it's in no way an abstract/intellectual expression. It then comes from the core, and is very palpable, energetic, and a very soothing presence Smile

Thanks for drawing that answer out of me.




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Chat Med
Published by Plenum on February 2, 2018 8:40pm.  Category: General

this week's chatroom meditation theme:


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Acknowledging our Guides

Theme: We'll just spend some time in this meditation in acknowledging those unseen guides in our life.  That always have their eye on us, and offer us a helpful nudge when the opportunity permits.

No doubt, they also influence our dreams and intuition, and their presence is an ongoing part of our Journey.

There is much that they offer, that we barely even perceive, I think!

/ /

Quote:54.3 Questioner: Would you please do that?

Ra: I am Ra. As we have noted, each mind/body/spirit complex has several guides available to it. The persona of two of these guides is the polarity of male and female. The third is androgynous and represents a more unified conceptualization faculty.

The guide speaking as sound vibration complex, Angelica, was the female polarized persona. The message may not be fully explicated due to the Law of Confusion. We may suggest that in order to progress, a state of some dissatisfaction will be present, thus giving the entity the stimulus for further seeking. This dissatisfaction, nervousness, or angst, if you will, is not of itself useful. Thus its use is indirect.


Quote:69.5 Questioner: Why is this trance state, as we call it, different? Why are there not protective entities available in this particular state?

Ra: I am Ra. The uniqueness of this situation is not the lack of friends, for this, as all entities, has its guides or angelic presences and, due to polarization, teachers and friends also. The unique characteristic of the workings which the social memory complex Ra and your group have begun is the intent to serve others with the highest attempt at near purity which we as comrades may achieve.





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